Expired Canned Peaches 3 Years Old Still Safe Okay Good To Eat Kirkland Costco food storage fail

expired canned peaches still safe okay good to eat expired canned food safe to eat hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper have you been cleaning out your pantry and you found a can of expired food is it still safe to
eat should you risk it well there are some guidelines to think about foods
come with a best buy sell buy or use by date the date doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an expiration date it’s a date guaranteed by the manufacturer that the food will be
good until that day after that day is past by pantry type foods can still
remain good for several years but the quality begins to deteriorate if your
can should burst explode or spurt or anything like that that the contents
would come spurting out that means it’s not any good anymore and you need to
throw the food away don’t eat anything out of a can that the food bursts or
spurts out when you open it if the can has drips looks greasy throw it away it’s not worth getting
sick over a few dollars worth of food but if the can or package seems to be intact the next thing you can do is open it if everything still seems okay go ahead and
give it a little sniff test does it smell okay look it over and see if the
texture is what you expect it to be does it smell off or look weird if it
does throw the food away and if everything is good so far you can go ahead and give
it a taste lots of times the food is still okay
it’s still safe and good to eat I recently found some peaches that were
expired they are expired in 2016 and this is
2019 I’m not just going to throw them away I’m going to examine them
and see if they are still any good to eat
you can see that the package still is all
intact there’s nothing bursting bulging nothing looks weird nothing is leaking
so I can pop it open look it over well they’re a little mushy er and the
flavor isn’t the best that it could be canned peaches usually have a little
more flavor and a little more firmness to them so they have deteriorated they
aren’t very good so I’m not going to eat any more I’m going to throw them away and I’m going to try to pay better attention to the peaches and stored food that I have in my
cupboard so that I don’t end up wasting foods that I’ve stored the best strategy
for food storage is to stock up on foods that you enjoy eating then rotate them
during their best use time period check the dates on your cans and use them up
before that date is expired when you bring more foods home push the old cans
into the front of your cupboard and put the new cans behind them so that you’re
using the oldest cans first which is the same thing they do in the grocery store
it’s called first-in first-out so you’re rotating your stock as you’re
using it make sure as you use your food that you replace it so that you’ll
always have enough food on hand organize your food as you can so that the food is at the best quality it can be when you actually count on it stockpile things
while they’re readily available so you’ll always have what you need no
matter what comes your way learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

Author: Kevin Mason

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