Dental Health : What Are Bitewing X-rays?

Dental Health : What Are Bitewing X-rays?

So have you recently been to your dentist
and they took bite-wing X-rays and you just don’t know what that means. Well my name is
Michelle, and I’m a dental assistant with Solutions, and I’m here to explain to you,
and show you what bite-wing X-rays are. Bite-wing X-rays, if you would take a look over here,
they’re a series, they usually come in a set of two or in a set of four, and they’re great
films to take in order to determine if you have any cavities in between your teeth. The
doctor is able to determine if you have any cavities on the surface of your teeth by his
instrument, but there’s really no exact way to determine if you have cavities in between
your teeth, unless you have bite-wing X-rays taken. So therefore, he would take the X-rays,
he would basically kind of look in between the teeth, where you see the little gap here,
and then if there’s any darkness around the side of the tooth, usually that’s an indication
that you have a cavity. But for children we take only two bite-wing X-rays, because their
mouth is much smaller than adults, and then for adults we take a series of four bite-wing
X-rays, so therefore you’re able to catch the back molars and then the front bicuspids,
as you could see in this picture. So if you ever go to your general dentist, and he tells
you that you need bite-wing X-rays, now you know what they are, now you know what they
look like. And once again, my name is Michelle, I’m a dental assistant with Solutions, and
I just explained to you and showed you what bite-wing X-rays are.

Author: Kevin Mason

7 thoughts on “Dental Health : What Are Bitewing X-rays?

  1. I experienced a dentist that used a different type of x-ray to see my teeth. I don't remember what it was called, but I didn't have to bite on the bitewing papers (great for me 'cause I have a really sensitive gag reflex).

    I need to know what that x-ray is called now so I can find a new dentist where I live now. Any help?

  2. Luckily I can handle bitewing x-rays like a trooper (in fact, the dentist I go to in the area I've been living in over the past year complimented me as such when he finished performing that procedure on me). I guess I had enough space in my mouth to fit it and have a stronger jaw and he might've had other patients that risked gagging on it.

  3. Years ago I went to two dentists. Both had a thin plastic thing that was quick to put in the mouth for the xray. Once done they had the results. Now…last year I went to a new dentist and the assistant for the bite wing x ray, had this thing attached to a rod. The block was a chunk piece, that she tried about six times and she finally got a k rapper xray which I paid. Been one year and got the call to come in. I said only cleaning, because my mouth hurt for nearly a week after that last fiasco. Not paying a bunch of money for worthless ex-rays. Just learned from another site about bone protruding from the gumline where they put that block. Well, that was where the pain was coming from. Run your fingers along the gumline in the rear of your mouth..if you have it..that will give your problems. Since the block doesn't flex….that bone is in the way. The flex stuff curved around it.

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