FDA commissioner talks using unapproved drugs to combat COVID-19

FDA commissioner talks using unapproved drugs to combat COVID-19

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “FDA commissioner talks using unapproved drugs to combat COVID-19

  1. The drugs HAVE BEEN APPROVED, they're just being used for something different, but we already know they're safe to use or try. I don't understand all the red tape, just let doctors treat their patients.

  2. The left does not want medicine out yet for this virus the left has an agenda that is not for the people if you stupid people look back at 2009 and 2010 when the flue came out they sent out flue shots before FTA approved it now president trump has something to help American people the left are going crazy like always when trump does anything if this medicine is out we have that wright to right to try medicine

  3. I would like to see the next elected official in Washington DC that criticizes what this administration is doing should be charged to be on the task force and help. So the put up or shut up principle.

  4. Everyone has coronavirus antibodies if you had a cold. It sounds to me that if you are healthy with a strong immune system you will have to be quarantined permanently.

  5. Hi from the Russian Federation)) Tell me, is your testing free? I just heard the "wild" prices of 700-900 dollars?

  6. FDA needs to cut ✂️ the red tape blocking pharmaceutical manufacturing in the USA.

    Regarding ventilators, Mercedes racing engineers have made adaptations to CPAP machines to also allow the delivery of oxygen. These are being used in the U.K. and EU very successfully.

    Why doesn’t the FDA cut their red tape and get this going in the USA?

  7. Where is this news lady getting her questions from? Only the lame Democrat mainstream media have 'conflicting' views on these issues. Anyone watching the press briefings doesn't. She needs to watch the briefings.

  8. They dont want Chloroquine to work. Their testing will come back as "ineffective" because they want the millions of dollars to patent some crazy vaccine.

  9. OMG…just say it out loud, please. Plaquinel with a Z-PAC has a 100% cure rate, especially if taken immediately before the virus overcomes the body. Why are they hiding this truth? Anyone holding back this drug or this method of early intervention has BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS…which by the way, which is a term straight from the Bible when Pontius Pilate physically ‘washed his hands’ after ordering Jesus to be crucified.

  10. Why are Republicans so Scared ? It was a Hoax, cases were going down, not up… y’all need to Chill ?

  11. FDA – "Our job is to ensure the safety and efficacy of food and drugs in the marketplace"
    Also FDA – "good luck"

  12. I take my Vitamin's daily though… Centrum Silver 50+ from Walgreens!

    @scoldsore On Twitter
    Current Location : Miami, FL – Earth

  13. Hey trump supporters and fox viewers, don't worry about it..remember you guys said a few weeks ago that this is all democratic media fear mongering and this is no worse than the flu

  14. Just watch in a few days time theyll be no tv or internet and probably no power….will stop news of more than 3 100% treatment success from being told to public

  15. Medical experts if that was true you wouldn't need doctors. All bs they're guessing most of the time

  16. You guys don't want to know science..you had to be an idiot not to see this coming months ago..but you listen to people like hannity, rush Limbaugh..and now you say we don't want to hear about solutions..fck you, how dare you

  17. N. Y. Governer is wanting to put two people on one ventilator and yet they have thousands sitting in warehouses, what to hell he wants to make it look like the president is not doing enough for New Yorkers?

  18. Do research to self medicate there are tons of ways to protect your immune system supplements and regular exercise health is wealth

  19. I hope the FDA is not a political party anymore because we have had cures that we can use if we fly to another country but the FDA has been our enemy in the states for many years where they only approve drugs from companies that give them money

  20. Why does the FDA not test safe and natural solutions? because of their greedy little pockets. Also if they don't test a remedy they can say that it's not tested. I'm a trump fan but why doesn't trump put the FDA out of commision?

  21. Look at almost every FDA approved medication or drug and I would rather have the disease than the side effects of these drugs…

  22. Dr. Han, most likely the most dangerous and evil person now in this country. The FDA is criminal and this one is no exception. We know the dirty secrets and the dirty dealings of the FDA, they are in bed with Big Pharma, and the CDC. They are controlling this narrative spreading lies and spreading fear. They are trying to promote themselves as saviors, yet they are all about pure genocide. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  23. What a novel thought since it takes the FDA years to approve anything…we could all be dead by then……..

  24. I would not want someone else's blood plasma as an option. Scientists make things so complicated and difficult to generate "the" answer. Use the medication w/ zinc/vitamin c and d … it works

  25. FDA whether a product is effective is how much they are paid under the table , so many medications are barely effective and have multiple and dangerous side effects far worse then the medication is for same with food what would be labeled as unfit for human consumption in other countries they approve ,the FDA is just as corrupt as any other government agency

  26. more like a follow up or should i say a segment to support Trumps claim about an "unapproved drugs" that can treat corona virus.. typical FOX… ready to hear Trumps saying "all perfect. Like the letter was perfect. The transcription was perfect." ?

  27. McConnell showed his ignorance saying the slow response to the Trump Virus was because of the impeachment proceedings. The media did not mention that Trump himself said he wasn't following the fake democratic impeachment so that excuse is thrown out the window. Also McConnell is admitting Trump is not a leader because a leader acts on priorities and if Trump put impeachment as a priority over a possible viral pandemic he is not an effective leader. Also a leader can handle more than two things in office. McConnell is admitting Trump is very limited where one issue can cloud out his ability to act on another. It is laughable the latest attempt by McConnell to cover for Trumps failure to respond effectively to the emergence of the Trump virus on our shores; his excuses make Trump look even more incompetent and very limited as president

  28. We have a medication that appears to work yet they want to do it the strict scientific way, letting hundreds of thousands to millions of people to die, to approve a medication after the pandemic has slowed down and did it's damage. Sounds like a great plan (not really). They already know that many people that took the medication where about dead yet completely turned around and got better after taking the medication….if that happens a lot(which it does) then isn't that a pretty clear signal that the medication works? Yes, it is. Waiting for half a year to approve a medication we need right now does us no good, if it's going to take them half a year then they may as well forget about it.

  29. These 2 fools, are the prime cause of Americans watching our country being destroyed
    FDA is a joke and a tremendous danger to all Americans

  30. Democrat city DOCTORS SUCK. More people are dying BY % in Democrat cities. Move out of there n vote Republican

  31. They did a bate and switch on President Trump as he signed a notification that allowed this malaria drug to be used by patients. This is clearly a violation of the whole process. The whole reason for getting these these drugs approved was for direct treatment, not clinical trials. There have already been clinical trials in Europe and the FDA is claiming that the trials need to be conducted her in the US as well. If I had the virus, I would be furious and outraged as I am sure many are.

  32. There is proven evidence of a few different medicines knocking out the virus but as u listen to this man they want to control our health. There is even a few Democrats States threatening doctors not to use the medicine that knocks out the virus.

  33. The FDA is CONFISCATING the hydroxychloroquine from US the possibly sick. This man is an unmitigated monster. He is NOT helping Americans.

  34. Dr.Hahn and FDA are doing an excellent job,they are working hard to find the cure and give us hope not to the Doctors and media who talk about how many people will die.Statistics and data means nothing if there is no cure.


  36. CUOMO: we needs thousands of ventilators to put them in storages in case someone need it. MEDIA: But your people are dying thanks to Trump.



  38. There are too much technicalities that it's difficult for the media to understand… fda will say they are not approving but …..blah blah… that enough is confusing… It's making the media to need ventilation not ventilators… complex to understand where they stand on this matter… it's well

  39. China makes all the drugs (India gets the active ingredients from China)
    See the problem there?
    We can't help ourselves because we can't make the drugs.

  40. Yeah, the diagnostic tests tells you if you are infected, which needs to be taken first, and if not infected, then take the anti-body test to see if they can use that blood to inject in the sick. The diagnostic test has to be taken before the antibody test, obviously. Every time. Without failure.

  41. We'll die of bureaucracy here. "There are not FDA approved"–um–okay. What say we just USE WHAT'S BEEN WORKING?????

  42. Sounds like a double talker and is not clear to me of what he is saying, no wonder he works for the FDA, don't they approve things that are bad for you and ban things that are good for you, the president's people are a whole lot clearer, how about letting Dr Oz talk on the issue, he is easy to understand and gets to the point.

  43. As the dr said. Antibodies does not mean your contagious. Antibodies are in the blood stream; an infectious virus in this case is in the resp system. The interviewer needs to think things through before confusing the uninformed.

  44. CUOMO: I need the federal government to send the military and health workers. MEDIA: You can use the criminals you released, they are now law men and use the ventilators, don't ask Trump for help because he will win the elections. Buahaha ?

  45. When this horror “Hoax” is over, we’ve buried our dead & have returned to work…we are coming for you Trump! What’s being done now should have commenced in January. Trump indecisiveness has killed our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers & even our children. You risked their lives & we lost. You will not be forgiven & certainly not praised. You will however be looked at to examine charging you with manslaughter, due to your presidential malpractice. Instead of asking God what you should do, you asked your campaign manager & accountant for advice.

  46. FDA is a joke! See all kinds of stuff on tv for sale that says not approved by FDA do apparently this means nothing

  47. This guy is really dancing around the may-pole with his answers. I did not get any valuable information from his spill.

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