Dental Treatments: Coronal Teeth Polishing : Coronal Teeth Polishing: Applying Paste to Gums

Dental Treatments: Coronal Teeth Polishing : Coronal Teeth Polishing: Applying Paste to Gums

Now once again the coronal polish should be
performed by either a registered dental assistant, a dental hygienist, or a dentist. So what
they do is they pull up the gum right here, once again you do the swipe from the middle
to the top, swipe on the bottom and then there you go. And you make sure that you get the
whole one tooth and then you go to the next. Up and down, up and down making sure your
pinkie is still holding on to the one spot there. You are going tooth to tooth. Are you
ok? And then every once in a while, you have to reach back, get a little bit more paste,
do a little more swipe. Usually you can get about three teeth for every time you have
to do a swipe there. There you go.

Author: Kevin Mason

32 thoughts on “Dental Treatments: Coronal Teeth Polishing : Coronal Teeth Polishing: Applying Paste to Gums

  1. Funny she said that about registered dental assistants because the ones at my office who are not registered, have never forgotten to wear a mask and goggles. And what about placing a fulcrum, using the handpiece at a slower speed, using a lab coat so that your scrubs don't get dirty (which Im pretty sure she's not gonna change before going home), using latexfree gloves (pretty much a standard), and a chair cover for the patient, and what about selective polishing? coiled wires don't clean well!

  2. wrong wrong wrong….. plz remove this video. she does not do it right at all…. I'm a dental assistant student and that's not how we are learning it. omg…. she is not even wearing mask and goggles… her position and the patient's position is so wrong. i don't think she has 12 years exp…..Kathy you need to make another video with the right concepts plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. I'm not even in dental school yet, yet I still can tell she's doing it wrong! And talk about protection? None of that there

  4. the example is not right this should not be an example….. well maybe if you are trying to explain what not to do,…

  5. is it ok if i bought this equipment myself and perform the procedure on myself. my teeth keep looking yellow after about a month of going to the dentist. nothing can be done. should i do it? anyone please answer.

  6. QUESTION! In school, when I'm polishing, I have trouble making a mess or myself and the client. How can I make sure none of the prophy paste sprays?

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  8. im currently in dental school & WOW ! im shocked !!! no PPE, no fulcrum, patient is sitting upright he is suppose to be in the supine position and he has no eye wear….. where in the heck did you get licensed ?

  9. Im Learning About This In School Right Now And She Just Did Everything I Was Told Not To Do Ha But Hey At Least Shes Wearing The Gloves

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