English Tutorial – Elisabeth & Pirkstein/Eliška a Pirkštejn #118 KCD|Kingdom Come

Greetings to all fans of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I’m in Rataje. I want to see what new tasks are here. Here’s one at the executioner. Then one in Pirkštejn and
one in a refugee camp. I’ll go over it and find out
what’s going on here. I’m in a free house, in a house
where no one lives. I will dress up … in urban clothing. I don’t need armor. That’s interesting, green-blue
and it’s just blue. So, yes. I’ll make myself a green man. That looks really awful. And let’s go. First, I’m going to the refugee camp. This is wrong, he has no task for me. What do we use for him? So that’s one task. Let’s look at the castle. While I’m here, I’ll take a look if there’s a room on the first floor. I’ll go through here. I don’t have this room anymore. It is weird. There will be no room,
this is not the first floor. I’m just going through it. “Maria”, so I’ll let you, “Maria,” be. That won’t be it. Not here either. Well, it’s going out
here somewhere, okay? I haven’t been here yet. Where is it going? It is well. That’s cool, where is it going? It is well.
Hey, mushroom. Is it picking up? Not possible. To the river? Nice. But where to go to the water? Where am I? Ah, here …. Oh, that’s good enough. I didn’t know this shortcut,
that’s beautiful. To find it again. That’s cool. I don’t want to do anything to you.
I want to get here. This is not a room. But it was good. I’ll try it here. I’ll go away, yes. That’s not the same either. Yes, I’m gone. There is no room here either. I wonder if I can
sleep normally here. Maybe yes. So it was a new task. I’m still going to the executioner. Is it possible to go there to the tower? This is an inspection. I’m in the tower now. It is nice. Here are the guards. They’re sleeping here, that’s good. What we use for them, this. I’m in the tower
where they have beds. So I’m going, maybe. How many guards will
still tell me to go away. There are beautiful views, the castle. He won’t leave me alone. I’ll have to leave,
there’s nothing I can do. Here you can pick up
halberds, that’s great. They have an ax, okay. So here you can get halberds. You can get a halberd and a sword. If nobody can see you,
you can pick it up. They’ll bother you here. I’m off, yeah, I’m off. The horse, that’s nice. So, and I’ll get to the executioner. The horse cannot ride alone. I’m in the garden here. This is a nice garden. I need an executioner. That can be done. I’m going on the road. So we go to the reeve. This is the reeve. This is a scribe. This is the reeve.
I’ve forgotten what he looks like. I see that I can buy
different books from him. I’ll buy this one. I’ll make it. What time is it? I see. I could do that. I’ll look at the tasks. We don’t want this. We don’t want either. This will be “good gentleman”
and “good lady”. They are the best. They are so nice. I’ll go there. I should make it,
before the spa quest. This is not their house. I have to go even further. Am I wrong? I really have to go even further. So, I’m back at the executioner. That would be it. That’s it. I’ll end up here with the executioner. When it’s dark, I’ll go to the spa. Thank you for watching. I am saying good bye
and a beautiful look at the pigs.

Author: Kevin Mason

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