Do NOT crown your teeth! – Must watch before dental work!

Do NOT crown your teeth! – Must watch before dental work!

What’s up guys this is dr. O from innovative dental and today I want to talk to you about why you should not get crowns on your front teeth Chances are if you’ve gone to your dentist or have been concerned about having your your front teeth addressed from tooth decay or Even just not pleased to the way that they look you may have been advised to get crowns done on your front teeth There’s there’s some reasons why I would encourage a patient not to go down that route most of the time we can avoid that first They’re too aggressive so when you are cutting on a tooth to prepare it for a crown you have to remove almost all of the enamel and this leaves the tooth more susceptible to Fracture more septal to break it also would make the tooth Likely to have more Sensitivity and maybe even need a root canal in the future so when you crown a tooth and you cut all the enamel away It’s definitely more likely to be a problem down the road and you might ask yourself So why in the world do we have to cut all the way around the tooth and? one of the reasons that we do that is for decades we’ve not really had another solution to Making the tooth have some sort of temporary why the lab makes your crown And so we have to put a temporary plastic tooth on top of your existing prep on them basically the tooth that we just cut down and that plastic tooth has to have some sort of shape to hold on to and so that’s why we were taught in dental school to Cut around the tooth to prepare it in a way That would hold the temporary so we’re really treating the tooth based off of our Necessity to put a temporary on it now fast forward right the technologies Come a long way, and now we can actually make the crown while in one visit while you are here And we don’t require a lab to make the the restoration anymore So since we don’t need a lab you can imagine we don’t have to have a temporary and since we don’t need a Temporary we don’t have to shape the tooth the same way There’s a lot of benefits to you for that because that means we only have to treat the portion of the tooth that gives you the cosmetic benefit of changing the shade and the shape of the tooth and Be getting rid of the decay that’s there and so most of the time we can do both of those things with something That’s much less Aggressive crowns are just too aggressive almost always so if your dentist is recommended at crown I would encourage you to maybe ask them Why they feel they feel they need a crown, and if it really comes down to the fact that that you need a temporary Or they need to send it off to a lab, then I’d be I can be concerned with that You got to seek out a dentist that has technology because it’s been around for a while that allows us to Fix the tooth in one visit and save more of your tooth structure avoid all those challenges and problems that are listed earlier about You know tooth pain less your tooth around I mean I think about if you’re like a 35 year old and you’re getting your tooth cut on to put a crown on it that crown Maybe lasts you 20 years, but in 20 years you’re gonna need another crown and when they cut that old one off There’s gonna be even less tooth structure there so each time you’re getting this tooth treatment You’re more likely to have it break hurt and have problems for you down the road so just avoid crowns if you can almost Never need it in dental school We were taught how to prepare teeth for crowns and not for veneers so you’re gonna most of the time run into Dentists that are really trained on crown prep and maybe not on veneer proud and so crowns you’re going to basically take the burr Reduce the tooth about a millimeter on top and cut all the way around Essentially removing all of your enamel now if the tooth is badly damaged then Then maybe this is necessary But the only area that really necessitates or requires us to be that aggressive and remove the enamel all the way around the tooth Would be if you had tooth decay on the backside of the tooth, and I was going to show that to you there I’m a fucking focus So on this model here you can see I’m showing you the backside of teeth very rarely Do you get any sort of decay right where my finger is in this backside of the tooth and? This is the area that Is really important to maintain your natural tooth structure? Here’s why it’s so important So if you look where my fingers are at? You can see all of this this portion of the back of the side of the front teeth And I take this other model, which is the lower jaw and I put it together? One thing you’ll notice is where’d you chew right it’s kind of hard to see maybe on this model But there it is you chew right up against the backside of Those those front teeth and so when you start grinding away to do a traditional crown on the backside of these front teeth you’re going to change that surface now to be something that is going to be a restoration that is chewing against your lower teeth that are natural and That that sounds okay except for the fact that long term this causes your lower teeth to get more wear And it’s also likely to have wear on the backside of your restoration or Chipping or breaking there to the crown over time because the way that the bite connects, so hopefully that makes sense But that’s that’s one reason that’s really the second reason why I would avoid crowns is that it changes the bite surface of Your natural teeth to a prosthetic and it’s really not in an area that that’s not super beneficial for you Maybe even a third reason why you might want to avoid? having a crown done on a front tooth is You’ve heard of you know the reason we would typically do a crown is to make it stronger Help hold a tooth together. That’s had a lot of decay or old restorations, and we would put the crown on top And we put it on top and you have chewing forces like this It’s going the Crown’s gonna actually be giving that tooth Additional strength the fact that that tooth doesn’t have the enamel there anymore is not too damaging considering the forces this way Now if you take a front tooth So you have a tooth in front where you? Your forces really are more of this this type of chewing forces where you go like that and you have a little bit of lateral forces on the front teeth Those lateral forces on teeth that you’ve taken all the enamel away are not very healthy and so I’ve seen a lot of Patients who have had crowns on front teeth and their teeth are severely weakened And they will have the tooth break and I’m wondering if they wouldn’t have broken if we would have been more conservative and Kept the enamel on the backside of their front teeth alright, so hopefully I made it clear why I’m apparently done Just go hang out It’s my dog Baxter you can’t see me over there in the corner Alright, so hopefully I’ve made the case for What are some of the risks or challenges and maybe why you shouldn’t have a crown Done on on your front teeth so then the question is well. I’ve got some problems. I’ve got some tooth decay I’ve got a fracture – yeah, you know cool I’m glad you made me understand why I don’t need a crown, but what am I supposed to do? I believe that most dentists that are really are providing the most conservative care are going to be comfortable doing 3/4 crowns or partial crowns that don’t cut down the backside of the the tooth and They will also be able to do veneers and veneers are just maybe similar to a 3/4 crown Maybe even a little more conservative than that in their prep. These are great ways to Avoid long term challenges or problems with your teeth So I would encourage you to go to a dentist who has the ability to create same-day restorations that’ll be a big benefit to you and Go to a dentist who understands how to prepare teeth for veneers and doesn’t require or recommend Crowns when the backside of the tooth is healthy the the topic of this video came up from just just this last week I had patient come in and Had some concerns with their smile and wanted to improve it and they came to me and they were fairly young and they were Recommended to have I believe it was like 20 crowns performed and prepped on their teeth and they were very young Obviously it’s a big concern to me I advise the patient definitely don’t do that go to a dentist that is going to be able to prepare the teeth much more minimally so you have the best chance of having long-term health there and Here at innovative dental we pride ourselves on that so hopefully this video is helpful. I’m Maya my goal here is to just try to educate and bring some insight into what modern dentistry can do for you and Obviously if you have questions or concerns or things that maybe came up throughout the video, please post them below Otherwise give it a like thumbs up. Smash that thumbs up if you can with your phone and Subscribe to the channel, I’ll be uploading about every week to try to come up with new topics and ideas that might be Beneficial for people to learn about dentistry so otherwise you have a good one we’ll see you next time. What’s up guys This is dr. O and I’m excited to talk to you tonight of not tonight. That’s awesome. See ya I’m not going to be able to get this right with you here I can just tell you that right now. Nah you just tuning me out like it rest the time, huh? That’s true you get tired of me talking yet You ain’t tired of me talking about You tired of me talking Are you tired of me talking? Yeah, bitch ready to go home hang out there kids Yes mascot

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  2. Don’t you need a crown with a root canal, back molar? I was told I need a post and crown with my root canal. The crown is $800 and the post $400! I should just get an implant? I wish insurance would fully cover dental work.

  3. I’ve had six crowns over the years and all failed ! Every time the tooth’s developed decay and had to be extracted !!

  4. Veneers only cover the front side of a tooth so if you are getting a filling on the top biting surface(s) then you can't use a veneer for repair.

  5. Are you guys able to fix front crowns? I was not well educated when I tried to perfect my smile and was tempted to get crowns so 6 of my upper teeth were all crowned. Again, can you guys fix that? Thanks!

  6. I have 4 crowns in my mouth. 1 molar and 3 front bottom teeth. I have an appointment coming up for another root canal and crown on my 4th front bottom tooth. I really don’t want it, but the tooth causes me pain and it’s kinda bad. I’m only 15 and I have very cavity prone teeth, as well as esinophilic esophagitis, and one of the symptoms is extreme acid reflux which destroys my teeth 🥺

  7. Dr. O, how about putting a crown on the pre molar tooth, is it okay? My dentist is planning to put a crown after my root canal treatment.

  8. Most goodlooking people in my college: rude, not that smart, only here for college football and not their classes…

  9. I wish my parents watched this before making me get crowns when i was 4 because i got my crowns removed when i was 6 and last year and the problem is that when the crowns get removed your teeth comes out as well because if the strong adhesive so now my second pair of teeth haven't grown out yet and the dentists don't see any teeth in my scans plus i pulked out one of my my crowns 2 weeks ago so now i have 1 crown left but im worried that i might have to get dental implants in the future since my teeth aren't growing in

  10. Whats the difference between veneers and crowns

    Do u have to take all your teeths off and have venner or the dentist puts veneers on top of our teeths

  11. What if you have an old veneer on the front tooth and it’s become cracked and may need to be replaced? My dentist doesn’t do veneers and wants to put a crown on it and I do not want to put a crown on it.

  12. I have front two chipped left chipped front tooth is a bit outward than the right one so they are not in a straight line..can i get braces after veneers on them or do i have to get braces before veneers??plzz answer this..

  13. I have a gap between front teeth i always wanted it gone . But i am scared of gettibg my original teeth cut of.. should i get the bridging done

  14. Can u please help me! how to fix or recommend to my teehth any dentist here pls.. pm to send my actual teeth

  15. Im so confused sad and upset I was told i needed a crown im 23 I do not want to cut off most my teeth I'm scared itll fall off anyway and its too much money i cant afford now with a 2 yr old and one on the way plus the dentist I went to i feel like he messed me up purposely for money I guess its his business i went in for a CLEANING was told i had a cavity my teeth that didnt hurt at all but he convinced me to get that done i did and all the sudden comes pain and swelling in gums I go back i need a root canal and then all the sudden i need crowns my insurance doesnt pay and its for both of my front teeth and now I'm stuck in freaking out non stop crying mode idk were to get the money oh yeah and I NEVER even got my dam CLEANING i initially went for

  16. I am happy I found this video. What would you recommend for someone that has a greying front tooth because of a root canal? I am 43. My dentist recommended trying to inject stuff into it to whiten it but he did say there is a big risk cause I could loose the tooth if it doesn't take. What are my options. I like my dentist but I wonder if I should get a second opinion? I was thinking crowns but glad I saw this video would make me believe that isn't the answer. It would be nice to smile without seeing the grey tooth. Thank you to you if you can respond. Oh and I wanted to addd what do you think of the procedure that my dentist has suggested?

  17. My front teeth are chipped and have fillings and barely any enamel and look ugly, is crowns my best option ? Gettin them on Wednesday but seen so many horror storys

  18. Dr. O I was told I'm not a candidate for veneers for my front teeth because I have a filling on the back of both my front teeth and she said I have a fracture on the back of my teeth from fid hockey. Sje said I would need crowns. Is this true?

  19. I really need your help if you can email me it be great pls I'm 19 and my dentist recently put venners they don't stay on and now she's recommending me crowns saying I have no other choice …

  20. My front tooth just borke it dosen't hurt do you think i would need a root canal? I had fillings in my front 2 years ago.

  21. My friend needs a crown on the molar tooth ! Its damaged and has a hole in it! Doesnt want it pulled out lol

  22. Sir. I played basketball and suddenly my lips hits an opponent head. And now one of them is slightly moving. Can it be like how strong before?

  23. Veneers and 3/4 crowns suck the best and cheapest way is direct or indirect composite restorations. Just take good care of them and dont bite hard stuff.

  24. All crowns I had done on the top have destroyed my teeth. I had beautiful teeth previously but had fractures in my front teeth and was recommended. All 4 front teeth have caused decay under the porcelain crown. My smile was my crown of glory (not my hair) now I can’t smile I can’t afford to have them done over again

  25. I had 8 porcelain veneers done almost 20 years ago and I kind of regret it. They don't last forever & one has cracked and another broke in half (don't use your teeth to tear duct tape). I was never able to fully floss around the veneers & it created a tiny sliver for bacteria to harbor & for the tooth to discolor. My new dentist is into biomimetics, which is basically trying to keep as much of the natural tooth as possible. Crowns & other surfaces may be too hard compared to a natural tooth and cause damage over time. Just take care of your teeth. And floss! My biggest mistake was getting hooked on Dr. Pepper about 10 years ago. I went almost 40 years without a cavity, but in the last 10 I've gotten a lot of cavities. Sodas. I need to quit.

  26. I’ll actually will be having crowns put on my front teeth today. I will be asking questions about his procedure on them and hopefully they will not have to grind my teeth out that much seeing as I only chipped them half way down. Thank you for your concern and knowledge on the situation.

  27. Dr.O can you please help me to save my teeth.I'm praying that you see this post.My name is Paul James Braga from Philippines.this is my contact number 09092877669

  28. Hey doc, what would you recommend if you have healthy teeth but gaps and 1 front crown? I want no spaces (dentist said I have enough gap to bond or veneer) and natural looking/size teeth. Only my top front teeth, fortunately. Researching a dentist now; Northern Cali, if you can recommend. 🙏

  29. Dr. O you are awesome for creating this video. I went to school for DA because I wanted to help people as well as gain knowledge for my own dental neglect and learn about dentistry. I have so much work to be done and fortunately for me my dental is 100% covered by my employer, so I’m definitely taking advantage! You gave me so much insight and I want to thank you!!

  30. I got a four unit bridge as I was missing a front tooth. That was a mistake. Now, I am losing the three remaining teeth. It was a deal with the Devil.

  31. I had had a front tooth crown some days ago and I am having some major problems chewing food as the teeth at the back won't come together because of the crown extending on the back side of my front tooth. It's really hard for me. Is there any solution for it?

  32. Just found your channel looking for insight for my overfilled root canals. Great content. I'm young and have a lot of root canals done.
    I have a front tooth they wanted to do a crown on because it has decay in that backside. I'd be interested in getting work done on that tooth by you. Also: I've wondered why they don't make solid implants (as in one complete piece). I always thought they were. Probably due to pain of bone healing?? If I went to you, could you create a duplicate of the entire tooth and implant it right after pulling it? And could I get a complete implant for a molar?
    Thanks so much!

  33. So I had a root canal on my front tooth many years ago & my dentist recommends a crown for structural reasons. In this case, would you recommend a crown on the front tooth? Also, can I get a crown on one tooth and veneers on the rest & still have a beautiful smile?

  34. Im considering veneers for my front teeth because I've been grinding them for years and they look small. I was told that crowns are stronger and cheaper.

  35. Um what? The tooth preparation is not for the purpose of supporting a temporary, it's for the structural integrity of the final crown shear strength

  36. What is if on a lower moler only the buccal part is intact .no caries.vital jes. Mesial distal and lingual no wall.what to do ??

  37. He’s got a dog in what should be a sterile environment, when I seen that I completely ignored everything he said.

  38. For the case of severe bruxism, what would your recommendations be? Two doctors said "Crowns is a must" but I don't want my teeth to be cut. It'd be so depressing! If I carry on to use my dental plaque, would composite veneering be a so what good choice? Actually, the plaque gives me headaches and makes me wake up during the night but I try to hold on to it.

  39. Okay, I hear what you're saying. However, I've priced out a crown for a molar. The in-house price to have the crown made on the spot is $1700.00. Having it sent to a lab with a temporary is $1070.00. Why am I spending almost 700.00 more? I have better things to do with 700 bucks. I can't believe how overpriced crowns are. It's highway robbery.

  40. Here's a dental disaster story that grabbed my attention. DeAnn refinanced her house to pay for MAJOR dental restoration. Those repairs failed, and now her life is absolutely miserable and she cannot afford what it takes to get dismantling of the failed work and restoration of what's needed to have a normal jaw and bite. #mamadeesblues Read her story here:

  41. Hey Dr i am 19 years old .my front teeth , central incisor , got gray after root canal and its loose too , my personal dentist advise me many time ro go for crown or 4 sided cap.what should i do for it ?

  42. A friend had the Dentist drilling his tooth and apparently he was pushing so hard on the drill, it nearly stopped and then kicked back on him, meaning, the drill jumped into reverse for just a nanosecond leaving the friend screaming so loud, the waiting area emptied out within ten seconds. It's just stressful thinking about it.

  43. I got a sore tooth in the upper left and I bite down on the tooth under it and it hurts that I wanna cut my gum out so what’s that called awhqt is it called

  44. hi saw this video and it really helped! I’m pretty young and honestly don’t want to get a crown or veneer. The reason my dentist recommended me to get a crown was because of the darkened tooth I had after my root cancel and I had screw types of things out into my tooth to repair it during the root canal process. I really need help here! I don’t know what to do and don’t wanna create a burden for my parents because of the expenses I’ve had lots of previous work done and it’s really starting to weigh us down. Thanks for reading this! Advice would be great!!

  45. Is this just me or… everytime I’ve gotten dental work on a specific tooth, the tooth next to it ends up needing work also, within a few months… even thought that tooth was fine…

  46. What if I got a root canal before, and ended up bashing my face into a table breaking the tooth in half (my front left) my dentist said a crown (I’m 14 years old)

  47. How do we find the perfect dentist ? Or how do we find out if they have the latest technology or not ? Is there any specific equipment that we can ask them if they have so we know that they are up to date ?

  48. Hi there, my tooth all veneers and root canal cuted. I wanna change veneer into crown cos dentist told me,that my tooth will be dark after veneer same as now. What should I do?

  49. This is true for all teeth, not just front teeth. People get crowns on their front teeth all the time. All risks are notes in the informed consent before patient agrees to the procedure. We wouldn’t do crowns if they weren’t sustainable and reliable. Now if you have someone who doesn’t take care of their teeth, then yeah, I wouldn’t suggest crowns either. Also, Ceres machines? Crowns aren’t fitted as well then sending it to the lab for proper fabrication. So many bad points in this video 😂 this guy is probably a brand new dentist who hasn’t seen enough or used a variety of technology to know what works best. I’ve been an assistant for years. I’ve seen so much more success with crowns when labs fabricate them. They’re gorgeous. Cerec machines don’t provide that.

  50. No true, veneers have their own problems. Sometimes veneers brake, chipped, or come off. Sometimes 6 veneers end up into 6 crowns later because former mentioned problems.

  51. When I smile now I have an upside down V shape centered on two front teeth. My previous dentist noticed severe enamel wear, and instead of wondering why he just put bonds on the back of them. 5-6 years later (about 1.5 years ago from today) they snapped off and my front teeth were suddenly much shorter. Why did this happen? Severe acid reflux I was diagnosed with 2 years ago. I didn't know my constant sore throat was reflux and I've had that since I was a kid. I only knew about heartburn and I never got that. Turns out there's another form of reflux that goes straight up to your throat, and while sleeping it goes all the way up to your mouth and hits the back of your front teeth.

    Anyway, you say don't crown your front teeth, and I have 4 that need to be done eventually. I couldn't find anything in your video that explained why I shouldn't do it. You mentioned dentists overly recommending them, do you think I might be being conned? This is gonna cost me 5-6K and I don't have insurance or a job that pays well. This shit sucks.

  52. Imagine when you have a Filipino friend who likes to bully because you made mistakes by not taking care of yourselves

  53. dental work in general has just done more harm to my teeth than good.
    i am missing teeth because of bad dental work

  54. I have suffered the EXACT SAME FRONT TOOTH DAMAGE from crowns that you've described in this video. I'm now dealing with several broken front teeth as a result of decay created under the crown and repetitive lateral force that caused the crowns to break away taking part of the natural tooth with it. I've also lost 2 of these teeth that were unable to be saved and am facing the probable loss of a 3rd. Unfortunately, my dental issues began when I was about 40 years younger when the technology wasn't as advanced. Thanks so much for the enlightenment, and I hope that others watching this heed your words of caution, because they will regret not doing so when they end up in my situation.

  55. I got a crown before because my mom gave me one and regreted it i was 5 and 6 and i had to get it pulled out so instead i get fillings

  56. I love how thus dude doesn't even pause to mention the price of one of these operations lol. that's deterrent enough for me. just pull the whole tooth out at that point lol.

  57. My dentist is saying my 4 top and 4 bottom front teeth need crowns due to acid erosion from my acid reflux and decay due to my ulcerative colitis. Does what you say apply to me?

  58. I lived with crowns my whole life since the age five or six. However, throughout the years I loose a crown and grow out a new teeth’s but there was a situation which was when I grew out my new teeth’s my dentist explained that the crowns caused it to grow it in a different directions and I had two teeth’s that were completely sideways but now I have braces and my teeth’s improves thanks to my dentist

  59. Dude. Cmon be honest don’t sell veneers as an alternative to crowns. Both are good within the right clinical scenario. I think your just promoting your veneer business. Don’t veneers come off easier than crowns

  60. Where's ur office located and most likely ur not in my town so can you refer someone in Indiana that has that level of technology? I've already done the damage of getting the crowns, but soon it will be time to replace them, I need to figure out what to do….not to crazy on dental implants, any thoughts?

  61. Everything he is saying is 100% truth. I just got my crowns. Look beautiful but sucks I lost my teeth

  62. You are very humble. I, we thank you for your honesty! A sub from me to help you out with your channel! Jk I already subbed awhile back lol

  63. I just had my second set of a full crowns, after 20 years. They did end up with decay under them and I had to get them all replaced, as well as 2 extractions. (My dentist does believe in trying to save your teeth) I will say, the pain I am experiencing on the lower half is almost unbearable. My teeth and gums are definitely not as strong as they used to be. I hope this pain ends, and I hope I didn't watch this video 20 years too late :-/

  64. Veneers do not work with every person's jaw bone structure. At least that's what I have been told by my dentist. He recommended six crowns for the front.I've been very hesitant to do this so that is why I am here.I did not know that you could get anything but a full crown. I think my research has just begun! Thanks for the info.

  65. This guy is just another salesman convincing people that he is the solution to their problems. I am frankly sick of these fake lying people

  66. Thank you for this video! I have veneers that are on my four front teeth. I had them since 1993. I have no issues and love them. I just had one implant done recently and the dentist said he wanted to replace all my veneers because of bacteria build. I was not sure about that since I have no issues with cavity or gum issues, not even nerve issues? I like my dentist, but I need to tell him tomorrow at my appt. that I DO not want to change them. I love my smile, I did not go to him to change my front teeth, only one tooth implant. Which has not been done yet because of a receding gum line that he did gum graft on? But the gum is still not taking to the receded area. Anyhow, that was painful and I just want the tooth implant service which is halfway done, only waiting for the post. I was told they wanted to give me a canine tooth implant and this is why they want to do the crowns so they can match the canine on the other side. BUT I never had canine teeth, to begin with? Yes, it looks normal, but I am starting to wonder now? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kat

  67. The worst thing to destroy teeth is not sugar , but LYME DISEASE! Spirochette infection ( much like syphilis) is getting common nowadays yet totally overlooked. These Lyme bacteria love living in the mouth ( as well as brain heart and muscle) in 6 years my teeth went from fairly good to broken chipped bone infected and over ! You won’t even know you have Lyme and co infections as the tests are rubbish ! Yep false negatives non stop. If you have £700 spare a German test on live blood is good and more reliable but private only, even then few doctors will know how to treat you , many are too scared to as government seem to treat doctors of Lyme patients very badly.

  68. I wish I didn’t go that road yes I regret having crown my 6 front tooth 10 years ago when I was only 24 I wish somebody stopped me I didn’t have much information about it back then my stupid ass thought it’s going to last forever and just after 10 years my current dentist told me my teeth underneath is decaying and I am so stressed out .i am 34 years old now God knows how many times I can replace the crown If that’s possible or otherwise I have to do the implant which I was trying to avoid .

  69. I had my two front teeth crowned 3 years ago (pregnancy caused increased tooth damage and weakness), and when the dentist I went to was adjusting the length, he fractured the crown, and said that it would be fine. Cut to about a year later, biting into a bagel chipped my tooth. When I tried to go back to the same dentist to get it fixed, they want to charge me double what I paid for the original work. I haven’t smiled with my mouth open since then and I haven’t been able to fix it.

    Do you have any tips on what I should explain to or watch out for what they say when I go to a different dentist about this? I feel scammed. Thanks.

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