Dentist Career Information : How to Become a Dentist

Dentist Career Information : How to Become a Dentist

We have here-this is just a kind of a basic
dental light that basically kind of hovers over every chair, and very important again
at creating more high visibility. The light is very, very bright so when shined on the
patient’s mouth it can illuminate it to a very great factor that we can see things that
we wouldn’t normally be able to see without. When I graduated dental school, I actually
didn’t know where my career path led. I didn’t know if I wanted to specialize. I didn’t know
if I wanted to work in a hospital. I didn’t know if I wanted to be in private practice,
so my first job was actually joining the military. One thing nice about the military was you
didn’t really have to make any sort of commitments to what you wanted to do in dentistry, and
I knew that I did not know where I wanted to be. I didn’t know where I wanted to live,
and I didn’t know if I wanted to just practice general dentistry or specialize, so my career
path basically took me in the military where I could become general dentist, do a little
bit of traveling and then certainly get a little bit of exposure to all the different
facets of dentistry. Once I left the military, I decided that I wanted to go into private
practice. I wanted to basically have my own business. I wanted to be able to get into
a situation where I could set my own hours. I would determine my earning potential. I
certainly wanted to be the one that dictates my vacations, and so what I did was when I
separated, I purchased an existing dental practice. It’s from there that I basically
started to build a practice then of my own that I could kind of set all my priorities
straight and kind of get the business how I wanted it to run. I went and pursued the
military because I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to practice, and I didn’t even know
what I wanted to do in dentistry. My opportunity to practice in the military gave me exposure
to a lot of different disciplines of dentistry and also put me in scenarios that were much
different that you’d see in a private practice outcome, so for me it was just an issue of
getting some more experience and exposure to kind of guide me into what kind of dentist
that I wanted to be. In the military, certainly, we primarily deal with people that deploy
and go to war, so certainly the treatment scenarios that we can present to them are
much different than in private practice because there’s a lot more limitations. For example,
someone who may need something really complicated that’s cosmetic, they may not necessarily
have time to get something like that because of their availability, where in private practice,
basically the sky’s the limit. You can do whatever you want to do or whatever the patient
wants to do, so in terms of flexibility, there’s a lot less flexibility as far as the treatment
options you can present and basically the access and availability to care. Certainly,
where you practice is going to dictate what kind of dentistry you can provide, so practicing
in Nashville, Tennessee versus doing dentistry in Iraq is going to be a lot different as
far as the dentistry that you can do on a patient.

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Thank You,My daughter a college freshman biology major has hopes of becoming a dentist,or orthodontist.She had extensive jaw surjery (Orthognatic)Inspired her.Enjoyed your video.

  2. if i go to the military for dentistry is there a possibility that i may die, and did you go to school before u went to the military

  3. His life is interesting but he told me nothing of how to become a dentist. bad title for a video e how. i am disappointed.

  4. How to become a dentist: Earn a bachelor degree preferably in Biology, chemistry or biochemistry. Earn a high GPA and get a good score on Dental Admission Test (DAT). Apply to dental school which in itself is another 4 years of schooling.

  5. @Ragin Bull Its not impossible but in order to get accepted into a good university you need to have good grades from high school because they look at your grade 11/12 marks. 

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