Dental CROWN – How Long Should It Last?

Dental CROWN – How Long Should It Last?

– What’s up guys this is Dr. O, I hope you had an awesome
day filled with smiles. Today we’re gonna answer a
really important question we get all the time, and
that’s how long do crowns last? That’s a kind of loaded question, but I’m gonna hopefully be
able to help people navigate through that thinking, and so you can maybe know the
questions to ask your dentist, help you to think through
how long that investment, I know crowns are expensive, so try to think, hey how
long is this gonna last me, is it worth the investment? That’s hopefully what
we’ll be able to help you get through and be able to
answer in this dental drive. By the way, dental drive,
it’s basically just me as a dentist driving home from work, talkin’ about dentistry, tryin’ to help people understand dentistry in a little more comprehensive way, and answering some basic
questions that kinda come up when you’re talkin’ about
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hopefully educate yourself. Plus, if you have a question,
you look at the comments, I pretty much try to respond
to most of the questions so please put them in the
comment section below. Without any further ado,
’cause I know I got two seconds of your time and I know
your time’s valuable. I wanna list three main things you need to consider when you’re
talkin’ about how long your crowns might last, or really, honestly this is any restoration, but I’m gonna try to make it applicable to just crowns today. But, we’re gonna start with
first, it’s the condition. It’s the condition of your
tooth that’s being restored, and also the condition of your mouth. What I mean by that, is it crooked, are your teeth crooked,
is your bite really bad, do you chew really aggressively, do you grind your teeth at night, do you have a lot of decay on the tooth that needs to be fixed,
that needs a crown? Obviously, a tooth that needs a crown is gonna have some sort of damage to it, whether it is a fracture,
or decay, how bad is it? Is there enamel left behind, ’cause if the tooth has
a decent amount of enamel as we’ve talked about in other videos, about restoring front teeth with veneers, it’s a very great way to do that, because you preserve enamel. So, obviously if we have
a lot of enamel left that’s a good thing and there’s ways that we can address and
treat teeth with crowns, and even partial crowns, which is a video I’ll be doing soon, about how do even be more conservative than cutting the tooth
down, all the way to a nub. But, sometimes teeth just
flat out need crowns. The condition does matter. If it’s in really bad shape, obviously your crown
may not last very long, or you might have to have
it repaired more often. And so, that’s kind of
a consideration right? First, foremost, the condition. The second, I can think of,
and can help you think through, is make sure you’re
gettin’ quality work done. That one’s obviously a little bit outside of your control, once
you choose a dentist, but you have all of that control when you’re choosing a dentist. I made a video about the
five tips to picking a great dentist, that way you’re
getting quality work. There’s a lot of variabilities when you’re talkin’ about dental work. There’s gonna be some people
that use a very old method of treatment, and there’s some
people that use a very new, or recent method of treatment. Those are all important things to consider when you’re talking
about getting dentistry. What kind of material are they using? I voiced my opinions a little bit about a material called e.max, which is my preference. I think it’s an amazing aesthetic, strong, bonds to the tooth, I
can see underneath it when I take an x-ray to make
certain it’s still healthy. So, e.max is an amazing material. That’s my preference. I’m sure other dentists would chime in, but I really like that material
for a number of reasons and I think I can kind of support that. Then, how is it connected to the tooth? Is it bonded or is it cemented? Most of the newer materials,
especially ceramics like e.max, they are gonna be bonded to the tooth. A bonded restoration, can by nature, be more conservative then
typically a cemented restoration. That’s something to consider as well. That’s one reason I prefer
a bonded restoration. One of the downsides,
is a bonded restoration it’s difficult to get a temporary to work. If you can make the permanent
restoration the same day, you don’t need to temporary. That’s why we implement, CAD/CAM
or computer aided machining and drafting of our restorations. It’s why we make ’em in our office. It’s why it’s a one visit thing. It helps us be more conservative and bond the crown on the same day, leaving more of your enamel. That’s a good thing for longevity. The quality is all part of that. And then, the last one would be care. So, you know, brushing and flossing. One thing that’s really
important is balance of the bite, you gotta make
certain that the balance isn’t off by missing certain teeth. That’s kinda more like support really, the support of your bite. Make sure you’re not just
chewing on that one crown. If you just got a tooth crowned and you’re chewin’ heavily on it, that’s gonna be a tooth
that’s likely to break. Also, if you don’t have alignment. Things might be hitting a little too hard, or uneven as you chew. So, those are all factors. Once again, it’s gonna be
the condition you entered into treatment with, so
pre-treatment condition. Then it’s gonna be the quality of the dentistry you received, which man, pick out a great dentist who
knows what they’re doing, that stands behind their work,
and has a great reputation. I mean that’s one thing that’s
amazing about online reviews and getting to meet people,
hopefully through social media, you get to understand who they
are and what they’re about, grasp a little bit more about the quality of the care they may provide. And then, the last one being
the care that you give it, along with making sure
that you get re-care. In our office, we warranty the work we do, because we wanna make certain that we’re doing the right thing, doing right by our patients, and if we’re choosing to do
dentistry, we want it to last. If it doesn’t last, we’re
gonna make it right. Obviously, we are careful to make sure we choose the right treatments, so that doesn’t happen very often, we don’t have to warranty stuff
very often for that reason. Hopefully, this is helpful. Now, I’m gonna get you into the numbers, ’cause that’s probably like, well he didn’t answer the question, he just gave us three factors. That’s true, because it’s
a very difficult question to answer without knowing and considering and having experience with
at least the pre-operative, or pre-treatment condition. But, I would expect a
crown on a healthy patient, that takes good care of them, that has balance in
their bite, to be 20, 30, maybe even 40 years of
longevity in their mouth. That’s not unheard of, that’s uncommon. That makes a very good
long-term investment for our patients. That would be my
expectation for a crown done on a fairly healthy tooth. That means there’s at least
half of the tooth left to work with, and once you get past that it’s gonna be a lot of
different variables, is it fractured, is there root canal, is the bite healthy,
all these sort of things but that’s what I would expect. Kind of on the minimum side
of 20, 30, 40 even years on a really health person
that brushes, and flosses, and takes great care, and has
great balance in their bite. I’m glad you listened up til now, thanks for watching. If it was helpful and
you learned something about saving your money,
and spending it wisely on things that are gonna get
good long-term investment, and it helped you answer the question about how long crowns should
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Author: Kevin Mason

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  2. It's really great seeing dentists who love their job and aren't afraid to give out super useful information because they're afraid to lose their job. Really appreciate that! People should love what they're doing. An, I do have a question, or two.

    I have very visible cavities on some teeth and the dentist just told me to come back in like a year. To add to that, some teeth that were filled by him had the composite placed around cavities. Basically, instead of completely cleaning the teeth of cavities and then doing the filling, only the largest and ugliest of cavities were cleaned, composite then being placed around small to medium cavities. Now, is this a shady job or is it just my ignorance? To me it doesn't make any sense to do fillings on an area that still has cavities.

  3. Dr. O quick question. I had a dental implant put in for a molar and got a porcelain ceramic crown. Do you believe these crowns will last a while. It is on a molar tooth which I use a lot. To me it seems like it’s fragile but I don’t know.


  4. Hi Dr. O! Thanks for all of your informative videos on dentistry!

    Do you prefer an all ceramic or PFM crown? I ask because my dentist did an impression for a PFM today, but I'm thinking of trying to cancel the crown and go to a dentist who is certified in CEREC after watching your videos and doing some research. He didn't use any dental dam while performing my root canal on visits 1 and 2 and those impressions left my face quite messy today (visit 3). I just had a cleaning a few months prior w/x-rays and the decay on tooth number 12 was still missed which is why I had to get a root canal. If I am unable to cancel my PFM crown that will be my 4th visit which is very inconvenient!!!

    Wish you weren't so far (I'm in Chicago) and I wish I had found your videos sooner so I could've done my homework before messing up my natural teeth. Keep up the great videos!!

  5. Dr. O I had a root canal on the molar tooth and the dentist I went to put a CERMACO CROWN on the top. It didn't last five years.  The inner part chipped off a few  months go and he wants to charge me $1400 to fix it.  What the F?

  6. I'm so thankful to God for your channel! I took your tips on finding a dentist, and I did. Have a blessed year Dr. O! God is so good! Keep being an authentic Dr. and God will continue to pour open the windows of heaven.

  7. I told my dentist that i wanted a little lighter than my natural teeth color but when i gotbthe crown it was wat too white now I'm not happy with the results. What should i do

  8. I had a crown done in 2005 and it fell out last week! No cracks no holes! I got some denture adhesive to keep it sealed in till I was able to get to the dentist! I had been all fixodent and forget it the last few days and now just freaking swallowed it! So much for that easy fix! At least my insurance would cover 70% at most

  9. Opinions on Zirconia for crowns on posterior teeth? Since aesthetics aren’t as important for those teeth would a material like zirconia with 900-1100mPA be superior as far as longevity to e.Max? Also how common is it for e.max veneers to break when compared to crowns for anterior teeth?

  10. Hi Dr. O, not sure if you can help me or not….. I may be one of the most complicated patients EVER! I lost a front tooth about 20 years ago. I wore a bridge for about 10-12 years (but was never really happy with it). Fasting forward, I was told if I got an implant where I had lost that front tooth, it would be the closest thing to my natural tooth. So about three years ago, I got six crowns across my front teeth including on my implant (I originally had a really large gap between my two front teeth and wanted to close the gap that's why the dentist crowned my other teeth on either side of my front teeth). I was really happy with my dental work from my local dentist, but about a month ago, one of my front crowns popped off as i was flossing. So I went in to have my dentist re-cerement it, but it wouldn't hold so my dentist made me a new crown. Unfortunately, I'm really unhappy with it because it doesn't look as nice as my first one…. AND my gums have receded away from my crowns and really bad behind my implant so it doesn't seem to fit as nicely and as snug against my gums. Now it effects my speech because spit / air / food gets all caught up in the little gaps. I'm SO self conscious and the ONLY thing that works is when I squeeze denture cream in between the crowns in order to prevent air, spit, food, etc. from getting in between- but that only last for like an hour. 🙁 So my biggest frustration is 1.) not having a smooth transition from crown to my gums- spit and air getting between the gaps and it effects my speech and self-confidence 2) my new front crown that's next to my implant was JUST cemented on but it isn't as nice as my original one (slightly different shape and doesn't match the other front tooth. It is shorter at the gum line than my original one). This wouldn't really be a huge deal if they weren't my FRONT teeth. 🙁 Am I just out of luck? Is there anything else I can do at this point? Gum grafting, bonding to fill in gaps, or should I just allow food to be lodged in between so I don't keep sounding like an 8 year-old with a lisp or missing teeth, etc. 🙁 P.S. All crowns I have are only about 2 1/2 – 3 years old because I wore temps for so long because I was afraid of just this very thing happening.

  11. I have a crown in my mouth now, it has a metal back. I got it put in back in 2012. Now I’m being told that it needs to be replaced (I want this too because my teeth are whiter now) but I’m trying to see can I get braces? If not, what about teeth bonding? I’d really like that if it’s less than braces. Especially if I can skip whiting.

  12. This is a great video! Can't wait to watch the others. I have 28 crowns. Yup, my entire mouth. Unfortunately, I ended up with many violated biologic width issues on mostly my 8 front teeth ( id say they're the worst) had a laser crown lengthening to try to fix, it helped but not completely, it's still very prevalent. My dentist is great and very regarded in the industry. I don't even know how this happened. I've learned to live it. I'm 37 and have had them for 6 years, some are emax, and front procera. Aside from this, which I think its important for my next question…I had a cleaning recently with a hygienist that was new to me. She is what I would describe as heavy handed and old school, and in my opinion sloppy. Her preference is hand scaling. Could a heavy hand scaling put my margins are risk for leakage? I noticed my floss getting stuck at the top portion of 2 margins along the gumline as well I've been experiencing some discomfort in the days following, my old hygienist was not as aggressive. Is this something I should worry about in your opinion? What is the best way to scale crowns? Could a heavy scaling also damage the natural tooth.. These are things I worry about. Would love to see a video on how dental crowns should be scaled. Thanks!

  13. Thank u so much! I just got a crown and was scared if my teeth grows with a crown the crown will break and destroy thank u so much u showed me some good reasons

  14. My upper rear molar has half filling.. never had crown done and it's been ok for 4 yrs.. I'll just wait until the filling cracks than I'll do a crown….

  15. Okay my question I had a rootcanel done to #2 fronttooth doctor did a filling the filling cell out two months after now am thinking if I go bk to her would I have to pay her again and should I add a crown to the tooth and do contious of it because it is my #2 tooth helpppp

  16. My British NHS crown has lasted 28 years so far. The crown has lasted longer than any other dental work that I've had done. So after decades of neglect I've now gone back to the dentist that did the crown on a private basis. NHS dentistry is a lottery these days.

  17. You are so informative and I really appreciate it! I've had to have so much dental work and I am only in twenties. Still have to get more. Ugh

  18. After having two root canals, the Endo tells me I now need to have the crowns replaced. She did not tell me that when I scheduled the work! I'm furious that I wasn't fully informed. The crowns are only four years old! My regular dentist tells me they are cracked because I'm a grinder. I'm 61 years old and not one of the dozen of dentists I've been to every mentioned that I grind my teeth. I wasn't even aware of it until my dentist mentioned it. My dentist says insurance generally pays for a crown after 7 years. What really pisses me off if the lack of information. No dentist every told me how to make a crown last. Intentionally, I believe, so I'll have to come back. It's job security. Which incidentally is what Dentists call Halloween.

  19. Hello DR O I been watching your videos here recently, thank you for the information, I think I should have got more information b4 I payed for my dental wrk, i really need your help even if I have to pay. I payed 25k recently for the work I need, they are recommending some Rout-canals that I am not so sure they need done, also they recommend crowns on my front teeth cause I had some work done b4, maybe I can talk to you and you can see my X-ray and tell me what you think, even if I have to pay a consultation fee is fine thank you lots..

  20. I have a tiny gap between my two crown tooth and gum, does it make any problems, there is any way to adjust that gap?

  21. ***URGENT***I live in Payne County Oklahoma & had braces for 4 years in high school 1989. Had the most beautiful long whitest teeth you've ever seen. Now that im in my 40's my teeth have gone to crap. One dentist, Dr. Chris Bugg from Cushing Ok. put several crowns in & they started crumbling & falling apart. He shut his business down. I found him & he said the porcelain he used was recalled & he would make it right. Nope, he sold his house & left town. He did crowns on my dad also & my dear dads teeth just fell apart. He lost 20 pounds not being able to eat. So i ended up going to the dentist everyone said was "The Best but Expensive." Drumright Dental with Dr. Travis Burkett. Wow what a handsome dentist he is. He hooked me up with replacing the work that Dr. Bugg did. I have zero insurance so this cost my dad almost
    $7 thousand dollars by the time we were done for 2 crowns & a cavity filled. Wasn't real impressed because his girls did all the work & the crowns feel too large in my mouth but he said id get used to it. He stands behind his work as long as you visit him twice a year. That was 6 years ago. I moved to Stillwater Ok, 40 minutes away & had a crown break. Another from Dr. Bugg from eating sugar pops cereal. Here i met my boyfriend's dentist Dr. Clint Metcalf. Talk about a perfectionist! This guy is johnny on the spot. He isn't pleased with anyone's work! So he did my crown. He was so meticulous that he had the girl in the back hand paint (to get the shading right) for 45 minutes. He said my teeth are so white he's not used to using that shade very often. It matched perfectly. So good i dont know which one he did. His receptionist is rude as hell. Money money money. Had mom pay for that one. Was a couple grand. So now the latest. Kept tasting rot in my back upper molar. Called Dr. Metcalf's office after a horrible weekend of facial pain, jaw pain & if i bit down…my body shot thru the roof kinda pain. Dr. Metcalf wasn't available but his partner Dr. Chris Leslie said "come now". So off i go. 5 miles away. He does a pulp & cleans it, jabs some rods up & down in there & says i need a root canal & crown. Hmmm what a surprise! He sealed it up. Gave me antibiotics & pain meds let me go. I did pretty good after a week, then a month, then 2, then 3 something is happening. I have shooting pain down in my jaw, up in my eye, over into my nasal cavity & into my ear & that tooth is killing me worse. I called Dr. Leslie again…Help! Girls said be here in 15 minutes! So i go in & he does the root canal. More antibiotics, pain meds that i had to quit, gave me migraines. I finished the antibiotics but my sinuses are still messed up. Feels like my nose is still numb. Too is hitting high but i still have to pay this off $1100. Then i can do the crown. Oh and the kicker…the 2 crowns Dr Travis Burkett did for $7 Grand…have to be replaced!!! Both the vampire teeth upper & lower. They are Gray & the lower has a big decay black spot underneath the crown you can see. So….all i want is my teeth fixed because of all this, my teeth have now shifted. I have gaps between all my top teeth & my bottom teeth are crowding together. Im a single mom helping put my only child, my son through well he starts Pre Med next year. He is at Tyler Junior college now. He is 21 & has perfect teeth. I took better care of his than mine. He would love & thinks i deserve this makeover because ive never asked for anything from anybody. Im a giver. But im give out. Please God above…let this one be for me. Thank you!!!! Cell#405-762-7757. Kristi Wells (Parker) ***Please help me out before this gets out of hand. His education comes first & my parents just retired so theres no more money they can give me. I'm still in pain. My bite is off i can feel it. I don't want to embarrass my son. Just read this & you can go to my Facebook & see what i look like. Pretty blonde green eyed & ill push my tongue against my teeth so you can't see spaces.
    The work needed is from the eye teeth & back. In so much pain. Migraine now from the root canal. Help…😷🤢😢😢

  22. I've had my crown (white) for 30 years now. There is a small chip, which doesn't bother me. However, I've had it checked out and the dentist said, 'if I'm not bothered by it, he'd rather not touch it. It's too perfect." So, now, I'm getting a strange 'metallic' feeling when I eat cereal. Yes, that specific. Fortunately, I only eat cereal, maybe twice a month. Should I be concerned about metal in my mouth from 1988? Thanks!! You have a great smile too!!

  23. Is periodontitis irreversible? I got a 3 unit bridge and after four years i got gum recession and periodontitis. Im planning to get 3 single crowns for each so i can floss in between them will that be worth it?

  24. Hi.. Currently two of my front teeths are 2/3 broken due to a trauma..however the gums are healthy. Can this be corrected without using crowns?

  25. I had root canal 12 years ago on my no.8 because of the decay that covers almost half of the back of no.8 tooth. Now it turned gray and has cavities around the filling and its infected. My Dentist reccommended to get it crowned. Is there any other way to save my tooth.

  26. hi there doc pls i have decay on the two top front teeth which my doctor said it would need a porcelain crown because the cavity has chip off all most half of the two teeth please do you have an idea on how long they would last

  27. I had a root canal 5 years ago, then had a crown placed. Recently I noticed a foul smell that even with brushing and rinsing with Listerine doesn't seem to kick. I have no pain at all…what are the possibilities I have an infection?

  28. What if was just a kid when I got my crown … and I don’t know how but we kept changing dentist .
    now none of my dentist doctor want to touch my crown cause their scare that what ever they might do well effect them

  29. The porcelain is coming off of my metal crown. It's not that old of a crown. It's on my back molar. So frustrating. Some times I feel all the trauma that's happened in/to my mouth has been almost not worth it.

  30. had information on dental implants , they want to crown front teeth , i am guessing this is to match the implants , would like to know any ones views

  31. My dentist has to extract one of my top molar tooth because it was decayed already. She proposed for a bridge or a crown to fill the gap and it will be attached to my other two molar teeth. She told me to search for emax and zirconia crowns for me to decide which one to use. Do you have any recommendation because I don’t want dentures or the porcelain fused to metal. Thank you

  32. I've heard disaster stories of people having their teeth rot beneath the crowns due to poor installation/binding and it's honestly put me off them. I might just get veneers on all my visible teeth and an onlay on the molar that's giving me trouble due to over-grinding. Won't be 100 percent satisfied appearance wise as the discolouration in the inner surfaces will be noticeably different in shade, but at least I won't risk losing my teeth altogether!!!

  33. Hi, bottom number 6 left and right ….30% of tooth broken Dentist said crown or gold inlay 2 biting points being replaced with gold…. Either file down tooth for crown and 3 visits to dentist or 2 for gold inlay…. Mouth and tooth in good condition but opposite teeth having issues…. Tried ceramic filling on left but didn't last long…had gold before only lasted 3 years kept falling out… Swallowed it…. Gold or crown…. Cost only NHS so £250 for either and for both. Advice?

  34. Hi doctor I just had a root canal I have a temporary thooth today is my 3 day I’m in pain I can’t even eat soft foods it will hurt is it normal? The pain comes and goes a lot next week I’ll get my crown thanks

  35. I had two fillings done earlier today and they are hurting right now? Is that normal?
    Also, when Dentist did my another filling today he hit the root now i need a root canal and crown. I can't afford another root canal!! Any advice would be helpful. The one that need a root canal is the upper molar…last tooth in the back. Im not sure if i should just pull it or not. Please help

  36. I have a cavity underneath my filling & my dentist says I need 3 crowns & there is a chance I may need a root canal. I went to another dentist who said I only need one crown and also a possible root canal. I’m really nervous about the crown but even more nervous about the possibility of a root canal

  37. Dental treatment is very expensive especially when you don’t have insurance. I received my root canal and crown and a lower cost at a dental school. You all may want to look into that.

  38. 5 crowns done by different dentist / all with in 8 years all pulled huge waste of money. i dont eat candy,and soda maybe one can a week if that.

  39. Hello Doc … I have a question my dentist did a filling on one of my bottom teeth and he didn’t seal it properly…. when I went to another dentist the other dentist did the xrays and showed me that there was a gab between the filling and bottom gum … how long will this tooth last in your point of view ? Thanks

  40. My dentist filled my cavity with silver and when i laugh i feel u see it he said white doesnt last long is that true? can i get them redone in white?

  41. Hi i went for a filling on front tooth it wasnt painful now ive alot of sensitivity my dentist says i now need root canal and a crown 😭 its my front tooth 😭

  42. I had all my teeth healthy and no cavities. I began to grind my teeth recently while sleeping and caused a fracture. So my dentist prepped my tooth and since then it hurts bad. It’s been 5 days and lots of pain. Can’t bite and now my ear, jaw hurts. I will have an epidural done for my neck in two days so all I can take for this pain is Tylenol and that’s never helped.what do you recommend? 😔

  43. My root canal and crown lasted under 2 years and I’m still paying for it. It was a back tooth so had to have it pulled. I’ve paid her a lot and still pay monthly which is infuriating. It’s life changing when you lose your smile. Best wishes 🙏

  44. Love to listen to your explanations; they are informative and helpful. But I can’t watch—your hands are off the steering wheel way too much. Scares me.

  45. I just got a root canal done I’m going back next week for a crown , can I eat mashed potatoes & drink milkshakes? Is there any specific way I should brush my teeth for now until I get a crown ?

  46. Thank you so much for your knowledge. Wish I could get your care. I just got a temporary crown yesterday, one came off. I put it back on. Question. Can I still wear my retainer with temporary crowns or even with permanent crown?

  47. Hey Dr.O thank you so much for this but I wish if I could see your videos back in 2014. I had very small incisors and I really didn’t know the side effects of the crown back then. I got two incisors crowns and the dentist was a bad guy who has little experience at the time. He replaced one of the crowns almost after a whole year due to poor installation. I am wearing them for almost five years now but I want to remove them soon. Where Should I go? Do I have to go to the same dentist who put it or can I go to any dental care to remove and trash them for good? I always have pain in their surroundings and I hate crown so much now.

  48. My upper 2 molar crown is over 26yrs old, still in great shape. Take good care of your teeth folks😆😆😆

  49. Acid reflex messed up my front teeth can you go a little more in debt and tell me If I am under Meds for know Will it mess up my crow now

  50. How much would 2 emax crowns of both of my front teeth? my left front got knocked loose in high school & it had a root canal and my dad cheaped out and made me get bonding on my left front. Then in my 30's I wrecked a 4-wheeler and my right front was knocked loose and my dentist kind of indiscriminately put bonding on my right front? I just want two new front crowns that doesn't have the build up look of a bonded tooth? Give me a price & some answers Doctor? Im paying cash for my 2 front new crowns and also want a deep under gum cleaning then zoom whitening before you put my new front crowns on. I'm asking for a estimated cost of what I explained to the best of my knowledge and a phone # to get the dental work done.

  51. My front teeth were crowned in 1977 and were "soldered" together and still going strong…and I'm 71. I have a question though. I have tons of crowns and now I am facing two more very soon. You would think I never took care of my teeth, but such is not the case…just genetically bad teeth. anyway, can I get just one dental implant…or two since I know I need two teeth done. It always shows a mouthful of implants, but can you get just one? Also I have some tMJ type issues…and the teeth that need attention are on the bottom…is it ok to get implants on old jaws?

  52. Hiii thank you for you videos!!!
    I’m having a hard time finding info on this question.

    I have a missing tooth right next to my front tooth. They want to do a crown and prep my tooth next to the missing one which is a nice healthy tooth which Im on the edge about. I’ve been researching both crowns and implants. I know a lot of implants fail especially when your on methadone medication? Do you suggest an implant when on that medication or is getting the crown & having to prep a perfectly good tooth better option ?!?! Any helpful advice you can give me ? P.S The Maryland bridge keeps coming out so that’s not an option . Thnx !

    Tamara *

  53. I just went to the dentist today to have them look at the bonding on my front teeth i had done 9 years ago that needs to be redone. He recommended a crown for my front two. Is this a good idea??? Im nervous. Thanks!

  54. I was reading online and came across an idea where you should get all your crowns replaced when you hit 60. That way you don't have to worry about them probably for the rest of your life. Do you think it is a good idea?

  55. I have crowns from the 80's. A couple dentist back in the 90's said they were done wrong and needed to be replaced. Still got em

  56. Paid thousands for about 8 crowns that I “needed” no pain no breakage I take care of my teeth but they all failed within 3 years… broke off at the gums.

  57. Hey Dr. O , I’ve commented at your other video before. I’m still thinking about getting a crown for my front tooth. My dentist suggested me to get a root canal and then do the crowning. As I said last time nearly 1/4 of my tooth is gone and there is tooth decay but it doesn’t hurt at all. Do I really need a root canal. And when you crown your teeth is it really easy to break.

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