Dental Health : Home Remedy for an Abscessed Tooth

Dental Health : Home Remedy for an Abscessed Tooth

I’ve been asked many times what a home remedy
is for treating an abscess. You can go in and pop the abscess to help drain some of
the infection. The problem with that is it’s not treating the source of the infection.
The bubble that you see or the blister that you see is the secondary to the infection
that you developed in the gums or the tooth. So it’s very important even after you have
drained it and you’re successful at that, you still might need to make sure that you’re
eliminating the source of the problem. For example, if you have a tooth that has a very
large cavity, and it gets into the nerve and causes infection, and then further abscesses,
you will develop a blister or a bubble typically at the end of the tooth that will cause the
discomfort that you often see. You can go in there and pop the collection of infection
that sits in that bubble, however, you still have a cavity on the tooth, and the tooth
is still infected. It is for that reason that you will still require some sort of additional
treatment, whether it be a root canal, therapy treatment, or an extraction. Either one of
those will eliminate the source of the infection. But also prevent the further onset of another
abscess. In terms of home remedies, things that you can do, again, you can basically
pop the abscess with something sharp and sterile and disinfect it. That will kind of ensure
that you won’t have that bubble there. Again, it will not eliminate the problem but it will
get a little more comfortable for you. You could also use warm salt water rinses or rinses
with peroxide, or listerine, that will kind of help disinfect the area around the infection.
But again, it will not treat the source of it. More or less treat some of the symptoms,
and some of that bubble infection that you see.

Author: Kevin Mason

19 thoughts on “Dental Health : Home Remedy for an Abscessed Tooth

  1. I wish dentist would help people that has only medicaid or make lower payments. I've been trying to save the rest of my teeth from getting pulled. I've been drinking water some juice and almond milk. Sometimes tea. I've bad teeth in the family as well. Ever since I got my braces off when I was a teen it seem like they are just falling apart. I've trouble with tooth decay and teeth just crumble. Been doing oil pulling with coconut oil and it has helped to keep from going to the dentist for about half a year. A few months ago my same tooth bothered me and I thought it was from TMJ. It hurt in my tooth and jaw and made my head go numb. I might have to go to the dentist soon.

  2. Your title is misleading. There is no home remedy for an abscess tooth unless you can extract the tooth yourself at home. You simply just offer tidbits on how to deal with it until you go see an actual dentist. But it's NOT a remedy! Break open your dictionary and learn the definition

  3. If you're in severe pain, you can alleviate it completely by lancing the abscess. A diabetic size syringe will not do it (the needle will bend and it's too small anyway), but an Exacto knife with a new blade will. It has a very sharp point. Sterilize it with heat and/or alcohol. Find the pus sac and poke it and the pus will immediately start draining out and pain will soon go away. Sometimes there are more than one pus sac, so move around to different locations. The pus is poison, so be ready to rinse your mouth and spit continuously with hydrogen peroxide. I found this method painless but you do have to use caution when doing it. The exacto knife is very sharp and the pus is poison.

  4. I just bought sovereign silver supports to kill infection being silver is antimicrobial I have 2 abcess teeth hope it works. Both mine sounds gross but with suction power with my tongue I popped both abcess now I'm hoping the silver will cure my infection. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not saying I dont need a dentist like I need air to breathe.

  5. I have no insurance and my tooth has been killing me for 2 days it's the canine I think it is affected what can I do at home please if anyone has any real suggestions let me know

  6. I have an abscessed tooth, and it hurts so bad. The tooth has a good sized chunk broke off, so there's basically a crater in it. Last night I carefully used a tooth pick, as I thought there was food lodged in there. I barely touched inside the crater, and a huge burst of pain hit me, and I started spitting up blood. Felt a lot better after that, but now it hurts extremely bad again. Made an appointment with the dentist, but it's not for another 3 days. I'm terrified to pop it myself again, because I know how bad it hurts. I have NO idea what to do, to get some relief.

  7. Dentists, lower your friggin prices. Justifying your gouging because people in pain will eventually come to you is just plain cruel.

  8. Dentists are the biggest crooks after lawyers, you can easily remove any
    abscess with oregano oil diluted in olive oil ex: 5 drops of oregano
    oil mix with 5 drops of olive oil and then you take a cu-tip and apply
    where the abscess is located and around the tooth. It will take only 10
    to 20 min before the abscess get reduce by 3/4 of it's size and the day
    after it will be completely gone. You apply it twice a day and that's
    about it. The abscess can sometime take years to come back but if it
    ever come back you just do it again. Don't go for root canal since it's
    just another of their scam. I kept one tooth 17 years with only oregano
    oil and the tooth was not black but finally cracked after eating
    something very hard.

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  10. So if you've had a root canal started, but not finished the dentist probably punctured the sack or whatever right? So over time, after not finishing the procedure, would the puncture heal? Or can you just go ahead and remove the tooth and let it drip?

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