First Look: All’s Fair in Love | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

First Look: All’s Fair in Love | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

-Alexis, how was the cabin for you? -The cabin was a [censored] show. -It’s called trust issues… -It’s not an issue, baby, I don’t like when you use that word. -It seems like everything blew up in my face. -You came here for one reason, and you found it. -The love triangle… -London, he and I are rock solid. -You’re rock solid because I pulled out. -Girl, bye. -You would get dragged in this [censored]. -She don’t want [censored] from me. -I want all of it. MUSIC

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36 thoughts on “First Look: All’s Fair in Love | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Alexis gets more annoying with every episode her beauty attracted them at first, now they are all fleeing. Brent is only there because he needs to connect with someone or he'll be next to go home

  2. Omg this is hilarious, like Atlanta was really not have a variety of quality men, I don't care wth is at stake my dignity is all I have at the end of the day! Devyne should win, to me she's confident and real.💯👋

  3. I wish all the Women just left and said, " hit me up next season when y'all have some Men I'm attracted/interested in "…

  4. Alexis I'm shocked BOO but I'm here for it BIH..SHE checked Devyne LIKE a non mf factor IJS
    Devyne remind me of THAT pick me CHIC 😒
    Alexis remind me of bad BIH PERIOD 😁

  5. Alexis u pulled out becus london never chosed u..he never told devyne tht he wanted u n not her.never fully chosed u

  6. Could someone enlighten me AGAIN ..what does the winning couple gets there really a prize …no cable guys help me out..

  7. I hate to see women fighting over men. Alexis pulled away from London BECAUSE HE DIDN'T CHOOSE HER. In fact, he hasn't chosen anyone. They're fighting over a man that hasn't claimed either one of them!

  8. @00:06 I wonder if Brent was reacting like that to Alexis's response to Nephew's question OR if he's reacting to something more shocking to him. Interesting nonetheless

  9. I don’t get what these women see in London. His flawed character showed wayyyyy back in the beginning when he was “ooohhhh’n and aaahhhh’n” (a.k.a. cheering on) that tall guy on when he was going off on Ashima. A mature man with honor and respect for himself and women would have tried to stop that guy or tried to protect the women from such a verbally toxic situation instead of laughing like it was cute and funny. IJS! We need to do better ladies.

  10. Alexis attitude has become annoying. It’s like she cares more about being wanted the game of it then actually getting something concrete with someone.

  11. Alexis…Alexis…throughout this Journey this young lady and I quote last episode “ Brent isn’t interesting” after I repeat after Father-time reminded her she wasn’t just getting a Sugar daddy he wanted sugar 🤪!! So , after you saw Deviyne moving on hereeee you go attaching to the next thing coming . This reunion I CANNOT wait because I know for a fact what I know …. I just need to see it !

  12. I see why Alexis says she use to get in fights it’s not because girls were jealous of her, it’s because of her attitude, she’s self centered and have to trample on the next female to get to the top 🙄

  13. Alexis told the truth he didnt pick devyne. You know that is true because he went running behind her when she walked off with brent. Brent had to back him up…like dude you had all that chance to talk now you trying to chump me. Like go back and be with devyne. While i get mines.

  14. Everybody talking about london being rich…but real rich ninjas make you feel like you rich just being around them. The only dude that gave them vibes was JIMMY! He was giving gifts out without even knowing bishes name. Brent took alexis to a place to get perfumes custom made. Being rich is about how you treat people when they are around you. It aint tricking if you got it.

  15. My guess is that Ashima and Darrin aren't going to make it. He seems patient and chill… and Ashima is like a live wire. Maybe opposites attract? But Darrin already said he's not about the arguments and yelling… looks like Ashima doesn't mind it so much. Is Devyne really gonna take London?! Girl, he treated you like you were second rate. I would never take a man that clearly doesn't prioritize me. Brent… ummm no… he's got skeletons. Mario and Tondy… I guess that works.

  16. Alexis gets nastier each episode and she came in being pretty aggy with the other women, acting like she was above them and it hasn't worked in her favour because who really has she got right now?

    Alexis isn't some drop dead beautiful, out of this world stunner. Pretty? Yes. But so are the other women. She just managed to make boring look mysterious.

    But if she was sooo desirable why did her ex waste her time and marry the next woman he got after her and why is she on Ready to Love of all reality shows? Get it together girl.

  17. If I had to do all this to get a man I would've never gotten married.. Cat fighting try to get a man to pick u is asinine!🙄

  18. I can't wait to see this next episode of black people meet. Alexis needs to be popped in her face one good time. I really wished that Devyne would've left because London is a waste of time.

  19. Alexis need to stop she didn't even like London 2 seconds ago! Devyne & Reva need to go be friends off the show bc they just fillers at this point. London don't know what he want he got jealous & saw Brent w/ Alexis and he felt like he needed to step up but it was too late Alexis had already shifted so he went over to Devyne azz….I mean honestly the last 3 episodes we haven't even seen Devyne with London so how ya'll back tight again? And Reva…well she just Reva. Darron & Ashima… I feel like that honeymoon is over. No man wants to hear you fuss all the time & you not even together yet so this will be interesting.

  20. Are these women seriously fighting over great value Suge Knight…the same man that seemed content with stringing them both along…wow 😒

  21. I've been saying Alexis is about winning and being crowned the fairest of them all it's her ego talking. Devyne is about getting a true connection and doesn't play games

  22. There is absolutely nothing interesting about Alexis. Lots of pretty women have existed off pretty and haven't developed any nuance to themselves because of simps.

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