Dental Implants in Franklin TN: Bill | Southern Oral & Facial Surgery

Well, from the very beginning, when I was
probably 18 or 19, I was playing racquetball, and a racquetball racket hit me square in
the front go my mouth and knocked out two of my teeth and hurt the other one. So, they put in a bridge at the time, and
I had that bridge up until this last year, and I just felt like it was time to put in
an implant because I figured it’d look a lot nicer. Dr. Clark’s great. I’ve actually had to be in here a few times
over the last year while he performed different things because it obviously took about six
months to go through the whole procedure, and he’s been great every single time. He’s very friendly, he’s very knowledgeable,
he’s very patient. Everybody here is very nice, and they made
it really easy for me. I’d absolutely come here to see Dr. Clark
because he’s great. Everything went smoothly.

Author: Kevin Mason

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