FAQ – What are Dental Implants? | Glisten Dental

Angie Nauman: The great thing about dentistry
is that it’s constantly evolving and getting better, better technology, better techniques. Back in the olden days, back even when I was
trained in dental school, one of the only ways to restore teeth that were missing was
to damage the teeth next to it by doing a bridge or by having a partial denture that
came in and out of the mouth. That’s not my favorite way anymore. One of the greatest parts about dentistry
these days is that implants are very safe. They are a fantastic way to restore teeth
that have been missing for years or just recently had to be pulled. An implant basically is a titanium screw that
is placed in the bone. The bone is able to grow into the threads
of the screw and we’re able to place a tooth back on top of that so that, when you smile,
you can’t even tell that it’s not a real, natural tooth. It looks just like a real tooth except it
won’t get a cavity. It’s super-tooth. An implant looks like a natural tooth, but
more importantly, it feels like it belongs in your body. It feels like a natural tooth. You don’t even know that it’s something that
is not natural in your body.

Author: Kevin Mason

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