Dental Health : How to Cure Periodontal Disease

Dental Health : How to Cure Periodontal Disease

When looking at how to cure periodontal disease,
which is also known as gum disease we basically prescribe several different sorts of procedures
to help treat periodontal disease. The most common one, and the most frequently encountered
is what’s called scaling and root planing, also known as deep cleanings. By doing deep
cleanings the dentist and hygienist are able to go in and remove any sort of buildup, debris,
and irritating factors that sits not only above the gum lines on the teeth but below
the gum lines on the root surfaces. It’s the combination of both of those areas that enable
the dentist to get rid of all the irritating factors and help resolve the periodontal disease.
By doing that we hope to eliminate some of the redness and inflammation, because ultimately
periodontal disease in its worst form causes extreme bone loss, which can cause loosing,
loosening up of the teeth and premature loss of teeth.

Author: Kevin Mason

19 thoughts on “Dental Health : How to Cure Periodontal Disease

  1. Lol, @dabhome, parasites? actually "research" shows that its plaque and how your body responds to that plaque. Antibiotics does not penetrate into plaque…its called brushing and no matter who tells you otherwise..brushing + flossing > all the other wonderful products people get you to buy…including "herbal dentist" (oh god, reminds me of this patient telling me about some sort of herb that toughens her gums…she came back with her teeth falling out)

  2. I noticed my gums were becoming inflamed yesterday, and they tend to bleed when I brush. My worst fucking fear is losing all of my teeth, I would rather lose my LIFEEE!!!
    It's funny how the thought of lung cancer won't stop me from smoking, but the thought of losing my teeth will. O_O

  3. My daughter had a big red spot on her mouth she saw the periodontist he fixed part of it but the red is still there he took a biopsy and it came back she has some sort of virus how can i get rid of this for my daughter?

  4. Everybody says brush 3 times a day but there have to be certain tooth pastes that are better than others…what about the foam is that better? I also never know what type of mouth wash to buy….it's very confusing.

  5. @arian50 Buy a mouthwash that does not contain alcohol because it dehydrates the mouth. I have found Beverly Hills Whitening toothpaste to be very good at removing stains and it isn't very abrasive either.

  6. you can not CURE periodontal disease. it it is past the state of superficial gum disease/gingivitis and has begun destroying the bone and other associated structures, you can improve the state of the condition and prevent it from getting worse, but you will never get rid of it. routine care will improve and prevent, not cure.

  7. to everyone who's bashing on the inaccuracies of this doctor, remmember what you're watching. this is expertsvillage, concisely put, they're 100% commercialized, inaccurate and unprofessional….

  8. I do not get it. If there is no cure and you plan on draining my wallet to prolong the inevitable, why not just rip my teeth out and get dentures?? At least I will not have the pain from the disease, the scaling, and from being poor!!!

  9. I've been doing s lot of research. I found the the way to cure is to find a biological dentist that uses laser therapy along with nutrition.

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