Details emerge of Carlos Ghosn’s escape from Japan

Details emerge of Carlos Ghosn’s escape from Japan

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. This is the battle between Carlos=elite globalist who tried to sell Nissan to Renault=France+Chinese gov vs other Nissan executives who made plea deal with Japanese prosecutor=CIA=US gov=Trump=Anti globalist

  2. Kinda like our government ,right ? We are watching our government under Pelosi and her gang think we are in China. Under China rule . President Trump is showing her that we are not in china and she is not the ruler .

  3. Carlos's 4 kids went to Stanford paid by Nissan according to Bloomberg news. Why all of them to Stanford, not other schools? Of course in America money and connection work, and here Stanford took his all his children.

  4. I live in Japan and it's a place of horrible people. I'm really not surprised that the justice system is so awful and medieval here.
    It really does represent the coldness of the people in Japan. I love Japan for the food and scenery. that's all.

  5. Interesting that they all forget that the japanese justice system the way it is is actually inspired from the U.S. justice system.

  6. A striking parallel between Japan and South Korea: Japan vs Ghosn = South Korean Prosecutor General Yoon vs. Former Justice Minister Cho

  7. Yup Due Process is supposedly Guaranteed under the Highest Law the Japanese Constitution BUT the Government has run RoughShod over the People the Judiciary the Constitution.. Hes Gone ! 🙂 That said its more than HYPOCRITICAL that FOXs staff criticise Japans Different treatment of Foriegners visevise Nationals WHEN the JAPANESE CONSTITUTION & that very THINKING was WRITTEN BY THE AMERICAN MILITARYs appointed Lawyers and the US DOES THE SAME or even the Reverse in Sanctuary Citys ….the LAW MUST BE ALL EQUAL undet the LAW and in NO OTHER WAY…you know the NDAA that allows the US military to indefinitely detain anyone without reason…

  8. 그곳에서 본 당신의 모든것을 폭로해주세요.
    일본이 얼마나 악날한지 전세계에 퍼트려 주세요. 한국은 일본을 일방적으로 싫어하는게 아닙니다. 문제점을 명확하게 찾고 그들이 그점을 고쳐주기를 바랄뿐입니다.

    Uncover everything you saw there. Please spread around the world how bad Japan is. Korea does not hate Japan unilaterally. I just want to find the problem clearly and hope they can Straighten it.

  9. Not fair! What's the conviction rate in U.S Federal Court ? Revisit your statements. Your disdain for the Japanese is very disturbing. What he did is a crime in Japan & to claim he is innocent without access to the evidence is a disturbing statement fr. Napolitano

  10. You should have a commentator who has real knowledge of Japanese judicial systems. Probably, Japan has most fairness in most of matters in the world.

  11. It's the same in Latin countries, both Spain and France, but it is ignored by western countries. Guilt by assosiation is regular in France. Spain tried a jury trial years ago didn't get the result it wanted so overturned the jury decision and stopped jury trials. America has long ignored unjust systems because they are '' friends'' hypocracy and the USA go hand in hand. Howard Marks is a good example, American authorities threatened to stop a huge loan and forced Spain to illegally extradite him. He was an accused canabis trafficer so justice was overlooked.
    This is exactly what POTUS is now being accused of, yet all administrations have withheld money for the result the wanted. You seem shocked at France keeping silent, it's corrupt justice system is the reason why!

  12. Don't forget Pearl Harbor , we still can't trust Japan ! This is a good indicator of fraud in Japan ,their way or jail !!!!

  13. With almost two decades living in this country I can say the JUDGE and HOST are exactly right when they talk about the legal system in Japan

  14. Interpol has a warrant out for his arrest, so at least proper modern countries are siding with Japan here and not siding with criminals. Sadly some of the western media from the UK and USA have sided with Ghosn, not a shocker as these media entities always like to bash on Japan and take an anti-Japan stance and side with just about any foreigner criminal in Japan over the Japanese.

    This idiot now is in Lebanon, which is a country which refuses to extradite people. Though I think sooner or later he is going to be caught, I guess even having to live his life always thinking about getting caught is in itself a type of punishment for his crimes at least.

  15. He awarded himself deferred compensation of which Nissan’s board was unaware, thus causing the company to underreport his pay to Japan’s equivalent of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The deferred compensation awards started in 2010, right after Japan implemented a new law disclosing CEO pay. Ghosn felt he should be paid according to the standards by which international (especially American) auto company CEOs are paid, but the company faced a public relations imperative to follow Japan’s norms on executive compensation, which are considerably more modest. Ghosn is also accused of using company funds to pay for various personal expenses, including the acquisition and upkeep of homes in cities where Ghosn has extensive ties but Nissan does not have major business, like Beirut and Rio de Janeiro.

    He is a criminal, but he is a criminal that has escaped prosecution.

  16. Carlos Ghosn was the son of refugee escaping persecution and wars in the middle east, He worked very hard and exceeded every one's expectations. He shared his wealth with his family and honored his people of three countries. President Obama thought very highly of him enough to offer him the job of GM CEO but he declined the double the salary and stayed with an evolving Nissan. Dishonorable of Nissan they deserve a boycott.

  17. Does the fact that virtually every person going to trial in Japan will be found guilty raise any alarms? I think I'd have been in that box too.

  18. Really…
    He was loaded into a big black box with holes for air ?
    And where this box was stored ?
    A/C room I guess…so he could survive…with his ID / documents
    And landed in Turkey in box..and..then ?..walked out….!
    Use your brain !..Fox Business

  19. I’m totally not defending japan, but why the 5billion yen that he stole from his own company is forgotten and the debate is centered on the western vs japan. Under jp high level democracy ceo holds no power to move even a dollar for his own sake, this is never understood by people who has us presidential power or commonwealth.
    It is worth watching that none of that frauds he committed is reported on western media.

  20. What westerners never know.
    Ghosn invited only a few Japanese media like "Asahi" that is an infamous fake news maker in Japan and also is pro-nork far lefty media. And he called them trustworthy.
    Although Ghosn is saying that he rebuilt the "Nissan", He was working for Renault Samsung Motors; 50% of its products is Nissan cars. Also his friend is the executive of it.
    Funny thing is The brain of SK pro-nork Moon regime was an ex-"the Samsung" executive.

    In a nutshell, he was working for da Santa Claus who failed to give Americans da flying gift. lol

  21. his wife is said to have destroyed eveidence(s). that's why she was not permitted to see him. how can you expect honesty and decency out of this kinda folks? a lot of talking will yield more descrepancy which will lead to the final fate.

  22. American Federal conviction rate is and has been 98+% my whole life and I suspect local rates are that or higher so 1% is the difference between fair and not lol there is absolutely no way that 98% of people accused of criminal offenses are guilty so why is the conviction rate so high? Because it's 10gs for a half decent lawyer even on a local level and it's cheaper to take a felony and probation that fight it and potentially get the maximum sentence….

  23. We are Lebanese, we will never send back our compatriot from our country. Japan doesn't have a good juridique system. Japan is raciste country

  24. Hey Nap; if he was a conservative in our system he'd be treated exactly as he is. Guilty until proven innocent as you judge President Trump. You are making money and getting airtime by promoting exactly the same judicial system against our President.

  25. I was stationed in Japan while serving im the Navy, the Japanese government is extremely racist. I believe Carlos more so than the tyrannical Japanese court system.

  26. Misunderstanding of Japanese prosecution system! In many of western country, arrest = prosecution, but in Japan prosecution rate is 30-50% out of arrest and guilty /arrest is less than western countries, for in Japan there are a lot of selections with proof or evidence before prosecution, which is why their guilty /prosecution is high, but much less in guilty /arrest.

  27. As they correctly point out, any system that has a 99% conviction rate is clearly rigged – now consider that the Federal prosecutions here in America also has an impossible conviction rate (without it being rigged) of 94%! The Japanese system differs from ours only in design of the outward appearances, but they are effectively the same in the end.

  28. Never forget Schaeffer Cox. US has unjust political prisoners too. "Tax fraud" is a way US punishes, if their case is weak, or they want 'em gone for a decade +

  29. I don't really care about what he is doing. This is in the news more than the plane that got shotdown in Iran.

  30. Ghosn fled From Japan because he couldn't buy justice there. Ghosn thinks can buy justice in Lebanon where they don't even have the jurisdiction of what happened in Japan to a Japanese company. Ghosn is a true dictator thinking that he can have the extraterritorial rights.

  31. The conviction rate for the arrested in Japan is 50-70%. Japanese prosecutors only prosecute the cases where they have enough evidences. So if Japan prosecute all the arrested then the conviction rate drops drastically.

  32. Now locked up in Lebanon, a failed state on the edge of collapse. In Lebanon you can buy Justice, never get it for free.

  33. He paid the yakuza, the Hezbollah and Turkish government to arrange for him to be smuggled out of the country,he's a criminal

  34. The biggest SHAME is on JAPANESE Justice system!

    Second shame are on French merdia!👎🏿

    When the French media announced his arrest they started to say that he was guilty (if someone can read between the lines,) with dirty accusations certainly for those who know how to understand how French media can rot when it comes to unfounded accusations! Mr Carlos G was already guilty of everything.
    It was a real coup! Against him!!

    He did it right!
    Bravo Lebanon! 👍👍👍
    You save his life!

  35. The Fox News some people made a big mistake to air the Fake News about Japan.
    Shame of it. They has to air what this French guy did, his criminal are.

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