Do Crowns Get Cavities?

Do Crowns Get Cavities?

– What do you think guys,
do crowns get cavities? (upbeat music) What’s up guys is Dr. O
from Innovative Dental. Welcome to the Digital Drive. If you’ve never been on the Dental Drive, you’re in for a treat. We’ve had an awesome Wednesday. I hope you all have had
an awesome wed nes day. It’s been good for us
at Innovative Dental. I’m with my buddy Riley. Riley, say what’s up. Or just stare at the camera. Dexter, what’s going
on, you wanna say hello? Those are my boys. So they ride with me, sometimes
Riley is picked up by mom but a lot of times he rides with me. So today we’re going to talk about do teeth that have crowns get cavities or do crowns get cavities? It’s really kind of two
different questions, right? I think what people are
really thinking about is can you get a cavity
once you have a crown? The material itself, crown, any sort of gold, porcelain,
any dental material, it’s not going to get a
cavity on the material. The material can’t demineralize and cavitate like enamel can but you can get a cavity around
the edges of restorations. Matter of fact that’s where
you’re the most susceptible and can get decay there. So how do you protect
yourself from getting a cavity around all these nice restorations? Maybe have a lot of fillings, maybe you invested lot of
money fixing your teeth, and have a lot of crowns, and you’re like dang it. I thought I was gonna be good and you’re just finding out hopefully not, hopefully your dentist
told you to brush and floss around your new restorations whether they be fillings, crowns, veneers. But you definitely want to brush, floss, and then there’s another nice component that’ll help you out
and that’s make certain that you’re using a good
fluoridated toothpaste. If you have a bunch of restorations and you’re susceptible to tooth decay. (Riley mumbling) There you go Riley, that’s good. Nice. And you know you’re susceptible
to getting cavities, I would highly recommend
that you ask your dentist to give you a toothpaste
called Prevident 5000. It’ll help because it’s got extra fluoride and then I’d also recommend getting a mouth rinse called Act. And it’s over-the-counter,
don’t need a prescription for it but it’s gonna have extra
fluoride in the mouthwash so that’ll help you make
your teeth stronger, prevent you from getting tooth decay. Like to talk about something
pretty cool coming up, it’s this Friday, kind of the first time we’ve
ever had the chance to do this. Innovative Dental. I want to thank the team for
really contributing to this but we have a severely autistic patient, really amazing family, and they have put together a lot of
effort along with our team to get him treatment. He’s missing his front
four teeth on the top and his front four teeth on the bottom. So you can imagine if you’re missing that many teeth in the front, it’s really hard to eat the same foods that you and I appreciate. So this kid can’t eat foods and I believe he’s 25 years old. But you know, needing some help and needs sedation in order
to get this treatment. He’s not able to just stay still and be able to endure the
treatment while being awake. So we got credentialed. I am now credentialed as in let’s see, they call me a non integrated
provider at Mercy Hospital. So we’ll be working at the
the operating room in Mercy and that’ll be this Friday. I won’t be able to shoot any video or take any records while I’m there so I’ll have to just tell you about it. Show you some photos afterwards but it should be really cool to transform this guy’s life, give him some capabilities
to eat some solid foods and enjoy those and
get better nourishment. So what an amazing thing to be able to do. I’m super excited. Our team’s really thrilled
and I just wanted to once again, say thanks
to not only our team, their family, for making
this all possible. I know there’s some
people in the community to help make it possible so should be a really cool thing. If you like this video, if
you stuck around to now, please give it a smash
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seeing you in the next video, Until then keep smiling,
it looks good on you. (chill music)

Author: Kevin Mason

15 thoughts on “Do Crowns Get Cavities?

  1. How funny I'm watching this on a Wednesday when you made this on a Wednesday. Thanks for sharing, I recently got a crown and you answered my question. Also, great thing you're helping do for this autistic kid, may you be blessed:)

  2. So I've been using the ClinPro 5000 that has 1.1% sodium floride, and Act mouth wash alcohol free. Is there an alternative to the super high price of $20 per tube of ClinPro? Crest, arm and hammer with fluoride?

  3. So I am having the worst feeling around my crowned tooth (Top Right next to 3rd Molar). Itโ€™s May 2018 and I had the crown put on 3/2017. It hurts whenever I floss; irritation! No abscess, no bump. Feels like itโ€™s pinching my gums. Hope I will not need an extraction!๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  4. Could you please make a video about the whole "root canals lead to toxic anaerobic bacteria poisoning your body" debacle?
    i had a root canal today and I'm petrified that I just introduced my body to illness. thank you very much! your videos are real engaging.

  5. I had to have a crown replacement on a 13 yr old crown because I had some decay underneath my crown causing it to fall off! My dentist told me that may have been put on improperly and would have probably needed to be replaced anyways!!! I lost the original crown while eating I was so upset! I need more stuff done but yeah whatโ€™s left of the original tooth can still be susceptible to tooth decay

  6. Eat crushed raw garlic with your foods …kills most bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, etc…..go to Asian supermarkets they are very cheap…..for instance, I eat a lot of raw oysters even in summertime, half of the time I get sick or stomach pains from eating raw garlic….now. I never ever get stomach pains or diahrreaa….. So the garlic kill all the material infections in the oysters

  7. Yes don't forget kill him with the Fluoride toothpaste don't forget that poison fluoride you'll keep pushing do your fucken research and stop pushing poison on fucken people you a bunch of retarded paid off asshole's

  8. I have a crown on my teeth but it's hurting some times and swollen and yellow pis on my jaw under my teeth please reply me

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