Difference between Dentures vs. The All-On-Four™ Bridge

Difference between Dentures vs. The All-On-Four™ Bridge

Hi, it’s Adrian from
Advanced Dentist Artistry. A common question we get asked is: Is an All-On-Four bridge exactly the
same as a denture but screwed in? There are actually very different;
when we look at a denture, there’s two parts to the denture
that are not on the All-On-Four bridge. One is actually this flange, and
this flange actually covers just under the lip and the reason
for the flange is to really extend the denture so that
it’s more supported. The other very important area
of a denture is actually the palate. And the palate, of course, this
big seal, this goes around the entire upper part of the mouth. This is what actually gives the
dentures suction and support. So, when saliva gets between the
plastic or the acrylic and the gums, is that that moisture actually
forms suction and that’s what retains or gives the denture
the retention. There’s always problems for
this, of course, because it takes up so much of the
mouth that it does change, usually, the tongue position and
it actually gets quite uncomfortable sometimes having it there. If it’s extended too far, it can
actually cause the patient to gag and we normally find that patients
do complain of altered taste because a lot of their palate,
which does have tastebuds on, is actually covered. When we look at the All-On-Four
bridge, it’s very different. We try and keep the All-On-Four
bridge as narrow as possible, and this means that, if we can,
keep it about the same width as the teeth. The most important thing here
though is the placement of the implants; the implants have
to be placed very precisely so that the screw hole can
actually exit just at the very top or the back of the front teeth. If this happens, we can keep the
bridge, very, very small and it’s really just the thickness
of the bridge and a tiny bit of pink acrylic that replaces some
of the missing gum and the bone. So, when you look at both
of these devices, the All-On-Four bridge
and the full denture, there is a huge difference
in the size of them, and naturally the comfort and
the last thing, of course, is the retention. One is actually removable that,
of course, comes in and out and the retention of that
really depends on the size. The bigger we make a denture,
the better the retention but the more uncomfortable it is. when we look at the
All-On-Four bridge, though, it’s the placement, the careful
placement of the implant and the screws that actually
hold it in place but because it’s such
a narrow row of teeth, it is very comfortable for the
patient because there’s a lot of room for the tongue.

Author: Kevin Mason

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