Drew McIntyre trains for WrestleMania in the Scottish Highlands

Drew McIntyre trains for WrestleMania in the Scottish Highlands

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Drew McIntyre trains for WrestleMania in the Scottish Highlands

  1. After all this pre hype. WWE will make Brock win again. And make McIntyre look he is not up for the bigger event.

  2. It means brock very powerful if u want to beat brock so thease type of work out are important and last mean brock is very powerful so thses is important and if brock win then you know what i am saying

  3. It's too damn bad there will be no crowds would be awesome! it just sucks this happened at his prime! I feel bad for him…

  4. This is great.
    But i really wouldve loved a 5 minute video of Drew just drinking pints at a local bar staring directly at the camera while throwing darts to his side nailing a bullzeye with lesnars face on it and the eyes poked out.

  5. Oh I understand now why he's training in the Scottish highlands, since the Gyms have been locked down due to the virus outbreak.

  6. Really sucks drew won’t celebrate with the crowd he really deserves his opportunity after 11 years like kofi

  7. Yes, I've heard. Kills men by the hundreds. And if HE were here, he'd consume the English with fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his arse

  8. 2020 wrestlemania failed utter flop but SummerSlam the biggest open stadium the biggest event Goldberg vs Roman reigns for Universal Championship waiting…

  9. He can fit all the movies type hope to see him soon in movies also especially if he plays some character like superhero or ancient fantasy drama period it will bring internet storms. Since he got all that potential, his physical, his looks, his acting and his height which can make him the top superstar of all time in history of industry. The chosen one ☝

  10. Swimming scene copied from khabib's workout video, shouting Scene from Rocky 4 mountain Scene , and mcintyre is acting like Ball is too heavy and when he threw on the floor it is rolling far because it's too light .. Lol

  11. I think drew is going to lose as all the superstars who has got a montage of their preparation has lost most of the time
    E.g-Rusev(wrestlemania 31) Goldberg (Wrestlemania 33)

  12. Everyone was waiting for this epic match but due to this covid 19 virus WrestleMania will be for 2 days 4 and 5 th april inside wwe performance centre , thats pathetic

  13. Bro never become overconfident your opponent is beast. He will always try to be one step above you so keep moving . I wish you win and vanquish the beast

  14. Sylvester Stallone must make a copyright claim ?? this video is just cuts and pastes from Rocky Saga ! ?

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