Dentures & Bridges : Types of Tooth Bridges

Dentures & Bridges : Types of Tooth Bridges

So are you wanting to know the different types
of tooth bridges? Well, my name is Michelle, and I’m a dental assistant with Solutionz,
and I’m going to show you a couple different types of different tooth bridges. Now, there’s
numerous different types, but, depending on what your general dentist is comfortable using,
the most popular types are, of course, porcelain bridges. And basically, what a porcelain tooth
bridge looks like is very similar….just pretty much what a bridge is, is it replaces
a missing tooth. So, if you take a look over here, what you would do is you’d go see your
general dentist. He would prep the teeth that need to be prepped, and then he’d take an
impression of that, and then he’d actually make you what we call is a porcelain bridge.
So, it actually, it looks very similar to this. And you really can’t tell the difference
between a porcelain bridge and your natural teeth because the dentist actually creates
a shade for it, picks it to match your natural teeth. So therefore, it’s basically camouflaged
into your natural teeth. But, a porcelain bridge, basically it’s purpose is to replace
one single, missing tooth. And then, also, too, another type of bridge is an implant
porcelain bridge, which, here, it’s where you’re having a missing tooth in, say, the
front of your mouth. Your dentist would actually place a dental implant up into the bone, and
then he would make a porcelain bridge that would span from one side of the tooth to the
next. And it’ll actually fill in that void, so therefore you have….your final ending
product would look like this. This is where the implant would be, and then you just cap
it with a bridge on both teeth. So, those are the two really main types, is a porcelain
bridge and an implant bridge. And basically what the difference between the two is the
implant is a lot more stronger and sturdier than just the regular porcelain bridge, so.
But definitely go see your general dentist. He’ll be able to give you different types
of treatment options that would be best for your case. And once again, my name’s Michelle.
I’m a dental assistant with Solutionz, and I just explained to you the different types
of tooth bridges.

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. the filming of this video is terrible se may have explained what she was talking about well but its pointless if I cant see the example of teeth she was holding in your hand. what happened to the zoom? please re-edit this clip showing a close up of teeth model as most people will not have a clue what shes talking about

  2. @shesjuicybaby its not as bad as u'd think, it will be sore for up to 3 days after but just brace yourself and take it like a man Miss!

  3. @sweetcherriberri it replaces the tooth and one tooth behind and one front, because if the abutment is far the bridge will fail due to occlusion force

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