Dems shot down Republicans’ resolution to help Iranians: Rep. McCaul

Dems shot down Republicans’ resolution to help Iranians: Rep. McCaul

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Dems shot down Republicans’ resolution to help Iranians: Rep. McCaul

  1. So they drop them secret cash and side with their government over protesters….this needs to be investigated thoroughly imo.

  2. There trying to save as much money for there illegals cause they need to pay each one of them to find a way to vote.

  3. "freedom and democracy" has a price but the democrats are unwilling to support that sacrifice and offer the Iranian people hope for a democracy — democrat hypocrisy

  4. No. The American people do NOT have "their back". Because that leads to boots on the ground. Trump's playing it right. Y'all stay out of it. Salimani was a hero to some because he killed a whole lotta ISIS. Go home and read something new.

  5. The Democrats only support the leaders of Iran, the people sending them dirty money, Democrats care nothing for the Iranian people.

  6. Yes, the Democrats have lost all sense of reality but lets not forget that Republicans gave away the House to these same radical Democrats when Trump was elected President. There is plenty of fault to be found and it may turn out to be a good revelation on the Senate trial. We should be diligent and not let our guard down, there were a lot of Republicans on the fence before the Deplorables let it be known that they were fed up with all the BS. We as a country need to support a Democratic government when we can but we need to allow the people to make their choice and not let power/money stand in the way.

  7. The only time that they claim to be standing up for Democracy is so that they can try and dictate to the Iranian government. But if it was Russia and China. They would say nothing. The plane that got shot down was trump fault.

  8. If the house resolution was to send wads of cash to the ayatollah and his spawns, the Dems would be all for it .
    They are disgusting!

  9. after telling the protesters we would stand behind them and then the f-ing Dem;s refuse to stand behind this is wrong , they are putting their lifes in harm's way , and now left to defend for their self's dam it they better wake up . freedom is on the way there.

  10. So officially the republicans want to meddle in the affairs of a sovereign country ? It’s so crazy ! Thanks God the Dems recuse then!

  11. If nobody is in court for crimes nobody investigating crimes it's a lost cause .Where is equal justice .Biden an Hunter still free Hiliiary all the people involved in Russian lies still free FBI agents still free Senate talking about if u do this dems will do that crimes a crime whoever did it. No justice for the majority which is the people.

  12. i can't believe it ! the us media is siding with Iran and trying to make us think Soelimani wasn't a terrorist ! the mainstream media is a disgrace

  13. Democrats are the biggest threat to this country today , if the idiots that always vote Democrat had even half a brain they would run the other way. They are no longer Americans they are the enemy.

  14. I’m getting so tired of the democrats corruption, lies, stealing away our rights and pissing on our constitution I wish Trump would just start drone striking every single one of them.

  15. Dem's have too much money in the Iranian overlords just like Ukraine. Why do you think they gave them all that money?

  16. Your left only said replies I've seen over 6 pages wake up get it in the courts bring in the judges let them see the treasonous act to take down an elected president or accept your faithful the perihment to encome youllll

  17. Helping the poor inslaved people of Iran is not in the best interest of the DO NOTHING DEMOCRATS. The Republicans do not want war we want FREEDOM FOR ALL PEACE LOVING PEOPLE. We need to VOTE OUT ALL THESE FAKE DEMOCRATS who are pretending to have our best interest at heart. It's their greed that drives them to stay in power. So shameful!!

  18. They get it! They don't want it, because cutting out their arm of assassins that make them money, i.e., this regime, would mean financial suicide as well as depleting their arm of control for future wars, to cover up their crimes and fulfill their agendas.

  19. Democrats don’t even stand up for the American people. Pelosi and Schiff turn a blind eye to the California homeless in their districts.

  20. Imagine being so woke you support a terrorist regime hell bent on oppression and killing its own citizens. Now, imagine being so powerful, you can make those same woke Dims support that regime. That’s how powerful President Trump is. He has them running in circles.

  21. The only time the democrats care about the loss of life is when it can be wielded as a political weapon to serve their satanic agenda's.


  23. No, the republicans came together when Obama was president. The democrats will never come together because they want power at all cost.

  24. Obama Quid Pro Quo failed for Iran. But Obama’s cut from a Cash deal was probably 30%, Hillary’s Clinton Foundation got 10%, Pelosi got 5% and Biden got 5%, The American Taxpayers got screwed.

  25. Jesus said, “To what shall I compare this generation? It is like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling to their playmates, ‘We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not mourn.' “ – Matthew 11:16-17

  26. Considering Project Action's Recent Hidden Camera Audio & Videos. Of Bernie Sanders Campaign Volunteers/ Employees Comments.
    Not Surprised One Bit They Refused To Help The Iranian People Of Iran.
    Heck, Their Threatening To Burn Down Cities, & Toucher Americans. If Trumps Wins His ReElection Campaign 2020. Over Bernie Sanders 2nd Election Run.
    Communist Authoritarian Mental Delusional Belief System Of These People. Is Not Like I've Ever Seen In America. Antifa On Steroids!!!

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  28. So they won't support the protesters with a resolution but make a war powers resolution so you gotta ask yourself why are they protecting the ayatollahs? Probably got money off that like Ukraine and China… dems is all about that moolah! 💵💴💶💷💰

  29. Nah, let them be. Let's leave them alone. They gotta fight for their own freedom. We should stop cup caking countries, I'm not down playing the devils advocate.

  30. My God, how do Democrats manage to be wrong on every issue? You'd think they might be right once in a while by random chance!

  31. We should help the poor Iranian people caught in the middle and the ones who are really suffering from the way their country is being run!

  32. How small minded can Romney be to let his personal jealousies over his inadequate demeanor to not do what's right for America…
    Utah should be ashamed and get him out so they may save face. 😈

  33. Imagine that!! Democrats actually refusing to show support for Iran's citizens who want freedom and democracy. Wow! I think everyone in America should start calling their Democratic representative on the phone and overloading their systems.

  34. The Senate should acquit the Executive (President) and then place papers withe the judicial to set aside the House vote and remove the impeachment. This will be the only way to get back to a net sum game. It will also set the stage (Precedent) for neither the House or the Senate to go down this road again next week, next month or next year.

  35. We need more of Charles rather than entitled Fox hosts like Hannity, Ingraham, Regan, Cavuto who go on rambling, cut off guests in mid sentence, etc
    May be Fox should see how the folks at Sky News Australia conduct interviews!

  36. Oh please the resolution doesn't do anything but formalizes us support of iranian citizens. Trump messed up and almost started a war so they passed a resolution to save face. Did you all forget trump applied more sanctions to iran? What a bunch of baloney.

  37. I thought, by the title, that this may be an interesting video. I opened it and saw the host. Can’t stand this guy.
    Wish a more apt representation of the video was made in the introductory thumb nail.
    Moving on to something decent.

  38. The Military and CIA should determine who signed off on the killing of Iranian protesters and then eliminate the individual. That would go a long way to show the Iranian people we care for their rights to protest and have an opposing political view.

  39. When the flight was down in Ukrainian every news channel and politicians where non stop condemning the Russians.. Now when the Iranians down the flight there is no news channel to talk about it or any politicians really want to condemning them and put sanction … It's real sad so many people had to die and there is no justice for their family..

  40. The Democrats truly seem to be on the side of terrorists and oppressors. Is that what they want for US Citizens?

  41. The Democrats support the ayatollahs, what part of that don't you get? The condemn the killing of America's enemies, because they support America's enemies…they're Democrats.

  42. These lousy Democrats have stopped working for we the people. It's time for them to go, they do not stand for US anymore. They are a virus in our Gov't.

  43. Russia has a new Doll. I saw this on Amazing Lucas. Its top is a girl , down below is boy. Send these to the dimp congress.

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