20 thoughts on “Elementor Pro 2.9 | Full Site Editing

  1. Thnx man for your awesome video's. Do you have any suggestions for more visitors on your own website. For now my website 4days online thanks to you!?

  2. Ferdy, ik wil u oprecht heel hard bedanken voor de hulp bij mijn website. Hij is bijna klaar voor de lancering en ik heb erg veel hulp gehad aan uw video's. Super! Bedankt!!!

  3. Hoor ik je nou een verspreking maken?"It will be there in easter 2071" ? Dat duurt nog wel een tijdje dan 😀

  4. Hi Ferdy, Nancy here Netherlands, I can't wait, and I'm impatient, to wait a few more weeks. I sent you an email on 6-3-2020 about your Photoshop course that I would like to follow )your Dutch website), plus a few technical questions. If you want and have the time do you want to take a look at it. At the end of this month I may want to start the curusus. Good luck Ferdy! Greetings,


  5. Ferdy, I cant see my menu on any of my sites. It just gives the four horizontal bars like in cell mode. why might be this occurring? I've Google it to no avail. thx so much

  6. Great video and amazing page builder like none other! With the recent $14 million venture capital invested in Elementor only means and bigger and better year for all of us designers and for our clients indeed!

  7. Elementor has the worst. There is no systematic way to learn it. No A to Z tutorials. One has to go through all these different videos that are not connected to each other

  8. Sir, if I make changes in my website by pro version elementor, and after one year i don't want to buy more, and i delete the pro version and install the free version then my old changes will remain same or change.

  9. Pls ferdy make tutorials on membership website that have Sign up form, Sign in form, forget password and the likes all on WordPress

  10. Hi Ferdy, is it applicable for any themes plugins? Could you give recommendation themes plugins support for those function. Thanks

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