Fed says trade uncertainty and weak global growth pose risks to outlook

Fed says trade uncertainty and weak global growth pose risks to outlook

Author: Kevin Mason

36 thoughts on “Fed says trade uncertainty and weak global growth pose risks to outlook

  1. Call QE what it is. They are MONETIZING the debt.. Careful pushing oil higher. EVERY MAJOR recession since WW2 has been proceeded by some kind of energy crisis and oil price spike

  2. The market has responding to the US market and export markets on a supply/demand basis. So the market is just fleshing out after the starvation period of the Obama era.
    The Central Bank had no problem with sub prime loans, so I certainly question their ability to analyze the situation correctly. They have to establish credibility from their statements they made prior to the market collapse of 2007 to be believed now. In addition, they might consider different and alternative strategies more deeply than they have.

  3. the fed is not federal, it is globalist bankers,,we were sold out in 1913 by wilson the deep state traitor and then came income tax!

  4. The Fed is a part of the Rothschilds New World Order. It's a tool.
    Before Thomas Jefferson died, he was ask what his greatest accomplishment was in his opinion. "I got rid of the World bank's. Now America has its own money, owes no one and can grow to be great" Look at what they did, destroyed what he worked so hard to do.

  5. the fed seems to be political left.get rid of it its not needed.they are wrong and the rest already proven by TRUMP wrong.this economy is great.

  6. How fed say's this uncertainty just because of a Iran militia leader is killed for peace in Iraq.
    How middle east crisis effect USA 🇺🇸? But middle east get effected of their trade/commerce for losing a militia leader. How🤷🏻?
    That's a uneconomical question. Go train yourself in ISB-Indian School of Business of India🇮🇳 who is making NCR – Non capital region business for their Nations GDP and doing more software jobs using hardware digital transmissions Cathode Ray Tubing-The Electron Gun business. It's called CRT g🍑gle it.

  7. Lol … wasn’t the fed telling us the outlook was great back in November?
    The Ponzi scheme known as the financial economy which dwarfs the real economy is about to come off the rails.

  8. Keep America Great… Trump 2020… Get rid of Omar and the rest of the squad… Ivanka for first lady President 2024…

  9. Feds my backside. This is little more than the media conglomerates trying to make a buck at the country's expense.

  10. PROPAGANDA. FED traitors corrupted by ayatollah obama and democrat party. Trust only POTUS Trump not this idiots.

  11. Global growth has always been stagnant. It is filled with dictators and communists that hate the idea of widespread wealth.

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