Deploy a Hello World webpage to IBM Cloud

Hey, I am Lauren Schaefer, and today I want
to show you how you can deploy a super simple Hello World
webpage to IBM Bluemix. In this video I’ll be using IBM Bluemix DevOps
Services, or DevOps Services for short, and a static
file buildpack. So let’s jump right in. I’ve just created a new project at DevOps
Services, and I’m here at my project’s overview page. Here I could add a photo for my project, browse a read-only view of the code, invite others to join me as I work on my project, or add a description for my project. I’m going to begin my clicking the Edit Code
button in the upper right corner. This opens up the Web IDE for my project. I love using the Web IDE because it means
I don’t have to install anything on my computer. I can code completely in my browser. So I’m going to begin by creating an index.html
file. So first thing I want to do on my new webpage are add some HTML tags. Next, I’m going to add some body tags, and I get some help from the Web IDE which
is really handy. So now all I have to do are add my cheerful
greetings, so let’s say “Hello, Bluemix World!!!” Alright, next thing I need to do is provide instructions to Bluemix on how my app should
be deployed. One way to do that is by updating a launch configuration for my project. Another way is to create a manifest file which is what I’m going to do now. [TYPING] So I’ll begin my manifest with some dashes, and declare my applications. The first option I want to provide is the
buildpack. So buildpacks contain the necessary framework
or runtime support for Bluemix to run your app. This is a very simple Hello World webpage so I can use a static file buildpack. I found one over on GitHub so I’m going to
copy the URL and paste it here. Alright, the next instruction that I would
like to provide is the host. And the host is essentially your
URL. So let’s call this hello-world-video-demo. Next, I’m going to specify the name of my
application which is how Bluemix will reference my application. So let’s call this Hello World Video. And finally, I want to specify how much memory my application can take up. [TYPING] Alright, so now my manifest is complete. Let’s deploy the application. I’m going to click the Deploy button up in
the run bar. So once the application has finished deploying the green dot is going to be displayed in
the run bar. Let’s open up our app. Alright, here we can see my cheerful greetings to the world, and the application was deployed
to the host that I specified. Simple, right? Alright, that’s all I have for you today. If you want to try this out for yourself look for the associated tutorial, and if you want to go a little bit deeper, look for my Intro to Bluemix and DevOps Services article series. Thanks so much for watching. Bye for now.

Author: Kevin Mason

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