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to the Thursday edition of wave three lessons live the key word today is freedom. For a talk about the meaning meaning of freedom and what it means to you when it comes to oral health with us now is doctor Reagan Ackerman she is with freedom many dental implants. Alright doctor Ackerman welcome back to the show — You’re you’re on your partner there doctor Larry stratas on location yeah right he is today ask fun solo today. I’m looking for to chat with you a little bit because I get to know you a little bit better and find out but let’s do talk about the reason for the re branding. Went from many dental implants took freedom. Many dental implants and after you kind of explained it to me I understand it so if you would tell that story yes certainly we just kind of wanted to add that the freedom part to it — Because a lot of our patients what we’re doing for them is were given on the freedom to smile their freedom to eat again the freedom to choose — Some people are held prisoner rather dentures and they stay in their house so the freedom to go out again to socialize so we just got the word freedom was really important for what we do for people you know and I think it’s fitting I don’t I don’t know who. Came up with this with their genius marketing genius — Freedom any dental implants again we have the number of on the screen if you have a question for doctor document that line is always open. Five seven one five seven two three or four point. Five seven one by threes I’ll get. Five two six three I have so many numbers jumbled in my head now numbers are there. Doctor Ackerman alright let’s chat little bit you you mentioned you know the freedom to smile and the freedom to eat the foods that you enjoy most. And there’s also another component to here nutritional value because a lot of these foods. That if you do have issues with your teeth or your missing teeth they can be really be hard to to eat and their most of my nutritious because we talk about fibers right. I mean things like you know green leafy vegetables now stea- Which is good for you because the protein content so talk a little bit about that as well definitely I mean we see people struggle everyday with dentures there in a loose and popping out and they can’t eat things with all that they want to eat — You know they end up on soft food diet they can’t eat those meats and those vegetables which like you said can lead to overall health issues GI issues- I had one patient that came in and she said her dad had gotten so bad because she couldn’t eat. A normal diet she she knew she was eating sugary foods all day everyday and pretty much led to her becoming diabetic and she knew it. And so she came to me searching for what she’s like I need to eat healthy any bill to chew my food — You know not stick on a set. Soft food diet so it certainly affects you know overall health it’s often all about the small mistakes in the right you know things like that so it’s definitely you know so you can eat and chew and and bill to go out to dinner and eat confidently in front of family. Members and like I said not be held hostage by your dentures because you don’t want to go out you know in front of people and try to eat and it flops out or I will have to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and and rents and feel like. You get food everywhere and things like that I talk all with doctors is that you know that superficial I say but really it is important we talk about freedom. The freedom to smile because doctor Stroud was saying I’m sure you see this often as well he has a lot of patients who. You know are always covering her mouth in their embarrassed by their smiled and thanks to the freedom any dental implants you no longer have to go through that do you see that often people who just. You know I think there’s one Garrett everyone has it’s like you should be able to smile yeah yeah they’re trying to hide it or you know they they may look mean all the time because they don’t want to smile and you know people may not approach on and things. Like that and I think it’s really unfortunate because I see a lot of people get stigmatized because their denture wearers — You know people may think they’re not as educated or things like that but I have so many patients that are great people and just have had a bad history of you know. Grown up without access to a Dennis stir things like that and they just want to smile again and they want to eat again and they don’t want to be stigmatized as you know we people talk about you know if they’re diagnosed with cancer of the tab that people don’t. Talk about their dentures because they don’t want — To they’re afraid to they don’t want to talk about it but they want need something like the mini dental implants to help either did Tristan. Or get rid of that danger completely so they can taste food in and eat what they want to eat and smile again. Number again is five seven one five two six three I finally got it down Pat. If you have a question for doctor Ackerman that person a putting I love looking at these before and after pictures. Because you’ll see the direct affect okay this lan has a great story — His wife was a patient of mine and she knew what what I was doing these many dental implants so she hadn’t come in. He was probably in his twenties or thirties when he was in a car wreck or some sort of trauma and ended up having to lose all its teeth yet another scenario great guy. You know did everything right but ultimately ended up losing all his teeth — He tried to wear dentures couldn’t do it was miserable so he gave up on it he probably had worn any tea for maybe over ten years okay. And so he came to me and I’ll show the models later but we did kind of the snap indentures for him — Chose after picture and it probably took ten or twenty years on the * and that’s a genuine smile that a genuine smile that flag I’m so glad my wife made me come in here and get this done — That kind of too neat things about him one was he really wanted bill to eat peanuts that was his thing I want to eat peanuts inside actually talked to last week and he’s like yes love it I can eat peanuts eat whatever I want — I think the other funny story about Greg as he said his phone didn’t recognize them anymore you know how we all have faced ID or our photos are done better pictures right he’s like I kinda had to retrain my phone on my new small money face and I thought. That was a really neat story I’d it’s kind of tough to say Hey Syria much more hand yet today check this out. Congradulations to go and that’s a great story okay if if maybe you listen to this you say let’s all seems too good to be true. Even better news for you is the fact that the as for over ten al and as I got into it is the trading for for patients that was fun and they don’t enter but it’s still. There just miserable with it — And the only other option at that point was go the surgeon. Be cut open then have stitches maybe after the hospital you know it was a very invasive surgery you know going to multiple doctor’s lot multiple visits and things like that — So with that many dental implants it’s a much less invasive process — Less time less healing no stitches you know things like that so that’s kinda you know it’s what a lot easier than the old way yeah lot less expensive yes. There’s all of these positives we’re gonna talk about there’s there’s a couple of different procedures and one of the mate that you or a loved one if you have a loved one maybe you’re missing a few teeth maybe. Maybe have a child is missing a tooth or to maybe have a bridge or dentures and you’d like to throw them away would that be a happy day. So if you have any questions for doctor argument five seven one five two six three when we come back we’re gonna talk about the different different top procedures different methodologies. As I said one of them made big shoes let’s throw away those dentures freedom many many dental implants five seven one five two six three we are way three lessons one for Thursday d after pictures of gland if you need more proof listen to this is a fantastic okay solves talking to doctor. And she was telling me that you have out performed your procedures on family members yes now that group right there at the tell me a little bit about that yeah — Actually my mother in law she had begged me for years to make her a partial because she was missing teeth in the back and I have. Refused because I see patients that are miserable everyday with partials and hate them and so finally — When we started the mini dental implants I said I have a solution for you so we did the mini dental implants and now replaced all her back teeth with many implants and she is so happy and love them? Am or get ready more. So yeah so that definitely I tell patients all the time like with I do these are my family members at that it was this in a two thirty needed it. This is what I would do on me or my husband or my parents you know so that’s how much I believe and I’m fantastic you know that that says a lot right they’re going to have to deal with that mother had. Here everyday yes. That’s a good story five seven one five two six three alright let’s talk a little bit about the different procedures because there’s some options here. And and some of it may it may be a financial decision and that’s okay everyone’s on a budget but it also may be you know just what that you best what do you want to write certainly yeah and I also you first what we did for Glenn and okay. The snap indenture — So in his case this is your mouth you know your gums without them any teeth okay. And we don’t put you to sleep okay you know wide awake is very minimally invasive — The most you might feel is just the numbing you know little couple pinches pricks to put the Nova Kaine in okay. And then you know we just place these little tiny screws which of the many implants — No stitches really mean you know no bleeding or anything like that and that same day that we place these implants were able we have this danger here with these attachments okay and they were able to snap this danger i. And you leave that same day with your manager snapped then to the implants and we can do top and the bottom on the same day. And many times I mean I’ve had people that come in the morning to get their implants done and they work at night shift and they will. They go to work that night you know it’s it’s you know very minimal you know healing and in pain — So this is kind of what we did for Glenn was the the upper and lower snap indenture and that’s you know one of the more affordable things we do for patients. And it simply is about you know half the cost of the traditional survival route have called so in the advantage there is that you know more glue. They’re secure yeah you can eat the foods that you love and not worry about your denture slip being or that kind of fell off our own little dinner or things like that yes okay. So that’s that’s one of the options now it what if you want what is what I consider really having a new set of teeth. And it really is I mean this is like clean them everything really is like it’s like starting all over with no teeth definitely yet. And we kind of tell people it’s like get your third set of teeth like having your teeth back oka- In in this process you know same model you know miss in the teeth we just put more implants in anywhere from ten to twelve implants okay same process same numbing. Wide awake knows no sedation Nova you know not cut on your gum or bone or anything like that okay. And then I had that same day — You’ll leave you know with temporary dentures and in about three weeks later Wilkinson minutes. And up put glue in just four twenty porcelain teeth — The biggest advantage of this and this is the nicest thing would be for people it’s so much fun doing these for people because they just love it — But you don’t have that denture on your palette anymore you can taste your food you don’t have all that bull* on the outside of the danger — It’s you know if you want to do corn on the cob and apples and to all those fiery foods healthy food. And this is the way to go — It’s it’s just. Awesome that these are the people that come back and they’ve gained ten to twenty pounds. They want to eat again this time of year to enjoy that you know. Like fresh vegetables and fruits and I can’t imagine not being able to eat the food yet I love that and I and also the foods that are nutritious for as well so yeah okay let’s in and we’ll get into another option before we do invest for phone calls. 571-526-3 and I’m asking you is now Albert good afternoon and welcome to the show. Good good afternoon Albert. USD I have what somewhere my back to you for the pool with them. Too and I like to smell like my teeth in the front has spread apart. Can I get that retired in the streets. I’ve heard you correctly it sounds like your may be missing a couple teeth in the back and maybe some of the front is that correct over. One of the ones in the front of screen the ball at the traffic of what the one has been missing in the bags. Back to my university yeah — I mean obviously without seeing you and we do free consultations you’re welcome to call you know anytime and we’ll do a free consultation and take a look at yeah — But yeah we definitely we were place a missing teeth not just you know don’t have to be a full mouth of teeth that you’re missing we replace two to three teeth — We can you know look at that space in the front and see what your options are to a close up that gap — But we can definitely you know we’re and if you stay tuned I’ll probably show model that a little bit later to Albert perfectly helped us with the Segway. Let’s talk about that they’re they’re definitely quite a few people who are missing a tooth or two or three so that the options are there the choice is yours if you’d like to replace them yes free yeah it does not. You know just. Just dentures — With and many implants so if we can kinda show this model here so say you’re just missing you know maybe two to three teeth. You know the same concept we can put you know the many implants in there okay and then same thing — You get the nice pretty porcelain teeth made and then that kind of cements includes on to those implants okay — We can do it for a single tooth it’s done of music today angle there and the front there okay. And a lot of times I do this for people they’re wearing those miserable what we call flippers they’ve had on for years and they hate on they’ve been told that they don’t have enough bone for a traditional implant. That’s one of the biggest things we help people out with — They’ve been told they can’t have an implant and they think that’s their only option is this flipper then it just bounces around moves around like a pop it in and out with her tongue kind of comes a party trick after awhile. Not sure yet so but they come to us and with these many implants is so nice because we don’t have to have a lot of bills I said have stumbled okay. And then we can put an implant in and that get rid of that flipper ditch ditched the partial and get your small back and not have to worry about tha- We do this a lot — Too for like younger people that were sent a lot of time some people are born without one of these front teeth and they’ve been told they don’t have enough phone but were able to solve that problem with them too many implants. Freedom many dental implants she loves him so much she’s years I’m on a mother in law when I mean that that says it alright there. So I want to hear some of the reaction that you do get from patients. Ops talking a doctor Stroud and he was saying you know back when I would do root canals and I was practicing general dentistry he said didn’t get a lot of share a lot of flowers when I gave a root canal. But when you change someone looks someone’s life and they’re confident about their smile and have the freedom to eat the foods they locked and the freedom to smile and feel good about it. To pose for pictures during holidays and memorable moments. That has to feel good for you it’s very rewarding and that’s why I love what I do on a daily basis just hearing people come back with their stories and everybody has a different food that they’re like now. I can eat salads again what’s your favorite though my favorite food until all the anything with cheese and bread eat at all. Resell someone with dentures if they’re loosing more for missing a couple of teeth I could see where that would be a chat taking food to pull it right out yeah so but it’s such a so rewarding to hear all the the patient stories and and coming back and you. Know like I said some of them gain weight because proves overall health — But it’s just it’s a very rewarding to hear all the stories and sometimes. I’d I’d tear up sometimes because they tear up when they see their small and they’re so excited about it you know so. You know sometimes like you said there’s a there there’s some. You know this is a little bit of a stigma with dentures. And to me so it may be it’s a difficult conversation perhaps you’re watching a loved one maybe it’s your mother your father your spouse. Who has been complaining about their dentures in ill fitting dentures and refuses to where I mean it’s a really a point of contention? So what do you recommend for that conversation someone’s watching they said you know I like my husband my wife. To go in and see you at the freedom any dental implants what would you suggest that I welcome them to come and it’s a free consultation and we ought we see husbands and wives together all the time and it honestly helps if they’re they’re together. And can see how this works together we can talk through it together and and kind of get through it together — Because that’s the worst thing in the world somebody comes in and you know like where your danger and it’s in their pocket or it’s out in the car or what not because they’re not wearing it. And I know it frustrates the spouse but the spouse does it no you know what they’re going through sometimes and and that person could be suffering in silence sometimes too and not tell anybody so that. We see husband wise all the times any people in the console room as you want and kinda sure so your options in and go over what what we could do to help you. Mom or dad in a better mood than it’s good for every. Five seven one five two six three if you have a question again doctor Reagan Ackerman it’s freedom many dental implants be right back. On weight three listens yes what a lot seven one five two six thf you have a question no it’s it’s interesting because when doctor Stroud when you come on the show we have so many calls because I think like you said people are uncomfortable really talking about it but when they have a solution. Like freedom many dilemma plants all this is exciting and when is the you know cost efficient which idiot which it is when it’s less invasive when it’s not painful when it’s really rather. Turn key and easy to be true. It is true so it is true yeah and I know we’re you know a lot of people want to know about cost and course every situation is different — But normally people come in with quotes from the oral surgeons are they had quotes you know they need a sinus lifter bone graft and things like that and on the average are. Quoting costs that we give them is usually anywhere from half the cost to a third of the cost okay — I mean I’d like said had a patient a couple weeks ago that I didn’t put it off she been misinterpreted teeth. For many years and she thought she was gonna have to pay ten thousand dollars. We were no where near that and she was like that’s it and she like on the schedule the next day and we got our done while so so yeah it really is — Just coming for the console will take a lot. Of fantastic are let’s go to the phone to talk to Stephanie who joins us now Stephanie good afternoon and welcome to the show. I have a question about my if you don’t they have. Gum disease has been told he’s had one tooth pulled and he’s very wary — He just knows he’s going to have to have dentures and he’s only forty nine and I’m like I think you need to try this is something that he can do — With gum disease yes perfect question because we hear that all the time so many people think because they’ve been diagnosed with. You know gum disease part all disease — And they’ve been told they lost phone and they don’t think they have enough phone for implants but like I said with these many implants we don’t have to have as much bone — And least we treat people all the time that you know have lost teeth because a gum disease and infection and things like that but he sounds like he would be the perfect candidate — For what we do — You know gum disease is not a country indication or does not mean you cannot have these many dental implants at all that is it a great question I’m so glad you called in. Thank you for calling five seven one five two six three if you have a question maybe it’s one tooth maybe it’s a bridge maybe you’d like to throw away those dentures again freedom many dental implant. Okay dot com when I talk to doctors try to want to hear your comparison. I often compared to like in as far as glasses and laser surgery and everything evolves and really this procedure is relatively new I guess about fifteen twenty years old somewhere in there. So this relatively new doctors tried always as well it’s kind of like if you had an appendix that need to be removed. Before they had to cut jobs and it was this long process in the healing time. We’re just take a little laser it is somewhat of a very similar concepts — Before they’d have to cut your gums open exposed Bonita has you know swelling in stitches after words and things like that — Like I said we’re not doing any incision to crack in your chest Hey — So yeah very minimal little pin * kitchen — Little tiny hole put the implant in and I know it sounds too good to be true — But it’s not affects so many patients that you know explain the process and I think until we actually do the procedure they’re lying that’s it you’re done unlike yes that’s it you know they get worked up in your head so much but it really is. So minimally invasive compared to the traditional the surgical route — And it’s been around like you said fifteen twenty years so there’s studies that you know this is just a successful in just as good as the traditional the surgical implants are what what what let Jews down this path armed group was that you were a general. Dentist you probably don’t answer yeah family dead after so much general Dennis been doing it a little over ten years now – And same thing like I was just as frustrated as my patients were with dentures you know I make in any danger and I’m like I you know I always said I didn’t wish dentures upon my worst enemy. Because you know it is it’s not fun learn just regular dentures- So I was looking for another solution for my patients and you know and wearing partials or they were missing one tooth and they didn’t want to go to the oral surgeon and have to wait six months to a year — For two and so the same training doctor shrouded with — Dr Ptacek can up in buffalo he’s kind of the guru of many implants — And went through all that that the training and everything and found the solution and now I’m just trying to spread the word and and help all the patients reason. Everyone that we can so because you perform this per some of these procedures on family members have your Christmas give some proof shown. When I’m just curious I yeah well they? They get better food now they even now. I get a lot of questions now like you know that Hey what about here. Happen to love to do it it’s fun and you know and I really enjoy it and the results are this can be for you. Freedom many dental implants five seven one five two six three we shall return more with doctor Ackerman away three less f the fourth of July you thinking about freedom the country for gland freedom means something different. To what is what do think freedom means to it took the land their doctor Acheron freedom to small freedom to eat the eggs it’s got their freedom the peanuts and freedom. To have his phone recognizing again. That’s probably scary moment for a second I don’t know I can a lot of phone — But no just the freedom to choose in the freedom for confidence again dissident overall I think he’s definitely overall more confident with himself well. For sure I thing for for for it when it’s like you know in that funny you know your phone doesn’t recognize you because it made such a drastic difference in a positive difference. I feel good about changing up all around little bit that maybe the first time I felt good about going into an apple store. Yeah that’s what I have become too handsome. So congratulations to gland and for you free consultations right yes free consultations love to you know see everybody that thinks that they never had an option or don’t have an option anymore please come see us because rarely do we have to tell people. There not a case of it again freedom many dental implants give a call today and we’ll see you tomorrow on weight three listens live

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