Driving to the Algarve with a caravan; the sites and sights [CC]

Driving to the Algarve with a caravan; the sites and sights [CC]

[Coffee making noises, distant traffic outside] [Engine starting] [music] Hello, and welcome to our video about the
sites we stayed at on our way down all the way to the Algarve. ANNOUNCEMENT ON TRAIN: ‘Please ensure that you handbrake is on, and that your vehicle is in first gear or Park.’ [music] We took an early shuttle and crossed the
channel with Eurotunnel. Thereafter it was just a long long drive
all the way down to Tours where we stayed at Camping Les Acacias. [music] It took pretty much all day to get to
Camping Les Acacias. We received a warm welcome at reception. As you can see, the
pitches are on grass, they’re fairly well spread out – nice and shaded. The toilet
block is centrally heated, it’s fairly clean but let’s just say it’s just a
little bit fragrant. [car engine noise] [music] The next day was a very long day’s
driving. We were making a break for the border down to Spain. Being a Sunday
there was very little commercial traffic on the road, which meant that we had the
parking places in the service areas to ourselves. Here we are now just entering
Spain. From here it’s not far to go to our campsite for the evening. [music] VOICE OF ME DRIVING IN THE CAR: ‘Oh my giddy aunt!’ One thing I
wasn’t quite prepared for was the steep climb onto the campsite in the wet
conditions. I reckon this was probably about one in four in places. Had I
realised that before we started climbing, I would have selected four-wheel drive
in the Ssangyong Rexton I was driving. As such we struggled up in two-wheel drive
and despite a little bit of wheelspin we made it, so you should be assured that
making it to this site, even in a two-wheel drive car, you should be OK. Here you can
see we’re just getting to the reception block. Little did I know that I should
have taken that turning to the right that we’ve just passed. I park here and
check in and you guessed it I then have to reverse the caravan all the way back
past those parked cars. Oh well, you live and learn! [groovy music] [sound of falling rain] It’s very boring with all the rain isn’t
it Dougal? Mmm? Are you fed up with the rain? Yeah, me too, me too.
We want to go out don’t we? We do! We wanna go out. [music] After two days of solid driving, we stayed here
for two nights. The weather was pretty awful, but on the departure day you can
see it brightened up. A quick look around the toilets there; they were clean enough, not
heated though. On grass pitches… a little bit worn out at this time of the year
but you can see that the views were absolutely stunning! As we were the only
tourers on site it was no problem for when the local village dog came to make
friends with Dougal. We let them have a run round as there was no one else to
worry about. [reversing beeps] [music] Another long and uneventful day’s
driving across the plains of Spain to the university town of Salamanca. We
stayed at Camping Regio which is adjacent to the Hotel Regio where you
can take your meals if you’re feeling a little bit lazy. The campsite is fine; I
have to say it’s a little bit unloved, it was looking a bit tired.
It was clean, the toilets are okay, it’s fine for a visit to the town of
Salamanca or as we were doing it was great for an overnight stop. [music] Orbitur Guincho is in the seaside town
of Cascais about 30 kilometres from Lisbon. The pitches are quite close
together, under trees and they’re on sand. However those we had through the Caravan and Motorhome Club were delineated and they had both mains and water hookups.
But you don’t come here for the site, you come here for the proximity to Lisbon
and also for the beautiful Dunas de Cresmina, next door. It’s a 10 minute walk to theses lovely sand dunes and a further 10 minutes over boardwalks to the seaside at Cascais. [music] And there’s no better way to finish your
day than taking a drink and watching the sun go down at the Bar Dunas de Cresmina. [music] After a fantastic stay in Cascais and
some brilliant visits to Lisbon, I was towing the Airstream over the 25th of
April Bridge down towards the Algarve for the final stretch of our journey. I
left it a little bit late in the day to set off, but I was quite pleased in the
end. As you can see we saw an amazing sunset. [music] Our final destination in Portugal down
on the Algarve is Camping Ria Formosa in the town of Cabanas de Tavira on the
East side of the Algarve. I have to say this is probably my favorite site in
this video; the pitches were spacious, they were on hard standing, toilets were
clean (hot water was a bit hit-and-miss) as you can see a lovely swimming pool
and it’s adjacent to a railway station so is very popular with motor homers. [music] The seaside village of Cabanas de
Tavira is about 15 minutes walk from the site.
You can see a luxury yacht in the marina there! Or you can get the train or drive
ten minutes to Tavira itself. [music] Although there are no beaches in Cabanas de Tavira you can get a ferry from the village over to the island across
the water there, and there you’ll find miles and miles of quiet sandy beaches. [chilled music] [Upbeat music] Sadly the time has come to leave
Portugal and cross the bridge over into Spain. So I hope you enjoyed this little
video of our trip down to the Algarve and where we stayed. As ever if you did,
give it a thumbs up, subscribe if you don’t already, it just leaves me to say
from Dougal and from me… Thanks for tuning in! [music]

Author: Kevin Mason

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