exocad Quick Guide: Angulated Screw Channel

exocad Quick Guide: Angulated Screw Channel

This Quick Guide tutorial from exocad shows how to use the “Angulated screw channels” feature. For this tutorial I used the “Custom Abutment” demo sample, but I’ve deleted the posterior teeth restorations for this job. Furthermore I’ve switched the custom abutment on tooth 11 to a screw-retained crown and the tooth placement has already been done. Important note: This feature is not enabled in all exocad installations. To enable the feature please contact your provider’s support. You may verify if the feature is enabled. Simply check in the abutment bottoms step if there is an angulation value displayed in yellow. To angle screw channels click on the “Advanced” tab in the “Generate Abutment Bottoms” step . Then click on the “Clickable” button. If this button is not available, this feature is not activated in your exocad installation. With a simple click you can define where you want the screw channel to exit the anatomical tooth. The default maximum threshold is 20 degrees. Implant library providers may limit or increase this value up to 30 degrees. With each click you define a new exit position. Don’t be too critical with the exit position at this step, as it might be changed again later on the reduced crown in the expert mode. The displayed value describes the angle between the implant direction represented by the blue arrow and the chosen screw channel direction represented by the yellow arrow. Now you may proceed through all the steps until you reach the step “Free-form reduced parts”. Possibly at that stage you may notice that the screw channel’s exit has not been chosen perfectly. The expert mode allows you now to go back to the “Abutment Bottoms” step. Click in the expert mode frame on “Generate Abutment Bottoms”. Enable the “Reduced parts” mesh in the “Show/Hide” window. Click again on the “Advanced” tab and then on the “Clickable” button. Now you may modify the chosen screw channel direction again. Verify the screw channel on the reduced crown and click on the “OK” button to finish this operation. You may now proceed in the wizard. And here is the result. The screw channel has been generated in a manner that the tool, the screw and the screw-driver pass through the screw channel’s kink. Thank you for watching this video.

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Добрый день, Подскажите пожалуйста как установить 3 коронки на 4 импланта ?

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