Dental Implant-Supported Denture in Franklin TN: John | Southern Oral & Facial Surgery

Well, I came to see Dr. Clark because he had
an excellent reputation. I had some problems with my dentures, and I was told that he could
resolve those issues. I’d been told by a lot of other dentists and oral surgeons that
they were probably impossible to resolve, and if they were to be resolved, it would
be extraordinarily expensive. Well, he did say I had a problem, but he could resolve
it. He removed the bridge that was there and put in posts and attached and redid the dentures
I had. Dr. Clark is an extremely nice fellow. He’s quiet; he’s not one who brags about
what he can do, he just does what he says and says what he does. Any time I came to
a dental office, I expect to walk out of there with a lot of pain and a lot of misery, and
none of that occurred. I walked out of here with the smile that I walked in with. Great
staff, great people. If you come to see Dr. Clark, you’ll be smiling the rest of your

Author: Kevin Mason

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