Dr Rajesh Vijay – JUVORA Dentist

The most important properties of a prosthetic
from a patients point of view are comfort, from a physician’s point of view its biomechanical
performance Traditionally we’d use the materials that
are available which are rigid metals and ceramics. The drawbacks are we have to understand that
the mouth is an impact machine and any impact machine needs a shock absorber and these materials
don’t allow for shock absorption. I started using JUVORA about 18 months ago.
A material that has 26 times more shock absorption than everything else that’s currently available,
at because shock absorption is one of the things that a natural tooth possesses anyway,
so it’s not anything new and something that has 26 times more shock absorption that most
of the conventional materials available can’t be a bad thing. Today using JUVORA PEEK I’m able to tune prosthetics
for a patient to their very specific individual needs. Patients of mine who have had JUVORA PEEK
instead of metal frameworks always report to me that their comfort levels are much better
the reason that they can say that to me with confidence is usually because they’ve worn
a metal based prosthesis, so they can tell the difference and they all tell me the same
thing that it’s always more comfortable. I could have done with something else for
the last 20 years of my career, and I’m very glad in the last 18 months that I’ve been
able to use PEEK. I use it clinically wherever there’s a requirement
for a patient to have comfort and shock absorption, which is most of my cases now In an average clinic parafunction bruxism
in my opinion would probably affect between 60 and 70% of their adult patients, that is
a very very big problem. Now we’ve not been able to address parafunction with conventional
materials because they are either very hard or very brittle.JUVORA PEEK gives us a new
option because it gives us something that has bounce, for want of a better word, The importance of reducing implant restoration
damage is paramount because you aim to want to do something once, so if you can use highly
engineered materials which can give you much greater long term predictability than convention,
then it’s everything, it’s very important Juvora’s a great solution because they’ve
got a tried and tested solution in the medical implant field from their experience in spinal
cage surgery and it was just logical that it would apply in the dental field where we
have a lot of similarities.

Author: Kevin Mason

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