Dr. Salivonchik’s State-of-the-Art Dental Implants

Speaker 1: Relax you a little bit. Speaker 2: After Joanne [Engor] was diagnosed
with TMJ, her doctor recommended she make an appointment with a dentist. Joanne: They said the problem is probably
because I have no lower teeth. And dentures was not an option because I had
waited too long. Speaker 2: That’s when she learned about a
brand new implant procedure. Speaker 4: The difference in this case is
that the healing time is being eliminated. Because the teeth of the implants are being
stabilized immediately, we’re actually able to put teeth on the same day. Speaker 2: Traditional procedures require
multiple visits, and can take up to six months to complete. The new system can be installed by an oral
surgeon and dentist during a single visit. Speaker 4: They place the implants into the
jaw bone in a specific location. And then we attach the bar to the implants,
which is what the teeth are built onto. Speaker 2: Joanne was a perfect candidate
for the four-hour procedure, but the implants aren’t for everyone. Speaker 4: It has a lot to do with the amount
of bone that’s available to hold the implants. Also, the way the upper and lower jaw come
together has an effect on whether or not we can use this system. Speaker 2: For Joanne, the procedure went
off without a hitch. Joanne: Everything just felt natural right
away. By the next day, I didn’t have trouble … So
there was something foreign in there that shouldn’t be there. Everything just fit in and felt natural. Speaker 2: Within days, she was eating her
favorite foods, and back to her normal routine, but with a smile twice the size. This is [inaudible] reporting.

Author: Kevin Mason

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