Dental Implants Feature – Dr. David Kirkpatrick

Dental Implants Feature – Dr. David Kirkpatrick

(Dr. Kirkpatrick) Well, I was born and raised in Kentucky.
All through high school it was known that I was going to go to the University
of Kentucky. I did my undergraduate training at UK as well as dental school
and then started and completed a residency at University of Florida in
Jacksonville and that’s sort of the Florida connection. And how that ended up
practicing here, I have two little girls. One eight, one four currently and my eight
year old had a liver transplant when she was eight weeks old. So I
really I think it changed my outlook on how to treat patients and the way that I
feel about those surgeons. And the time that they spent and the quality
of care that they gave my daughter and our family makes me want to try just a
little bit harder for all of my patients. You know so I think I do try to connect
with them a little bit just to let them know that it is going to be okay. You’ve
got this problem we can fix it and you’re going to be fine. We’ll do it
in a safe way. You’ll get to go home with your family. I think that’s at the end of
the day whatever the procedure is that’s the most important part. And to have the
new teeth now procedure done in one day and to see I can affect patients lives
and their family’s lives. I mean even the people that they’re
around the most to see how they change and how proud they are for the patient. I
mean it’s amazing you know that it helped him you know it changed them you
know it made them happier and sure I feel that and I get a big
enjoyment out of that. And when they want to give me a hug I want to give them a
hug back. (Announcer) It’s time to invest in you and begin living a lifetime of smiles
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