EP.15 ★알코올 특집★ 별의별 폭탄주 안주에 낮부터 실신한 형님! 그나저나 감자수프에 소최몇? / 김보성 허영지 의리뷰

EP.15 ★알코올 특집★ 별의별 폭탄주 안주에 낮부터 실신한 형님! 그나저나 감자수프에 소최몇?  / 김보성 허영지 의리뷰

Standby. Cue! All right! (Roaring) It’s fall The fall wind Brothers, we’re at the rooftop today
since the weather is so nice. Bo-sung, did we have to come
to a rooftop today? – It’s getting cold from today.
– Right. I’m a bit… – You’re cold, right?
– Yes, it’s a bit chilly. Everyone’s under the sun
except for one director. He’s the only one
wearing a padded jacket in October! I only have this on. Before we started, you kept asking them
if you could bring your jacket. – Did you really have to say that?
– Yes. You’ve lost loyalty. (Laughing) (Bro’s Unboxing) What we’re going to review today
on “Bro’s Unboxing” is… (What is it?) (Being cute,
Turn it up!) (Cutie-pie,
Shake it!) Bar snacks! – Bar snacks?
– Yes. It’s been a while since
I last did day drinking. (It’s a perfect day to drink.) You’ll be eating snacks
that go with alcohol. – Oh, yes! I drink every day
– So… What types of soju do you enjoy drinking? For me… Honestly, I like somaek. (Laughing) If you mix soju and beer, it’s art. – Ah, I want to drink somaek now.
– What types… Do you drink wine? I don’t drink it often,
but when I do, I prefer red wine. I like the…
What is the sweet wine called? The… Oh! I know it. The… Hold on… The… I know it! I know it. Gosh! I became a fool in “Bro’s Unboxing.” Wait, did you watch it? I did. – The Heukji incident.
– Yes, Heukji. It was a nightmare. (Laughing) I really looked like a fool,
so I need to get this right. The, the, the… (Failed to escape Heukji) – Which soju do you like?
– Chum-Churum. But when I mix it with beer,
I mix Chamisul and the… – Cass? Terra?
– No, no. – Cloud?
– It’s from Hite. – Oh, Fitz!
– No, no. There’s something else. – Is it from Korea?
– Of course! When you hear it, you’ll be like “Oh!” – Ah, I’m curious.
– Look for it. It’s really good.
I really want to introduce it. (Writer: Is this a prank?
How do they both not know the names?) We’ll loyally review bar snacks! Two, three! (Clap,
Covering her ears) – All right.
– Oh. – All right!
– Gosh! (Crying) (Screaming,
This is not fair!) (Screaming) (Young-ji’s drinks: Chamisul,
Cass, Chestnut Makgeolli, Port wine) (Bo-sung’s drinks:
Chum-Churum, Max, Heineken) (Pocheon Edong Makgeolli, White wine) – When I do somaek, I drink Chamisul.
– How are they different? They’re different.
Max! I need Max. It’s so good! This is “Kim Min-jong Drink.” (Max plus Chamisul becomes
Kim Min-jong Drink?) – Oh.
– They’re really good together. Something suddenly came to my mind. (Beginning of TMI) You shouldn’t drink cognac
as if it were whiskey. You’ll die. I don’t know cognac. Oh, that’s a relief.
I drank cognac as if it were whiskey, and I almost died three times. I was taken to the ER three times. You said you don’t go to the ER. I went, and I came back out. (He went to the restroom.) – You know the dak red wine?
– Dak red? – Dark red.
– Oh, dark red. Anyway, red wine and soju.
It’s the worst combination! You’ll end up in the underworld. Did you go to the ER
after drinking this too? Not the ER,
but I puked on a tree and slept below it. (“Saturday Night” – Son Dam-bi) No one took care of you? You know, no one touches me
even if I am sleeping on the road. (If you touch him, you’ll get slapped.) Makgeolli too… (Stop your TMI.) I think Makgeolli is the least harmful
to drink on an empty stomach. – Cool.
– Nice. Give us the snacks, please! (Salted pollack roe) (Sashimi) (Tteokguk) – Cue!
– All right! (Startled ears) – Wow, let’s see.
– All right! (Please bring us chicken.) (The old days) Oh, thank you. (Makgeolli loyalty) – Loyalty!
– Oh my gosh. – Lo!
– Yal! – Lo!
– Yal! – Lo!
– Yal… We have to do it three times, Bo-sung? (Koreans do three rounds.) When lots of people chant… Lo! Yal! Lo! Yal! – It looks really cool.
– Oh… That’s how you do it. Let’s try the soup first. (Tteokguk soup) Wow. It’s a killer. (Let me try it too.) When the makgeolli goes in,
it’s refreshing. Then when the tteokguk goes in,
it’s like a neutralized feeling. Makgeolli has a sticky texture,
so when I had it with tteokguk, the tteok tasted like it had alcohol
in it, which makes it taste better. – The stickiness is enhanced.
– Right. Let’s try that now. Salted pollack roe! This is a high-quality pollack roe. (Trying only a little bit
since it might be salty.) (A mouthful) (Savoring) When I was young, I mixed four different
drinks and had it with salted pollack roe. I drank on an empty stomach
with the salted pollack roe. I shouldn’t say this. (What?) I puked once again on a tree. When I woke up in the morning,
I saw people on their way to work. I saw their legs moving. The lesson is, don’t drink strong beverages with
salted pollack roe on an empty stomach. This is similar to
eating salty kimchi with rice. Oh. I think that’s why this
unusual combination works. Salted pollack roe is a good bar snack. You’re right. Last one.
I thought sashimi goes well with soju. (Drinking) (Drinking while spilling) (Wasabi salmon) Oh, it burns. You put too much horseradish, Bo-sung. (Wasabi loyalty) (Roaring) (Not sure) How is it? – Wow.
– It’s unique. It’s unique. Am I the only one who thinks
these unusual snacks don’t mix well? – I’m okay with them.
– You are? (Just) (Eating) – Aren’t you just enjoying the sashimi?
– No, no. It’s surprisingly appetizing. I think tteokguk was the best. Don’t take this away. – Don’t? You’re going to eat it all?
– Yes, I’ll eat it all. (He fills his stomach with bar snacks.) – Bo-sung, which one is your favorite?
– I like everything. (This is a review, not a mukbang) We’ll rate the sashimi first.
Out of five. Four? It goes so well. – The sashimi?
– So well. What about the pollack roe? This is 3.8. You’re generous today. – Yes.
– Then what about the tteokguk? – 4.5.
– Wow! (Salted pollack roe: 3.8 stars
“Don’t eat it with strong drinks.”) (Sashimi: 4.0 stars
“Put the right amount of wasabi.”) (Tteokguk: 4.5 stars
“Sticky… What?”) I thought tteokguk was just something
you eat on January 1 with your family. I think it’s not fair because
you can’t go wrong with warm soup. Bo-sung, could you review it like I did? (Nope.) How did the snacks go with makgeolli? (How were they?) – They went well.
– How? (Pressured to say something.) I’m so curious. After drinking makgeolli
in the middle of the day, I feel great. He’s drunk! What can I say about them? Look at his posture! He’s drunk! No, my drinking habit is pretending to be
sober. I’ll never get drunk. Don’t worry. However, I feel great. (Laughing) (I’m drunk, but since I’m pretending
to be sober, I’m not drunk. – Kim Bo-sung) All right! (Screaming) (Meme factory) How are these snacks for soju? This doesn’t make sense, brothers. This is like a date. First, you eat carbonara pasta,
pizza, and soup. “Let’s go eat desserts, honey.” Then you eat cake and feed each other
shaved ice and ice cream. Isn’t this a date? These are snacks for wine or beer. Brothers, I’m being honest.
This is not loyal. But they’re saying
it’s an unusual combination. Unusual, okay. I miss the salted pollack roe,
sashimi, and tteokguk. Bo-sung. We have to eat it with loyalty. (Snack for soju: Pizza) (Filling up the glass) – Lo!
– Yal! You did it once.
You said you do it three times. (You want to know why?) You shouldn’t do it so many times
for soju. Just once for soju. (Bottoms up) (Exclaiming) (Pizza) (Soju) (Is this what young people eat
these days?) (Laughing) Really? You know what I’m angry about?
It’s not that weird. (Laughing) Soju is supposed to feel light. This is too heavy. Can I be honest? – Yes.
– I feel like throwing up. (Laughing) I’m about to puke now! – It doesn’t go well!
– Oh, right. Where’s tteokguk? They need to be changed. – This is 1.7.
– 1.5. (Pizza: average 1.6 stars) (If you eat pizza with soju,
you might end up puking.) – Bo-sung, this one.
– Let’s try the carbonara. First, eat. Then drink. – Lo!
– Yal! (Loyal) (Drink) (Soju snack:
Carbonara pasta) I normally don’t eat carbonara pasta. This will make you vomit a lot. Isn’t it why there is
so much puke in the streets of Hongdae? (Hongdae is a street of youth.) (Father’s challenge) Ugh. (Laughing) This is called caso. Caso. (Caso escapes his mouth.) (Screaming) – This carbonara pasta is good.
– It’s light. – It’s light and savory.
– Savory. – Savory taste goes well with soju.
– It does. – 2.2?
– I can give 2.3. What’s the difference? (Carbonara pasta: average 2.25 stars
“Savory carbonara is not bad with soju.”) Shall we try the soup now? Can I be a spectator from now on? Then this would be “Heo Young-ji’s
Unboxing,” not “Bro’s Unboxing” (She tends to attack with facts.
How was that?) – I have to eat this?
– Are you crying? No. (Upset) (Bottoms up without loyalty) (Exclaiming) (Soju snack:
Potato soup) Oh? (Again) (Sucking) (I’m craving soju.) This is good. Since soju is 25% alcohol,
it warms up your body. I think it cools it down. I thought it wouldn’t go well with soju, but when I eat the soup,
it feels like I’m applying Fucidin. Oh! “I can make you drink
a lot of alcohol today.” Don’t mention Fucidin too much.
Mention Madecassol too. Madecassol and Fucidin. That’s exactly how it feels! The wound… (Burping) – The potato soup is nice.
– Potato soup! I’d say this is 2.5. I’d say 2.8. 2.5 and 2.8, no difference. (Don’t do that.) (Potato soup: average 2.65 stars
“A healer who mends your wound”) – Next up, ice cream.
– Next. (Soju snack:
Shaved ice and ice cream) – Lo!
– Yal! – Lo!
– Lo! Gosh. (Unforgettable memory) Bo-sung, I look like a fool! Shaved ice? (Ice Bo-sung) Isn’t this… Rather than having them together, – isn’t this a combination to sober up?
– It doesn’t call for another glass. (A spoonful of ice cream) Oh, Bo-sung! – Yeah.
– The ice cream is different. Different? (How is it?) Oh, this calls for a drink. How is ice cream different
from shaved ice? What I’m suddenly craving right now is… There’s a place called
Siwon Codfish Soup in Busan. Bo-sung, haven’t you watched our show? (No ads,
We cut them out.) It goes “beep”
and moves to the next scene. Anyway! (Anyway) It’s the best for hangovers,
and it’s the best snack for soju. It will go “beep” and say,
“He says it’s the best.” (He says it’s the best.) Bo-sung, the final one. (Soju snack:
Cake) We’ll try the cake. Lo! (I’m already drinking…) Yal. (Shocked) (Why?) Ugh. This is painful. Do you have ramen soup? Radish water kimchi. (He spat out something.) (Screaming) I’m sorry. (Again) (Semiconscious) I spat out the cream. Sorry. (Double the shock) Who put this here? Who was it? – This is not loyal.
– This is the worst. – It maximizes the greasiness of cake.
– You’re right! Bo-sung! That was the best review
you’ve done today. Brothers, zero! Me too. A zero… (Spits of joy flying out) Bo-sung! (Cake: 0 star
“000000000000.”) Soju goes with soup. Clear soup. Clear soup. Somaek goes with French fries. Dried pollack! Dried pollack! I want dried pollack! (Bro’s Unboxing) – Young-ji.
– Yes. All right! (Hangover remedy) Ah, this. Brothers, let me tell you this. If you have to drink a lot,
you must eat ten sunny-side ups. If that’s not possible,
you have to eat five. Loyally bring us ten sunny-side ups. This is how you make it.
Heat up the skillet. Crack the egg. Throw it!
Then bring it right away. The egg is very soft.
That’s the best. (You’ll be drinking a lot today.) – Lo!
– Yal! (Gulping) (Exclaiming) First, eggs. (Beer snack:
Sunny-side up) (Mouth wide open) I think this is going to be good. It’s so cold, Bo-sung. It’s stone-cold.
This is not it. I’m cold. You chose the worst spot today, Bo-sung. – Sorry.
– I don’t like the egg. I thought I was eating a food model. That’s it! (Coughing) I’m so cold! (You won’t be cold if you keep drinking.) Hotteok. This is the hotteok
from the small business episode. – It’s the same one?
– Yes. Loyalty! (Beer snack:
Hotteok) We have to eat it fast.
It’s about to turn into a food model. – It’s a model!
– My dental implants might fall out. (Toothless tiger
“I can’t chew hotteok.”) (Beer snack:
Cucumber) Cucumbers are legit. The staff knows how to eat. The cucumber has lost all its moisture
because it’s windy. (Savoring) I like it. – Really?
– Yes. – Rating for cucumber.
– Rating for cucumber? 3.5? I give this cucumber 1.8. (Why this cucumber?) It has lost all of its moisture.
If we take their average… – It’ll be around 1.6
– 2.6. (Cucumber: average 2.65 stars
It’s hard to calculate the average) (so please drop the decimals.) All right! Let’s do a bomb shot. Do you know the “Friendship Drink”? I know what it is, but it’s scary. – It’s the one that Hee-chul invented.
– Yes. This is “Kim Min-jong Drink.” You can only make it
using Chamisul and Max. – You mix it at a 1:1 or 1:1.5 ratio.
– Okay. Those who have had this
know how fantastic it is. Pour a shot of Chamisul. Then this much beer. No more. (Kim Min-jong Drink) – Loyalty!
– Loyalty! Bottoms up. (Throat flex) (Somaek lover) How is it? How is the taste? – Oh! It’s good!
– I told you! – It tastes like a beverage.
– Right! It tastes like IPA beer, Bo-sung! What’s IPA? It’s… (A strongly-hopped beer
with high alcohol content) (characterized by
strong hop aroma and bitter taste) It doesn’t have the smell of alcohol
like soju does. Yes. It’s totally like IPA. (Don’t know what that is.) – Now try this.
– Yes. (Beer snack:
Sandwich) (Kim Min-jong Drink,
IPA and sandwich) Sandwich is cheating.
It’s always tasty. It’s delicious. I like the sandwich.
I’d give it about 2.9? And I like the size of the sandwich.
Mini size. – Rather than the big ones?
– Yes. (Sandwich: 2.9 stars
“This is cheating.”) – Young-ji.
– Yes. Let’s not drink the Friendship Drink. I won’t. Never! I’ll explain it in case you’re wondering.
Hee-chul came up with it. – Soju…
– Don’t you pour it up to here? (Pouring) Pour soju like this. (Laughing) Pour beer like this. This is the Friendship Drink. You can imagine what it tastes like. But once you put Cola in it,
it doesn’t taste like soju. You feel fine, but the next day, you’re left with hilarious photos
of yourself. I drank the Friendship Drink with Hee-chul
once, and for the first time in my life… Two days. (Laughing) I couldn’t get up for two days. Shin Dong-yeob, Hee-chul,
Kyuhyun, and I drank together. They started out with
the Friendship Drink. Since I had my pride, I kept drinking. Wow. I thought he would stop after a few
glasses, but he drank more than ten. I’ve never told this story on television.
I’m sorry, Hee-chul. I threw up in the bathroom.
And was ready to start over. So we started drinking again.
I just couldn’t do it at the end, so… I… I said, “Spare me.” – For the first and last time in my life.
– Gosh. Brothers, you should never
drink like that. That’s a foolish thing to do. You’re admitting that you were foolish? I was foolish back then. (Laughing) (Loyal fool) I invented a drink.
It’s called “Waterwheel.” – You need beer.
– Okay. Hold the shot glass.
Drink like this. – Oh, it drips down from above?
– It doesn’t go into your mouth. It goes into your nose. (Culture shock) (Is he an elephant or what?) Three shots of this will
get any guy wasted. I was foolish back then. Last one. (Beer snack:
Tiramisu) (Drinking beer) (A bite of tiramisu) – It’s better than the cake.
– You know why, Bo-sung? A Twosome Place
makes really good tiramisu. It’s tasty. (Heukji, you have
chocolate in your teeth.) (Stop eating.) Let’s give this a 3.5, Bo-sung. (Laughing at Heukji’s teeth.) (Young-ji, your teeth…) (Totally unaware) (He saw it, but he wouldn’t tell her.) (Tiramisu: 3.5 stars
“I laughed thanks to Heukji.”) Chocolate balls. (Beer snack:
Chocolate balls) There are people
who drink beer with chocolate. (Retching) (Letting go) Chocolate goes well with spirits. (Frowny face) – This chocolate ball is…
– Below one star. – It’s way below one. This is really…
– 0.8. – Isn’t 0.8 too high?
– Yeah? 0.5. (Chocolate: 0.5 star
“Is this rating even significant?”) All right! Today! Day drinking! Not day drinking. Not day drinking. Are you going to be okay, Bo-sung? You have to drink wine now,
but you just had soju. It’s time to die now. I’m thinking about just ending here. – Why?
– Something might happen to you. Really? Are you kidding or are you
serious? It’s fine! I can drink more. Let’s drink wine in another episode. I said I’m not drunk, dude!
What do you take me for? Can you zoom in? You see how red he is now? (Smiling) (What’s wrong with him?) Ending with loyalty! How hungover were you
when you shot your video will? The night before I shot the video will,
I had a drinking competition. I defeated three guys and went home. The next day, my mother said
it’s good for my health, and took me to get bee venom therapy
on my entire body. Brothers, take note of this. If you get bee venom therapy the day after
drinking heavily, you’ll die! (Laughing) For real! You’ll die! They injected live bee stings
to my entire body. Then suddenly, I couldn’t breathe. “Mom, I can’t breathe.” (Laughing) Then I told my wife to turn the camera on,
and left my will. Hello. This is Kim Bo-sung. I am very ill. I’m shooting this video because
I really want the era of justice to come. Live for those who are less privileged. (Laughing) Anyway, you should never compete
when you drink.

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