Dental Hygiene on the job working Interview, outcome not good rush, rush, rush, thank you next.

Dental Hygiene on the job working Interview, outcome not good rush, rush, rush, thank you next.

[Music] yeah so high just a review on what happened over the week I walked I went over to the work interview they started out okay but when I found out that each appointment was gonna be for 45 minutes I was to do a pair of chart x-rays developed the x-rays mount the x-rays it was all digital but still the computer was slower than I even care to talk about and no help from anyone and I was subjected to just maybe four instruments and it wasn’t even an eleven twelve Explorer and the instruments looked like they should be in a lab to adjust models because they were so huge and chunky and couldn’t get in or proximal it was it was just a mess I know I was just uh didn’t get a break I worked from 10:00 to 2:00 to didn’t get a break I got a 15-minute lunch because I was running behind about 15 20 minutes each patient and from 2:30 to 6:45 again no break just straight out and I said they brought me into the office with the doctor in the om and asked how I was doing and I said not good you know this was a little too high paced fast-paced for me and I I was I felt that I was being efficient with my patients and I wasn’t talking to my patients for what they’re about their hygiene and about what they needed and things like that it was all just rush rush rush rush rush and I brought up the bathroom issue that I wasn’t I didn’t even get to go to the bathroom break to go to the bathroom and nobody apologized nobody said oh my god it was just you know whatever so I told him you know if he were to adjust his schedule you know and he liked my work you know if we were could work on adjusting the schedule that you know I would take the job and the answer was no that they had done it this way forever and that’s how were they were gonna do things so goes to show why they haven’t hired anyone since the three almost three months that I set my resume and they still haven’t hired anyone so you know get a clue uh uh but it’s just it’s just gotten to a point in this dental profession I think that dentists are are are for the most part are out to just make money and you know even with the fact that I told him that I didn’t feel like I was doing a good job with his patients and I did mention I said I don’t know who you have had cleaning these patients for the last ten years because you know they’re bleeding everywhere they have tartar everywhere and it’s taking time it’s not a pro fee you know quote-unquote and you know it’s just you know just do what you can do and let them go kind of thing and and that’s at and I’m not a part of that I will not be a part of that and so that was that I didn’t even give him a chance to offer me the job because I was just so unhappy with just one day that I worked there and anyway and so it’s it’s gotten to a point like I said that dentists are lessening their time with the hygiene you know they’re they’re shortening appointments and they’re just about making the money and quick you know easy prophy easy cleaning and get them out yeah and do what you can do and get them out and you know I I don’t know about anyone else out there but for the most part I don’t work that way I know that a lot of people that I know and and here have the same frustrations with hygiene and the dentists and what they’re doing out there right now and it’s unfortunate and I don’t want any part of it so if I can’t find an office where hygiene is up there in in care and something that the dentist cares about just as much as he hopefully he cares about his own work it’s my state license on the line and I don’t feel I can’t go to sleep at night thinking that I’m just you know just rushing these patients out just for his pleasure and or his or her pleasure and I’m it’s it’s not gonna work that way anymore so that’s that and I’m still looking so we’ll see what happens now um something else I ended up keeping that puppy so yeah I ended up keeping the dog I went back and picked her up today and I loved her my daughter loves her come here baby okay so here she is guys oh look at her collar look oh oh she’s a little babyish she’s a little babies I love her look at her she’s perfect and so yeah I got we got to keep her and so she’s a new addition to our family and her name is Coco so um that was it I just wanted to just kind of follow up on um you know the the work interview and see what that you all know what happened and you know it’s just so frustrating with everything the way dentistry is going these days I’m finding you know like the doctor that fired me you know his thing was 30 minutes and get them out get them done get them finished and who cares what they look like if you can do a pareo chart and assess their history all the better but if you don’t need to you know just let it go and that’s just that’s just not what I’m about that’s negligence invite you so and I’m not doing nothing so we’ll continue looking out for a job and going from there and see what happens but I’m still gonna go get my headshots done and we’re still in plans to do all that and I’m still working on my art and getting a little bit of inventory going so I can probably start selling my stuff so I hope everyone has a great st. Patrick’s Day I hope you had a great Saturday and we’ll catch you soon [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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  1. Why are you back to trying to find work in the dental niche? I thought you had to go to one interview but in general you are off to new ways? Also, as soon as you talk about dentistry, your mood goes down. Look at video if you talk about the new thing. So energetic

  2. Thanks for caring about these important things in your work. They make a difference for all of us. My old dentist used to walk around the office saying "drill'em, fill'em, and bill'em". He thought it was funny. I found it disturbing and found a much better dentist where they are all about proper dental care.

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