Dental implants / Implantacija ir estet.protezavimas ant implantų per vieną vizitą

VivaDens presents. Implantation and Aesthetic Prosthetic Dentistry My tooth broke about 4 years ago. and since then… trouble. client It keeps on breaking, I get a filling and again it breaks… Finally I visited VivaDens in order to place a crown on it. But after an examination it turned out that a tooth keeps on breaking on its own I was not advised to place a crown because it may not be a long-term solution. The first procedure was to treat my front teeth. client I was wearing braces for about half a year. Somewhat… So, it took about a half year and I had my front teeth rather beautiful. But we decided that a defective tooth needs to be replaced. And then the second stage was implantation and a tooth prosthesis placement. Panoramic radiograph is made. Implant planning. Why you decided to come to VivaDens? I have heard many good testimonials, first of all. Secondly, I looked at your website. I saw treated teeth. I had friends who were here and I saw the work performed by VivaDens. Why did you opt for VivaDens? Firstly, because of the service because I receive all the comprehensive information in detail and I do not need more to think of something, search, verify… Platelet-rich fibrin is used to considerably enhance and shorten the healing of wounds. Before After (implants are placed) I asked my doctor whether it will be like a tooth extraction. The doctor said: “Do not worry it will be much more simple”. So, I hoped a lot… Dental prosthesis with CEREC Dental prosthesis are done within 3-6 months after implants have grown in. Teeth scanning and crown design. Crown milling. Crown staining, glazing and final finishing. Crown crystalising in a ceramic furnace. Crown cementing During all this time I’ve never had any doubts that maybe it was not worth it, maybe I did not need to start, never… It is perfect! I am very pleased that I came here that I made my mind to do this and that we reached a finish line as I say… It is very good. Particularly what I liked here is that the procedures were performed very quickly. I arrived and after 3 hours I came out with a tooth. I am even scared to think that I would have to arrive several times for examination, verification… And here everything is guaranteed. Digital technologies! Panoramic radiographs. Before and after (a crown on implant) BEFORE and AFTER the prosthesis on implants BEFORE and AFTER the prosthesis on implants BEFORE and AFTER a short-term orthodontic treatment and prosthesis on implants “Now with my smile at work and everywhere. Very very pleased”, Halina Thanks to all VivaDens clients who kindly allowed the publication of their face, teeth and smile photos. That makes seeing and decision making for clients much easier and faster. Let’s create and share together. Sincere thank you. VivaDens © Aesthetic Dentistry Center VivaDens, Didlaukio Str. 51, Vilnius, EU

Author: Kevin Mason

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