Descendants of the Sun: CPT. Lucas Manalo leaves a lasting impression | Full Episode 2 (w/subtitles)

Descendants of the Sun: CPT. Lucas Manalo leaves a lasting impression | Full Episode 2 (w/subtitles)

If you don’t give the One Million Dollars we’re asking in an hour, I will kill all of you. I’m going in. Let’s all go together to be sure. I don’t have time anymore, I need to save my father. I haven’t stopped searching for them. And this I promise to you and Mother, I will personally look for them. Sorry, it’s just an emergency. You’re rude!
You guys are all the same. You’re all cheaters and rude. My forever just got foiled. Thief! Thief! Animal! Give me back my motorcycle. What happened here? Motorcycle accident, Doc. Someone placed notes here. Who did this? It’s the handsome ruthless guy. This syndicate… they’re really using the youth nowadays Instead of working properly. Hello? Hello? Wow. Look, it’s a small world. You’re a doctor here? No wonder… No wonder you’re cool. So… You’re big boss? Yes. Why do you have my friend’s phone? My patient asked me to hold on to it. Your patient? How are you related to him?
Are you a brother? Friend? Boss? Boss? No. That phone belongs to my friend. We’re looking for it because that kid stole it. But why do you have that phone? Nurse Via? Where is our patient here? Oh no. Where is he? Maybe he’s having his Xray, Doc. What’s your name again, Miss? Wait, are you the ones who told the kid that you’d bring him to the morgue? Morgue? Did he say that? Wow. Don’t believe what that kid is saying. Nurse Via? Yes Doc? Please tell this guy to get out. Ask the security to assist you so you’ll have company. Security? Okay Doc. Sir, I’m sorry but you’re not allowed here. I’m sorry. Okay. I can see how you look at Doc. I just noticed it. She’s the one I was telling you who saved the man in the grocery. She’s so good. Is she good or is she beautiful? Both, that’s possible, right? Wait, if my phone is with the doctor, It means the guy we’re looking for escaped? Yes. Yes, it looks like he escaped. He couldn’t have gone far. He’s just around. That’s right. He’s just around here somewhere. I think it’s better if you go to him. That animal might go far. Ouch, it hurts… My appendix. Man, my appendix hurts. Go ahead. Ouch. You’re wrong. Your appendix is on your left side and not there. Yes, it really hurts.
Ouch… Ouch, it really hurts. Joke, your appendix is on the right side. Great. You’re really good. Come on, let’s look for him. Where are we going? The guys we saw earlier, I think he’s with them. They said they’ll wait for someone. Go ahead and hit him.
Beat him up. That’s what you get. Good for you. Go ahead. Come on fight back. Where are you? Hey… hey. Wait. Just a second. Do we really need to do that? We’ll just get into a fight. It’s as if you’re not used to guerilla warfare. I just want to talk to that kid. Sweet. It’s really like you have a connection. Looks like you’d replace me with him? I don’t know about you. Hey! You ugly guys. Stop that. What’s happening here? Who are you? Don’t meddle here. Get out of here if you don’t want to end up like these two. I need something from this kid. Once we’re done with him,
you can have them. Sir, please help me.
I’m begging you. Hey kid, did you also steal from them? Why is your face all beaten up? What did you do to them? The truth is he wants to leave the group But he owes them. He needs to pay them P25,000. P25,000? How many sacks of rice can you buy with that amount? I can pay his obligation to you. Here’s my wallet. Whoever can get this from me can have the money. Really, are you serious? You’re not included. Why would you do that for him? I’m his brother. What’s your name again? Marty… Marty Talledo. Talledo… I’m Marty’s elder brother. What? Whoever get this will get the money. Game? You’re dead if there’s nothing inside your wallet. Ouch. You even used a pocket knife. Okay, here’s the deal. Everyone with a knife, go to him. Everyone with a gun, I’ll take it. You talk too much. How would I know? Good thing they don’t have a gun. Yes Doc? Look at this, There’s something strange in the lungs. I’ll show you something else. Okay, Doc. Doc, our hunch is correct. The patient escaped but his guardian is here. She just arrived. Where is she? Moira? Capt. Moira Defensor? Doctor Maxine Dela Cruz. Are you his attending doctor? Where is your patient? Let me see his charts. Wait, why would I give you my patient’s chart? He’s my patient and not yours. And besides, you’re not in the camp so don’t make demands. I didn’t come here to fight. We may have unresolved issues, but that’s not the reason why I’m here. I’m here for your patient. That person is important to me. Important to you? Is he in a critical condition? Where is he? Why don’t you know where he is? If I knew where he is I would’ve told you earlier so we can end this conversation. Go and pay his bill so you won’t have problems with us. Nurse Via? Yes Doc? Please tell the security to check all the men’s restrooms. If he’s not there, she will pay for the patient’s bill. Copy Doc. Wait, we’re not yet done talking. Nurse Via will talk to you. I’m busy. Miss excuse me. Where’s the Men’s CR? It’s over there. Thank you. Guess what? Sandra! Moira is in the emergency room. Moira? Moira Defensor? The one who stole your guy when we were still in med school? Exactly. And she’s one of the reasons why I have trust issues with men. Which explains why you’re still a virgin up to now. Hey… someone might here you. Wait, what’s her business here? Did something happen to her? Nothing but her boyfriend is here. Boyfriend? Yes but I think her boyfriend is too young for her. What’s with you, her boyfriend is a soldier. Impossible. He’s doesn’t even have a clean cut And he’s a thief! Are you sure about that? Of course. Their love story is popular in the army. Her boyfriend is a Technical Sergeant but Moira’s rank is higher because she’s an army surgeon. Okay. If her boyfriend is a soldier, Who is the patient who escaped earlier? What happened to him? Nurse Via, kindly call Doc Maxine. Okay. What happened?
They said you had an accident. Follow me. Okay, he can handle that. I’m sorry. What happened to my patient? Well he got into a fight in the parking lot with a bunch of fools. But he can handle that, right? This looks like an assault.
This doesn’t look like an accident. Did you gang up on this kid and beat him up? Huh? Of course not. What happened to you? Are you okay? Tell me, what happened to you? Did they do this to you? No… No you’re wrong.
They saved me. Just relax, don’t be scared of this guy. I’ll take care of you. Just tell me, we have security personnel here. They will protect you. What’s the truth? Doc, he saved me. Why don’t you believe whatever he says? We’ll give you medicine and later we’ll have your x-ray. Nurse Emma, Nurse Hazel, later after you finish that. Copy, Doc. Nurse Via, call the security. Tell them to ask for a CCTV copy to see the riot that happened earlier. It’s just near here. I just want to be sure he’s protected. I’ll take care of the police. Copy, Doc. Police? Doc, wait. I haven’t heard anything from you for a long time. Yes, I know. Maybe it’s difficult for you to avoid me. You look okay. Wait, are you really not going to talk to me? Are you just talking to me because of my rank? You’re right, Ma’am. Are you really annoying me? How long will you do this? You’re not answering my calls. You don’t tell me where you are. How long do you plan to avoid me? Answer me. Why are you doing this? Diego, I just want to see you. I know what you’re thinking. And you’re wrong. I’m doing this not because of you. I just changed my mind. And I don’t know how I will explain it to you. That’s all. That’s not true. Now if we’re done… Please. I’m going to leave. Diego, stay right here. Diego Ramos, Technical Sargent Diego Ramos, Are you really going to leave without saluting to me? Stay right there the whole night until you die. I will never accept your salute. At ease. If you are avoiding me because that’s what my Dad, our commanding officer ordered you, Because you respect him, because you owe your life to him. I hope you’d think about the first day you said that you love me. Because I will never forget that. Why don’t you believe what Marty is saying? Doc? So, what is it really? How are you related to him? Is he your son? No, I don’t know the person, okay? We’re here to get the cellphone that he stole from my friend. He got into trouble that’s why we helped him. Wait, you helped the person who stole from you? I don’t believe you. It’s more believable that you beat him up. We didn’t. Why don’t you believe me? Why does it seem like you’re angry at me? I’m angry at bad people. Aside from the fact that I’m angry at perverts I’m also angry at abusive people. Those who use their power to coerced and bring people down. Whether it’s a politician, criminal, police or soldiers. Are you also angry at soldiers? Not all, only to a few. Why? You know I don’t have time talking to you. Especially to the Big Boss of hoodlums who hurt children. You’re mistaken. I’m not that kind of person. Hello, Police Department. I called to… Why did you do that? I’ll be honest with you. I’m an accountant. The police must not catch me. If that happens, my job will be affected. Come on, please cooperate. Why would I do that? I don’t believe you. Give me my phone. You’re too much. Give it to me. I’ll be dead. No, give it to me. Give it to me. Here it is. Cutting time? 7:46 pm Scalpel… Kelly… Suction… retract… save specimen… Closing time? 2:03 am Doughnuts, coffee… What are you doing here? I can’t sleep. You know I’m not used to having someone mad at me. By the way, I’m Lucas… Lucas Manalo. You are Doc Maxine dela Cruz, right? I already asked them. You’re so friendly. You still don’t believe that I’m not a bad person. I will only believe once I see the CCTV footage that the security asked from the Barangay where the mauling incident of Marty happened. The footage will be out tomorrow. So you should find a good lawyer. No need for that. Wow confident. If you want I’ll accompany you. Let’s watch it together. I don’t want to.
Are we close? Bro, for you…doughnuts. For me?
This is okay. Is Doc Maxine inside? She just went inside. Good thank you. Go ahead. What is this? Take your turn. What’s with you? There… punch him. Hit him hard. There you go. Kick him. Kick him some more Harder, kick him some more. There you go. Good for you. Go ahead slap him. He’s good. Is it good? How did you get in here? For you. Were you there that long? A bit. Do I still need a lawyer? Your name is cleared. I’m sorry if I judged you. I told you. Well If you’re really sorry you can be my doctor. Why? So you can treat my wound. What? You have a wound? Yes. Here you go again. Why? Do you have a wound? Yes, I have. Where? There? Ouch…wait. Here. I’m sorry.
Sorry. Ouch… Your wound opened up. What happened? When did this happen? A few days ago. What happened? What happened? My Boss got into a fight. I just helped him, I defended him. Is that the job of an accountant? No, but I’m his assistant. I really owe him a lot. And besides, I love my job. You’re loyal, an employee of the year. Well, just normal. Okay, You should be careful. Avoid getting into a fight. Avoid trouble.
Take care of this. Yes, Doc. It’s done. You can have the stitch removed next week. And just keep it clean. Is there a hospital near your place or where you’re working? There is but I will still go here. Here? Isn’t this far from you? It’s okay. Even if I go here every day there’s no problem. You don’t have to come here every day.
Just three times a week. That will do. As long as you will be my doctor. Is it important who will be your doctor is? Yes of course, especially if she’s as beautiful as you. If we’re talking about beauty, I’m the best option for that. Come back here around 2pm the day after tomorrow. 2pm. By the way I’m sorry. It took a while for me to give back your friend’s cellphone. No problem. Thank you, Boss. Don’t call me Boss. Maybe that’s why you don’t have a boyfriend. You’re very busy. Maybe that’s why you also don’t have a girlfriend. Because you’re also very busy. No matter how busy you are if you love someone you will find a way to be with her. Okay. Where are you going? Doc, the ambulance is stuck in traffic. We have a patient that has dengue who has thrombocytopenia. He needs platelet transfusion. Doc, we already searched for a motorcycle so they can weave in and out of traffic. I have a motorcycle. We’ll take it there. Is this your first time to hitch a ride. Yes. Just hold on. Are you okay? Can we still pass through that? Traffic is too heavy. We need to bring this to the patient. I’ll just pull over. Sorry.

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  1. Pwede n'yo ring mapanood ang latest episodes ng DOTS at ng iba pang GMA Drama shows sa or sa GMA Network App.

    *Only available in the Philippines.

  2. Ngayon lang ako nagandahan sa palabas sa tv, ganda nito. Di ako mahilig sa kdrama pero nang napanood ko to naisip ko na kaya pala maraming mahilig sa kdrama kasi ang ganda ng pagkakagawa ng mga series nila.

  3. i think Jasmine has a kinda soft acting . meju tikas pa sana kse yung acting ng original sa karakter ni moira meju matigas n may pag ka mataray .. peru ok nmn yung acting . lalu n kay roco ? kuha nya ?

  4. the character suits jen and dingdong… However, awkward masyado ang medical scenes.. cpr lang ginawa nagka rosc na ang OR patient.. hope they have a medical field consultant regarding medical scenes coz it is really an eyesore when cpr is not done properly and there are insufficiency of details in OR setting plus nakatanga pa ang other health workers (bystander ang peg di man lang tinulungan si dok) .. but, the other scenes and kilig are great! 🙂

  5. Pansin nyo ba, si Rocco ( Sergeant Ramos ) may similarity cla ni Jin Goo (Sergeant Seo) sa Korean version.. Ang galing niya.. Napo-portray nya ang character niya.. ? ? ?

  6. I'm trying to be not judge mental but I'm really big fan of dots Korean version, I really don't want to compare but in the end I just found myself comparing them.

  7. "Sana isipin mo yung unang araw na sinabi mo sa akin na mahal mo ako. Kasi kahit kailan, hindi ko yun makakalimutan."

  8. Jennelyn, Jasmin and Rocco got the best role. It suits them very well??? Lalo na si jennelyn kuhang kuha niya si song he kyo.

  9. Dati nag-aalinlangan ako kay Dingdong thinking na baka hindi bagay sakaniya yung pagiging makulit nung korean na big boss, pero bagay rin pala! Cute hshJhajajahs

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