Elizabeth Warren’s Potentially DISASTROUS Statement on Medicare For All

>>following pressure to answer questions
about how Elizabeth Warren proposes to pay for Medicare for all. She has decided to come out with a statement
that I think is disastrous. Here it is.>>Over the next few weeks to put out a plan
that talks about specifically, the cost of Medicare for all and specifically, how we
pay for it. Right now, the cost estimates on Medicare
for all very by trillions and trillions of dollars. And the different revenue streams for how
to fund it, there are a lot of them. So, this is something I’ve been working on
for months and months, and it’s just got a little more worked until it’s finish.>>So, there are multiple reason why I think
this was bad. The optics are bad, you have a candidate who
has branded herself as someone who has a plan for everything. And then when it comes to Medicare for all
and how to pay for it, there is no plan yet and that is problematic. But more importantly, and this is the same
issue that she had in my opinion when it came to the whole Native American issue. She’s allowing dishonest actors to frame the
discussion. And so she’s caving into pressure and she
appears unprepared. She appears like she doesn’t really have this
all worked out. Bernie Sanders has his version of Medicare
for all premier premier, Jeyapaul has her version of Medicare for All. They’re both very similar and they both go
into detail about how it would be paid for I don’t like Bernie Sanders, is clear. Yeah, you,your taxes are going to go up including
the middle class. But, at the end of the day, you’re going to
save, no premiums, no deductibles, no copies. You don’t have to worry about whether or not
you gotta buy separate health insurance, or I should say dental insurance and then optical
insurance, all of that stuff. He’s very clear and the, even with his framing. It’s polling well, Medicare for all is polling
well. I don’t know why she’s twisting herself up
in a pretzel to appease dishonest actors.>>Nah, yeah, I don’t agree. I think that she’s getting a really bad wrap
on this. So, let me explain, first of all she has had
a plan on many of the issues before the other candidates did. Well, but the other candidates didn’t receive
the same criticism. Hey, people to judge Ben O’Rourke at closure. Why don’t you plan on that? What do you plan on that? Right? Well, Cobby sure doesn’t have a plan on 80%
of the issues.>>You’re right,. But she doesn;t brand herself as someone who
has a plan for that. You get what I’m saying.>>No, I understand that, and I understand
when you emphasize something, you put a bull’s eye at it. And so the political attacks are not surprised
by it all, and I understand what you;re saying by the bad optics. But Medicare for all is a gigantic issue. And so what did she do in the past? She said in the June debate, quote, I’m with
Bernie on Medicare for all. Now, there’s two things about that that need
to be pointed out. One, a lot of people that support Bernie Sanders
are giving her crap over that, and I don’t understand that at all. I don’t know how much clearer she could have
been. And I don’t know how much more supportive
she could have been of someone she’s running against then saying, I’m with him on it.>>So.>>So like I think that criticism is totally
misplaced.>>So let me just jump in on that the criticism
is not because she says she supports Bernie on Medicare for all it’s because she will
say that. And say unequivocally I support Medicare for
all. And then as we’ve talked about on the show
before later, she’ll say, yeah, like a lot of plans. I support Medicare for all, but there’s a
lot of plans. There’s a lot of ideas out there.>>No, I think that’s also unfair to her. I understand what you’re saying. But she says, it’s a framework and then people
jumped down our throat. What do you mean it’s a framework? Well, the reality is, there’s only two plans
right now in Congress, Sander’s plan, and Jeyapaul plan. Normally, if you’re not running for president
you go yeah, I like Sander’s plan. Now does that mean that Sander’s plan is going
to be passed Into law unedited? No. Does that mean that Warren or or any other
senator couldn’t propose amendments to it? Yes you could propose amendments, and that’s
how then you influence that bill under normal circumstances. But we haven’t gotten to a point where we’re
voting on it. So Warren and all the other candidates have
not had a chance to weigh in in that normal legislative path, right? And so she says I support the framework of
Bernie Sanders but I support Bernie Sanders’ plan, right? Now, she got all this criticism. So say, well, okay, you gotta come up with
your own plan. You gotta come up with your own plan. You have all these other plans, why don’t
you have a plan for this? So she said, okay, all right? So it’s not good enough that I support Bernie’s
plan. Fine. I think it’s fair, I am running against him. I’ll come up with my own plan. They’re like, I want it right now. For Christ’s sake, I mean she came up with
a thousand other ones. And so now you want her to come up with a
giant plan for Medicare for all, on the spot? No, you do have to be careful and you do have
to plan out. Look, I’m giving you context in that I’m super
frustrated with how long Elizabeth Warren is taking on coming out with more campaign
financing reform proposals. And I’m also frustrated that Bernie took so
long and is still taking so long on the specifics. So I get it, I get your frustration on when
people don’t have specific plans on the issue you most care about. And Medicare for all is gigantic and by the
way so is getting money out of politics. But it It does take a while if you’re being
careful. So I think for her to say, I support Bernie’s
plan. But now, I’ll come up with my own, and I’ll
explain to you exactly how I would pay for it. It’s a little different than Bernie. It’s an incredibly reasonable thing to say.>>Sure okay, so I’ll wait and see what she’s
gonna propose, and how it’s gonna be different from Bernie Sander’s plan. But there’s one other component of this that
I just wanna quickly mention. Look, when it comes to their supporters, Bernie
Sanders versus Elizabeth Warren, there’s different demographics there, specifically when it comes
to socioeconomic status. Elizabeth Warren’s supporters tend to be more
affluent. And I bring that up because she is unwilling
to admit that she’s gonna have to raise taxes on the middle class.>>But the middle class is not that affluent. And so in the first order are affluent and
she’s still willing to do Medicare for all, she should get more credit, not less credit
for that.>>Sure. But my point is, and we might have a disagreement
here. I don’t think she’s as clear as you think
she is. Right that CBS video that we showed Cenk,
it was right after the second to last Democratic debate. And she was asked, about health care, what
do you support, and she->>She said there’s a couple of different
plans, right? And so I get why people are concerned about
that. When I first saw it, I was concerned about
it. But somebody made a great counter point. It was actually one of our viewers. And and he said, look, there are a couple
of different plans. There’s Bernie’s plan. There’s Giant Paul’s plan that she doesn’t
have her own. So she’s saying, I like the Medicare for all
plans. She never said I like the Medicare for all
and then some and the Medicare for some plans and the Medicare for my cats and dogs but
not for humans plans. She didn’t say that. Look, look, guys, in terms of Medicare for
all, there’s two candidates that in every debate and in every forum has said have said
unequivocally that therefore. Bernie Sanders, who wrote the damn bill, and
Elizabeth Warren. If you wanna say, hey, I like Bernie Sanders
more cuz he wrote the damn bill etc etc. Great! Of course, no problem with that at all. That makes perfect sense. But do not put Warren, the only ever candidate
who has defended it to the hilts in the same category as all the other establishment Democrats
who pretended to be in favor of it. And then flip-flopped. They actually flip-flopped, including, by
the way, Buttigieg, who now goes around, in my opinion, giving false statements. You wanna call it lies, call it whatever you
like. He keeps saying, here, I’ll give you a quote. He says, right now, whether you copy-paste
that Bernie Sanders math, or do it some other way. There’s a hole amounting to trillions of dollars
in how this is supposed to work. That’s not true. It saves 2 trillion dollars by even the most
right wing analysis of the plan.>>Right?>>And Buttigieg going around making Koch
brother points, making Republic Looking talking points all over TV telling all the Democratic
voters you don’t want Medicare for all that creates this huge hole trillions of dollars
that are unpaid for Medicare for all scary. Let’s do something a lot less, not that much
change, just a tiny tiny amount of change, cosmetic change so that we don’t really fix
the system and all my donors are still in charge. So you gotta take on Buttigieg and all the
other ones that are not only opposed to Medicare for all. But help the Republican party try to torpedo
it, that makes sense. To then go after the only other person supporting
Medicare for all in this race out of 25 people. And say, she’s not good enough yet, because
she hasn’t done a giant plan immediately, I think it’s totally unfair.

Author: Kevin Mason

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