Dentists Reveal Secrets About Teeth Cleanings

Dentists Reveal Secrets About Teeth Cleanings

okay now open up and say ah what’s the best way to respond when you asked us a question while working on my mouth we understand that there’s a lot of things that are in your mouth when we do work and it’s difficult to communicate I guess kind of just be like uh-huh or wink that you agree I think we just do it naturally it’s a thing that we forget that we’re in your mouth what you should not do is basically move your head or grab our arm to tell us to stop we don’t want to hurt you with with instruments your mouth do you judge us if we don’t brush before an appointment a lot of people don’t brush before it’s pretty obvious well it really doesn’t make a difference if you brush right before the appointment I personally don’t judge but I do give my patients a hard time and I’m like yeah I can totally tell that you didn’t brush because it’s gonna be a bloody scene people have done weird things when you were working in their mouth yes I’ve actually had a patient lick my finger while I was working on them I couldn’t believe it I was just in their mouth working on them and their tongue licked my finger and then they did it again they were definitely aware of it because they were looking at me while they were doing it I just went ahead and just finished the procedure and just hope for it to be over no no no you do not share toothbrushes because you can swap bacteria when you kiss someone when you share a toothbrush all those different things you literally are interchanging bodily fluids and saliva and within the saliva is a transfer of that bacteria a lot of the times that we even tell expecting moms or moms who just had a child their oral hygiene has to be on point because what ends up happening is if their I’d oral hygiene is poor they could transfer that bacteria to their child you know when they take the bottle and they test it with their mouth they can transfer all that so it’s the same thing goes for when you’re using a toothbrush whatever your boyfriend has in his mouth and he has a lot of cavities and you transfer it and you use it it’s going to you what’s the best way to whiten your teeth best way to whiten your teeth is to go to your dentist let them know that you’re interested in doing that and they can get you bleaching trays there are over-the-counter products that you can use Crest Whitestrips it’s cheap it’s effective a lot of people have different results with that that’s the easiest way to do it do it– is pretty good I also like Sensodyne entryway people have sensitive teeth I would definitely not recommend the people in the mall by the kiosk because what’s happening is a lot of people get themselves in some sticky situations and they come to us afterwards to try to fix that problem if you’re gonna do any bleaching do it under the guidance and care of a doctor what is the weirdest thing you found in between someone’s teeth some fish bones that’s kind of rickety could be like a little scales I’ve definitely seen some hair in some patients teeth which I thought that was very weird you always find food in between someone’s teeth no matter how hard they what foods can permanently die your teeth anything that’s gonna stain your clothes will stain your teeth so things that are dark like red wine coffee tea spaghetti sauce things like that smoking if like that’s something that will also the standard teeth as well and that’s there’s a little bit more obvious just because of where it is you can drink with a straw if it’s something like an iced coffee or iced tea and the other thing I recommend is just rinsing with water afterward why does it orange juice tastes disgusting after brushing your teeth toothpaste hopping ingredient calls sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS and what that does is it’ll bind to the sweet receptors that are in your taste buds on your tongue so it’s kind of blocking any type of sweetness that you would have with an orange from reaching your taste buds so you can’t perceive that it’s sweet our biting your nails bad for your teeth yes definitely if it’s something that you’re doing daily you definitely will start to see some little indentations in the teeth well when you have a lot of chips on your teeth the teeth do get weaker when you have weak enamel it’s gonna chip even more so biting your teeth is gonna make that worse if you don’t have insurance what’s the best way to have your teeth examined one go to a local residency program or to go into a dental school usually what you’ll find is they have reduced dental prices and sometimes even if you go to a local private office and you know discuss it with the doctor they may be able to negotiate some fees with you and work with you again you want a payment plan how do you feel about charcoal toothpaste I wouldn’t recommend it because it is very abrasive and it can cause wear and tear to the enamel and that can cause your teeth to be sensitive over time there’s really no scientific based evidence on the effectiveness and the safety of charcoal toothpaste that is a trend that that I would say don’t follow or you can’t follow it and then come see me and I’ll professionally whiten your teeth would you recommend at-home teeth straightening no I would definitely recommend that you only do that under the care and guidance of a dentist in a dental office it’s just like anything else you into your own eye surgery so why would you want to shoot your own teeth sometimes it could be very dangerous if you have a lot of bone loss there are a lot of cases you know where people come back and they’re losing teeth or teeth are shifted in the wrong direction teeth are in bone for a reason for protection so if you’re doing that at home on your own without any knowledge of what to do you can be putting yourself and your teeth at major risk how often and long should you brush two minutes 30 seconds in each quadrant of the mouth at least twice a day flossing once a day should you brush your tongue a yes and why because it causes bad breath if you don’t and then you end up with this like white coating on the top of your tongue and it just doesn’t look good if you’re not brushing your tongue it’s very easy for a bacteria and food we kind of get trapped in and the tongue this bacteria causes bad breath plain and simple so it’s just remember to brush and floss twice a day and I’ll see you on six months [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Dentists Reveal Secrets About Teeth Cleanings

  1. Glad they asked about the charcoal trend. Sad they didn't ask about flouride and the rise of flouride-free products.

  2. This did not make me feel better about going to the dentist lol I have major dental anxiety because unfortunately i've had to deal with incredibly mean and aggresive dentists my entire life. Even growing up they've just always been very harsh with me and not because I had bad teeth or anything, just general attitude towards me.

  3. I totally never thought that sharing toothbrush was a big deal but I only share with my sisters if I am in a bind or my boyfriend if I don't have mine… I never had any issues with my mouth! huh, but now that I think about it, it may be kinda nasty!

  4. So like once a dentist asked me a question and they had like a thousand tools in my mouth and i couldn't speak like do you not know lmao

  5. Why is nobody talking about “ Sharing toothbrushes”?🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢😰😰😰😰😰😰 I. Am. APPALLED. 😑

  6. my dentist gets annoy at me because I have small mouth and whenever they try to do xray on my teeth I kept gagging lols.

  7. i wondered the whitening thing because i see men and women all around me that have like flawless teeth. i have a little yellow , not like im complaining about it but still

  8. The answers were nice but I think the focus was a lot on breath and whitening.
    I’d love to know more about preserving my teeth, like what should I use apart from floss and brush/paste.

  9. Open your mouth and say ahhhh. Why would a dentist ever say that?? Isn’t that what a doctor would say when he’s checking your tonsils?.

  10. ya'll ever laying in the dentist chair and there looking in your mouth and you don't want to stare straight at them so you look at the room

  11. I don’t floss my teeth and I’ve only ever had 1 cavity. I relate to the meme where the dentist asks “when was the last time you flossed?” and you say “bro you were there” 😂

  12. No. This was inconclusive. I wanted to know why they like to stick my gums "accidentally" and then blame me for "not flossing"

  13. When the dentist is right above you, where the heck do you look so it wouldn’t be awkward? I just stare at the corner of the room. 😱😂

  14. Easiest and best way to whiten your teeth is baking soda and hydrogen peroxide with a little lime or lemon for taste


  16. I use a tongue metal cleaner. It feels so good and cleans all the film off your younger. You feel a lbs lighter.

  17. The reason I fear dentist is when she said “ I can tell you didn’t brush it’s going to be a bloody mess” and starts cracking up. Nope. No thank you.

  18. I feel like a mofoing dentist be judging me hardcore when I don't brush before I get my teeth cleaned.

    But, since I don't have insurance as a 21 yr. No detinst for me!!!! YAYYYY 'Merica 🙄

  19. I remember back in elementary when they used to do the sealant on the molars and one of the doctors hands taste like ass bruh I was pissed

  20. Fun fact: if you floss properly, you can't feel anything on your gums so newsflash, your dentist isn't poking tf out of you, you just have bad oral hygiene

  21. Dentist: make sure to brush and floss.
    Me: I use a water flosser and i brush my tongue and brush my teeth 3 times a day.
    Dentist again: make sure to brush and floss.
    Me: .-.

  22. Fr like my dentist can’t even chat he’s got like 3 teeth which are black and when he breathes his breath stinks and he’s telling me to brush my teeth 😂

  23. My dentist refuses to whiten my teeth. He says it damages the teeth. So I never did it. Unfortunately I’m one of those cursed with naturally yellow teeth.

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  25. Wow. Nice recommendation hahaha I’m going to the dentist tomorrow to have my teeth check because its aching even though there’s no black thingy in betweens and I’m going to have it clean also soooooooooo. Yeaaaaah thanks!

  26. Some people are complaining about how expensive tooth cleaning is and returning after 6 months for regular check ups
    but can afford to buy an expensive item or iphone x without any complain which they also change it for few months or year. Holy moly

  27. i have a small chip in my front corner of my teeth its small but i notice and can be noticed if close. i went to the dentist and they said they didnt want to fill it in cus it can cause future cracking is this For real wont it crack even more if its left unfilled i know its really small but is it true?? it bothers me can any dentist out there or people with this experience fill me in on this or is it better to get it bonded and go back and tell them to do it ?

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