[ENG/other] Dimash – Interview for “Fifth on the Network” Part 1/ Димаш – “Пять в сетъ” интервю

[ENG/other] Dimash – Interview for “Fifth on the Network” Part 1/ Димаш – “Пять в сетъ” интервю

More than 600 million people saw that. This is what the Universe wanted. The organizers of the project said “From now on we will not let you go without bodyguards”. The life changed a little bit. “Fifth in the network” About why he is wearing a mask in the crowd I wear a mask because I’m a media person and people are always taking pictures, and you don’t always turn out well in them when you’re… …in that moment you don’t even know that people are photographing you, and I want to turn out in all the pictures with a beautiful face or with a mask. Yes, there are many pictures like that. About the decision of doing music I don’t even remember that moment because I could barely walk, back then. From childhood I dreamed to become an artist and until this day I still dream about becoming an artist. I never thought about alternative options in a different profession. I hope God gives me the opportunity to sing a little bit more. I am very lucky to actually do what I love to do and be able to earn my bread doing it. First and foremost, to be an artist is a great happiness, a huge happiness. Happiness is when you are loved, when you receive some type of emotions from strangers even, but in our profession, all the strangers are becoming people that are almost like relatives. The role of the family in talent development I am very grateful to my parents for being now able to “taste” this enjoyment, to be on the stage, to sing for the audience. This is all thanks to my parents, my granddad and granny. Back then they always brought me to the musical school, when I was 5 years old, more precisely, I’m talking about my granny. She was always walking me to school even though her legs were in pain/sick. And now I’m reaping the benefits thanks to them. About the abrupt popularity in China and the world That’s how the Universe wanted, I don’t know. That’s how it turned out. I accepted the invitation to participate at this competition in China, we prepared ourselves, I sang the first song – “SOS d’un terrien en detresse” in French. In the evening they showed it on TV – 10 days after the filming, and then, the next morning it was revealed that more than 600 million people watched that, in China. I myself got a bit surprised. Not just a little bit… I was heavily surprised, actually. And after the first round, we went out in the streets, and after that, the organizers of the project said, we’re not letting you out without the bodyguards, and in that moment I understood that my life changed a little bit. About the plans in South Korea. Now we’re trying to start our creative activity with a Korean producer. This is a producer that works with a lot of K-POP stars. He worked with the group “EXO” and with other groups, if I’m not mistaken. I try to work with those people that are proposing me good terms/conditions. As a creative person, I need to feel absolutely free. So that I could take decisions by myself, decisions concerning my creative work. In order to grow I need to try to create, to work in this direction, without pressure. About working with Igor Krutoy Between us everything is purely on trust. He is like an older comrade that is a more experienced person and I’m like a young artist… Before that I worked with American composers, with the composer of Madonna, Shakira and Rihanna and with an European composer that makes music for Eurovison. But with Igor Yakovlevich is a different story, because he writes very well in the direction I want to develop. I want to improvise, I want to add something personal. About personal preferences in music I’m a music lover. I love any type of music. I could listen to rap, I could listen to heavy rock, metal, and after that I could listen to opera.

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Thank you again~
    Is he gonna sing in Korean next? OMG he mentioned Exo I was shocked I wonder how it's gonna turn out. Can't waitttt

  2. I'm glad he is going with a Korean Producer-he needs to get away from Chinese influence.In Korea he can really blossom and gain worldwide fandom-something China wont allow eg no access to itunes or any social media outside of Chinese controlled sources QQ music and Weibo.So happy he has more freedom now!

  3. Thank you again Ruxanda. I always love Dimash way of thinking in about everything. Every artist should have freedom in their music and its path because that's one way of showing their story making every listener connect with their art. I dunno if I'm making sense anymore but that is how I feel 😁❤

  4. Thank you darling! I don't like his answer about the mask, he's sounds superficial and we know he's not like that. Must to be a prevention to don't get sick before all his commitments.

  5. From his lips to god's ears! May god bless him to sing A LOT longer! And yes the universe wants the whole world to know him <3 I wonder if he'd be singing in Korean now? He sings in so many languages! And LOVE Igor Krutoy! We're so fortunate to have him composing for Dimash! Thank you so much for the translation! Is this brand new?

  6. Grazie per il video e la traduzione! Sono molto interessata e felice delle novità su Dimash! ❤️💜💛💙💚🌟🌟🌟🎶🎶🎶

  7. All my translated Dimash related videos in a playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZNbWjp8p4nPNJPhPenW6iKz6b32d_XHw

  8. Muchas gracias Dear por compartir esta entrevista . Me encanta que Di explore y disfrute otros rumbos en música.Será un placer oirle en sus nuevos proyectos musicales. ❤

  9. Ya lo había dicho pero lo diré de nuevo , mil gracias por la traducción en español y en tantos otros idiomas que hay disponibles para mí es un agrado ver todas estas entrevistas de las que otro modo quizá no tendríamos acceso espero ansiosa sus vídeos . Muchas Gracias por el esfuerzo de verdad.

  10. This was very interesting. Thank you so much Ruxanda! 😄💜
    Yay, I like the genre mix he mentioned. any other rock /metal /opera/ others shuffler?

  11. Thanks again. Without your channel I would never know all this that Dimash is thinking!🥰🥰🥰👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💕💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰

  12. I hope Dimash can keep his feet on the ground and not get involved with the producers who want to start to change everything that he has accomplished himself. Be yourself Dimash and don't let anyone else tell you what to do or how to do it. You have a good head on your shoulders, and we are all behind you 100%. You are the greatest. Don't ever change !!! I love your closeness with your family . Family is everything, and they can never be replaced. You are the greatest, Dimash. Take care !!!!

  13. Thank you so much Ruxanda for the translations….your English is very good. You are a God-send for people who are trying to learn the Kazakh language or just want to know what Dimash is saying. Bless you dear.

  14. Please not Korea… I really like kpop but his talent is something more than singing kpop songs. He want make music by himself and make decisions about his style of songs which is hard there because all companies impose their conditions. Personally i don't want to see him in any other kpop group, where girls will be fangirling about his looks more than his talent. This is just my personal opinion.

  15. He is wearing a mask because his idol Michael Jackson did it. He imitates a lot what MJ did on stage 🙂 But don't get it wrong – I really admire Dimash's voice and art.

  16. I hope Dimash continues to do it his way, because it is the most beautiful. Spread your wings and fly, we love your improvisations. He has certainly gained the right to freedom in his music. Again Ruxanda, a big thank you for all your translations.

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