Dental Negligence Claims – Suing A Dentist

Dental Negligence Claims – Suing A Dentist

It would be fair to say that a visit to the
dentist is not something any of us look forward to. However it is important that we keep our
teeth and gums healthy so regular appointments are encouraged. But what happens when something
goes wrong and you receive a poor standard of care from your dentist? If you suffer injury or harm as a result of
negligence arising from poor care and treatment from your dentist, a consultant or dental
technician, it may be possible to claim compensation. Our specialist dental negligence solicitors
handle many different types of claim involving procedures such as inadequate root canal therapy,
failed implants, extracting the wrong tooth and periodontal disease. In order to make a claim you must show that
there was a breach of duty on the part of the dentist. A breach of duty is simply where
the standard of care you received fell below what would be expected from a reasonably competent
and skilled specialist. If this breach caused you harm then subject to medical proof, you
may be able to claim compensation. To learn more about making a dental negligence
claim – Call Pryers Solicitors on 01904 556 600 and speak to us in complete confidence.

Author: Kevin Mason

3 thoughts on “Dental Negligence Claims – Suing A Dentist

  1. +Pryers Solicitors So your saying if someone got their tooth pulled out ,but it was the wrong one, and the person(who got the tooth pulled out) said that I told the dentist to pull the last tooth out,can he/she sue that dentist?

  2. That you mam for this very informative and guideline video. It clears a lot of confusion for me about what to do if dental negligence occurs with me. The amount of careless dental treatment news coming abroad I am afraid when this incident is going to happen to me or own of my own people.

    Sometimes dental negligence might happen for patients irresponsibility to ac properly after the treatment. I would say in this kind of circumstances we need to raise awareness among us.

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