Do We Need to Floss?!? York & Bay Dental Office 2017 Patient Appreciation Night

Do We Need to Floss?!?  York & Bay Dental Office 2017 Patient Appreciation Night

like humans monkeys apparently practice
the basics of good dental health for the first time ever scientists captured on
video a Japanese macaque named Chomp a flossing her teeth using her own hair
this behavior shows that teeth cleaning and the invention of associated tools is
not unique to humans jean-baptiste lekha the lead author of the study says Chomp
a probably developed this technique accidentally Leykis suggests hair might
have gotten stuck in between cha phase teeth in the process of pulling out the
hair the macaque may have noticed food remains stuck in it this reward of food
may have encouraged her to repeat the action and therefore reinforced the
flossing behavior scientists observed Champa using three different flossing
techniques the new study will appear in the January issue of primates for
Discovery News I’m Casey B Garner It’s interesting. I have to admit, I have a confession I have done that before…oh wait, let me clarify I haven’t plucked a hair from my rear end and used it as floss – I haven’t done that! But I have…y’know, when you floss you see a little piece of food and…aw c’mon, that table, back there! You’ve done it I see it in your face you’ve done it! It’s okay don’t be ashamed, we can all come out together. So, I wanted to thank all of you for coming today welcome to our 2017 patient
Appreciation Night and I also wanted to thank some very special guests i wanted to thank some very special guests for coming out
tonight these dedicated individuals are responsible for bringing the latest in
products and knowledge to our practice to make sure we’re on the leading edge of
dentistry and so we start with Donna way in the back there wave hello Donna Thank
You. Donna from Henry Schein, she works hard to keep us on the cutting edge of
technology including the 3d scanning technology
that we have in a practice which may eliminate the need for GOOEY
Impressions we also have Sue from Xlear. Sue is our supplier for all of our xylitol products as you know xylitol
is kryptonite for dental decay and gum disease
and is a hidden secret from the dental profession it’s naturally extracted from
the birch tree and it helps neutralize pH it’s not metabolized by the bacteria and
so that way there’s less cavities and better overall balance in general so they come in gums and myths and candies and also nasal sprays so inside your gift bags
it’s not quite Oprah you’re not getting a car, so don’t look for keys!
there is nasal spray in there and it’s actually I use it during allergy season
when I’m a little stuffy during the winter and xylitol has a
natural anti-inflammatory property and so when you spray the xylitol with the
Xlear nasal spray it actually moistens the nasal passages it also reduces the
inflammation I can breathe better so try to it’s a great great product and I know
you guys will all love it so we also have Danielle from oral science. Oral science provides us with the most
innovative oral health products imaginable so from
the cure quacks interdental brush which you will all hear about tonight as well
as advantage arrest which is the other kryptonite for dental decay and stay
tuned for an obligation Appreciation Night because we’ll probably want to
have to talk about that because that’s going to change dentistry altogether so
thank you again for all of you for coming out on your very busy schedules
because it’s it’s hard right oh my god do you think that this means to speak
swallowing its own to us and I can speak on behalf all our
patients they feel the support that you guys to give us so thank you all of you
and we have anything to attend tonight but hearing spirits we have a Dina from
Philips Sonicare who makes our the AirFloss you’ll hear about this today
this is a really interesting product and Braun oral-b you’ve probably seen this
around our office that’s an excellent rush one of the best
this is around rotating an oscillating head is the only head that’s been proven
to be better than hand brushing Sonicare is still a good brush but this is the
only one that’s scientifically proven to be better than brushing so that’s why we
recommend your week and the smaller heads and regional little tight corners
of the mouth to most of all I want to thank all of you for coming tonight and
all your users support and friendship because really it’s you guys that make
us excited to come to work every day and that’s why we have evening like this
thank you all so a round of applause every time I really can’t make enough and so many
of you have left warm really harmful part heartfelt reviews on Facebook and
Google reviews and it really does make us and inspire us to provide a better
dental experience each time you come into the office and I think we’re onto
something great here so thank you so much for giving the feedback positive or
you know constructive criticism it’s really we encourage that and I think
that’s what’s made our relationship different than any other office so thank
you all so any information from tonight you can find on our blog on at of echt and could be the key to better living a few
years ago we talked about remember when we wrote those pumpkins show a powerful
reaction of oxidation well inflammation is all about
observations antioxidants counters life and so we explored the power of
antioxidants and how to prevent gum disease and also oral cancer and just
last year we have a very emotionally charged presentation though its impact
of sugar and the effect of sugar on heart health and not just one definitely
drink and how I nearly lost my father because I think the fact that it’s not
just sugar sometimes it’s the carbohydrates the white rice and white
bread so we’ve we’ve had a good series I think you know really connecting more
than just teeth overall better living so tonight we’re
going to talk about and we’re going to challenge the question
do we need to floss you’re supposed to be in the peanut gallery I don’t know
how they put you up right here so do we need to floss do we just throw it out so
let’s look at that and let’s give it a good luck it’s nothing no monkey
business but coming for me it’s really hard to
pull us because you have to have this HIPPA maneuver this art piece is like
lip gloss in the back corners of your mouth and at the same time have to find
time and energy to do it at the end of a long day and that’s the piano morning
when you’re all the little guys I understand it is tough but the fact is
frost is still the best thing to do clean between the teeth but you’re going
to understand today that it’s about finding the right mix in combination
that’s going to work for your individual needs you know for 200 years that does
have been telling the patients but flossing is necessary to prevent the
tooth decay and gum disease in August 2016 I had one of those days or you
realize that you fight you knew everything about something and then you
realized you were wrong because I woke up to this article at The Associated
Press and they looked at 25 mental states and said that medical benefits of
dental floss floss was improving medical benefits of dental floss unproven what so in these studies they have covered
the fact that although they concluded that dental floss name is helpful to
prevent tooth decay and gum disease the evidence was weak and very
unreliable the fact is that floss is is still an
important part of our rural health care routine and so when you look at trying
to do a dental study about it it’s hard to do a scientific study because
everybody floss is differently and there’s so many factors that contribute
to dental decay and gum disease for example like you have quest saliva
flow well thank you back to your risk or gum disease and also most importantly
decay or and your saliva has a more acidic pH that makes you greater risk
for tooth decay or how about carbohydrate and sugar timing if you eat
sugars and carbohydrates in the middle of the day just before that time when
your saliva production is the lowest let’s do you agree is risk so they’re
trying to run this in these studies but it’s hard to do a very very good
exciting exciting to do that well we’ll look a little closer the highest risk
area for decays between the teeth so that means that floss perf it’s pretty
good doesn’t it the brush wood so when you look at what floss does if you don’t
clean between the teeth everything about 40% of your tooth I’m leaving it
vulnerable to the damaging effects of plaque and biofilm so what are we really
asking you to do only + so basically what you do is you take an arm’s length
of floss and then you wrap it around your middle fingers leaving about five
inches between your middle fingers then you use your index finger and your thumb
to angle the position of floss in your mouth now between your thumb and your
index should only be about an inch and so by
keeping think that like the floss between your thumb and your index
fingers as close as possible you’ll have the tension on the floss and
you’ll have the maneuverability to get it supposed to really tough areas except
when your cloth strands that’s my head that’s my fault so coffee that’s job security I leave out there
that will tarnish the strength applause we come back this is what not to do
flossing should not be an outer body experience
make sure the floss is inside the mouth and a short length between the fingers
the other thing that you want to do you know when you have lost me fingers start
to turn purple and they certainly want and you want to get you try to decide
when I’m going to lose my fingernail or should we just keep flossing because my
hygienist wants me to do so well this is actually a really interesting technique
this is going to help you false like a boss so you kind of faucet injury and
you just hold like that that are wrapped around their middle fingers family
there’s no excuses in the late 1990s the cap the gap the gap released a very
affiliate marketing campaign and what they wanted to do is they want to
promote khakis to the masses so they put people
in ordinary hands and made it the uniform of coolness but the problem is
if everything’s wearing khakis that you don’t have the individual sense of style
you can express your mind preferences so should everybody be in
the khakis just like plants should everybody main thoughts not necessarily
because just like your body shape your preference for colors your sense of
style is very mean floss is the same thing because your teeth are all very
different shapes you have very little different dental dental work in there so
what we need to do is we need to look at it or come in individual basis whether
you need to floss or not and I think that we could probably find with any of
our agents and also any of us at the office a good routine that fits well
between your teeth but also looks well in your hands for example teeth aren’t
perfectly shaped it’s not a perfect world so there’s lots of ducks and
crannies between the teeth and as you can see flaws is very difficult to adapt
to live oaks of crannies of the tube especially near the gum line where it
really counts an adjective a brush or a dead animal definitely able to give you
more information on those brushes and if your death approaches like a pipe
cleaner so it has bristles on the sides of it and it kind of bends and adapts
and swishes around to all those nooks and crannies the most important thing
that drags out all that debris all compiled from all the plaque all the bad
stuff it pulls it power floss sometimes just needs of Emeritus displaces it a
bit so floss is important in the really tight areas where it fits and then enter
demo brush is actually a brilliant way to clean in the areas where it’s not so
perfect although I think they’re all perfect in everywhere
but here the gumline and can’t see inside so dental bridges are used to
replace missing teeth dental bridges replace missing teeth by training the
teeth together how am I gonna floss through this route you can floss under
it with a floss threader but that’s frustrating so how about braces got the
wire in the way so it’s kind of hard to do with floss but people do it I’m
amazed how many of you are dedicated flossers really because it’s tossed off
and you know what I think that shows just what kind of relationship we have
with you because I feel that these talks and all of you are looking for a better
living better pouch and that’s why that’s what motivates not to keep you
ancestors like this so when we want an intro templates they can fit between ten
wide and two types of spaces they can go around races under bridges and so I
think that they’re very useful in many ways the versatile but the great thing
of pure promise is that they’re customized as far as size is concerned
so what we can do is our cadets can measure the size of the space and give
you a color that’s specific to that size so you might have two or three mostly we
give two just to keep it simple so you’ll have two different sizes or more
different or one size and you’ll use that in specific areas you know you’re
okay and blue so I don’t think a lot of what
you need for those earrings but you get really jittery and looks like and he’s
kind of there’s an interesting product that I’ve been trying for the last six
months it’s called the air class so you guys have heard about the wire pick I
assume yes so the water pick is a good oral irrigator
AirFloss is really interesting because it’s smaller and it gives us first of
air so it has triple burst technology so when you push the button it lasts three
bursts of air through the middle of your teeth but at the same time it has a
little reservoir where you can put a little bit mouthwash or a little bit of
plain water and it helps spray this fine mist tell care enough to breathe through
your tooth and I have to say I was out with my family one time and we had
shellfish and I had a shellfish stuck between my teeth you know I’m
comfortable that’s right so I said you know what for the name of science for
the name tonight I’m gonna leave this pewter shop it’s me
my tooth so I suffered for hours I got home I used my ear cloths
yes all for you so I used my bear claws and it caught it out it was jammed in
there pretty good so for big food particles I think it’s great I don’t
think it’s perfect though I still I’m worried about getting to cake so I think
I’m gonna still use the combination of floss and the air floss so basically you
fill the reservoir with a little bit of mouthwash is not much or paint water and
then you position it in the space between your tooth you press the button
because mutation and that goes on to the next it’s it’s really cool as you guys
know I like edges so just a word of caution don’t do what
she’s doing don’t smile in front of the mirror while using this because we won’t
be smiling later did you clean it a lot it’s getting all
over please I’ve done that one time I press the button by accident and I was
like anyway it was a mess and chance works me I was able to clean it up
before she comes in the bathroom yeah it’s called survival the water flosser
is also good right it works the only problem with the water flosser
is that it comes in a counter top version and portable version now at
least take up a lot of space because look at the portable version okay no
wonder she has to hold on to the silent sink
it’s so heavy so I can potentially see my son or my daughter holding the air
boss there’s no way they’re going to haul before the waterfall sir so for
practical reasons it needs to be big because it uses water bursts instead of
air burst so you need to fill that whole reservoir with a liquid because it
pushes the liquid through so that’s why this has to be so big so the question is
should everybody be a boss no not necessarily because what we want to do
is find a regimen that fits in with your lifestyle because for years we’ve been
trying to encourage you to floss because it is the best way to clean between
teeth it is the best way to keep you out of the dental chair unless you like
being there okay the company so it’s the procedure it’s not that kind
of thank you so when you look at it gal has put everybody in khakis but
maybe if you don’t look good in khakis wear jeans so just like everybody should
not be applause maybe we can find somebody some protein for you where if
you’ve lost two times a day or two times a day every day of the week
great keep going do it because we know anecdotally it works even though the
studies may be hard to follow and the improvements or if you’ve lost maybe
once or twice a week that’s okay keep doing it but then why don’t we find
something else that you can do that’s simpler like the air floss or an
Internet flourish to fill in those gaps no pun intended I won’t back to the
monkey business Joe thanks for laughing so you can fill in the other case with
something else something that fits in with your lifestyle something that fits
in with your abilities because you know some people have arthritis some people
have very different limited opening they can’t reach in some people have dental
work that makes it difficult applause so we work around your lifestyle and around
your back door and around your ability because that’s important so if we can
make it easy for you know practical for you and you’ll be top here and out here
thank you you

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