David Miscavige Launches the Scientology Network

Hello, and welcome! You’ve probably heard of Scientology, in fact, every six seconds someone searches the question “What is Scientology?” There’s a lot of talk about us, and we get it. People are curious. Well, we want to answer your questions, because frankly, whatever you have heard, if you haven’t heard it from us I can assure you, we are not what you expect! So, while I could tell you Scientology is new, our approaches are new, our answers are new, and that Scientology is not just something
you believe in, it’s something you do, well, I’m sure you would much rather just see for yourself, and that’s what Scientology Network is all about, to show you inside Scientology, who we are, what Scientology is, and what Scientology can
do. Scientology is a dynamic and expanding religion, and we’re going to be
showing you all of it, for instance, I’m standing in our spiritual headquarters,
and we’ll take you through all of it! Likewise, we’ll take you into our
Churches, spanning 167 countries on six continents! We’ll also take you behind the
scenes, and into our Church management, publications and dissemination
facilities, humanitarian outreach centers, and programs, and even into our new
millennium Scientology archives! But even still, there remains the question of why
so many people are Scientologists, and why they are so passionate about it! In
answer to that question you’ll meet Scientologists from all walks of life.
Firefighters to factory workers, doctors to CEO’s, and yes some of the most well
known artists and celebrities in the world. You’ll see Scientology in practice,
our values and beliefs, our technology of auditing, our E-meter, everything! Finally,
we’ll answer the question as to how Scientology came to be the only major religion founded in the 20th century, and that’s
the story of our founder L. Ron Hubbard, a true-to-life genius and an honest-to-god
modern-day Renaissance man, but with all that, let’s be clear, we’re not here to
preach to you, to convince you, or to convert you, no, we simply want to show
you, because after all, the first principle of Scientology is that it’s
only true, if it is true for you! So take a look, and then decide for yourself. I’m
David Miscavige, and this is the Scientology Network. I see a lot of this where they put their
hands over their eyes, and look inside the window and they’re like, “what is this?” Once you actually start talking to
somebody about it they’re like, “Okay what IS Scientology?” Oh, what brought you in here? “Just curious! This is called an E-meter and it’s the cutting edge of spiritual technology. What it represents for Scientologists
all over the world, always has and always will, is spiritual freedom. Here at Golden Era Productions, we
produce all of the films of Scientology, and we also have one of the largest
studios in North America. What we produce is not just a book, it’s
not just a lecture, it’s all the knowledge that’s inside. When we
consulted with the British Museum, the National Archives, we wanted to find out
how did the best archivists in the world do things? The biggest barrier was
actually finding technology that would last, so we had to push technology and
invent technology in order to do that. Scientology Media Productions is a very
unique studio, everything is under one roof, we produce all of the content and
programming for the Scientology Network, so we have quite a variety of different
shows. The biggest joy is to create something new, so we create extraordinary solutions for extraordinary spaces. This is where we have equipment that comes from production. You can create all kinds of special effects. This is the sexiest bike in the world! Like, to remember that moment well, not knowing what I want to do. We just wanted a band
that was fun! It’s like a feeling of freedom… I’m a comedian, I am a Scientologist. I’m a Veterinarian. We are designers. I’m a motion control engineer. I played ten seasons in the NFL. I’m a horse trainer. We’re the Jive Aces, and we’re all Scientologists. I grew up right here in South Central, so I’ve been tied to the streets. The culture here, it’s so rich and so fragile
at the same time. I want Melbourne to be drug-free, crime-free, I just want it to
be the ideal city. Scientology saved my life and I felt like I was able to give
it to somebody else and it was this domino effect. People are searching and this is one of the places they’ll come to find answers. It’s actually making a difference in the world that’s what it’s all about. Well, if
it’s not true for you, it’s not true. I find it’s a very good statement. It
agreed with my own personal philosophy very well because if there’s anybody in
the world that’s calculated to believe what he wants to believe, and to reject
what he doesn’t want to believe, it is I. The biggest right there is is not the
right to vote, is not the right to freedom of speech, or press, or religion,
or anything else. The biggest right there is in human rights, is the right to help! It’s now time for a peace movement. It’s
now time to call everybody under this movement! The cure for our children as
far as their education is to make them quiet, so this is tragic, that’s why we’re
out there educating, being the voice for those who don’t have a voice. To see the
impact you can have on others how you can get others to change. It allows me to
know that I’m not the only one out on this battlefield fighting this battle. I would just say to anybody you know, if
you’re gonna do something? You know if you’re really gonna do something, go
educate yourself on it beforehand. Get the facts, check the statistics. Find
out the actual truth of what these are and what they’re gonna do to your life.
Find out for yourself. This is the story about human rights… for those that don’t know, you need to. Know your human rights don’t ever surrender. Hello and welcome once again to Freedom TV. Today
we’re going to take you inside the dark world of human trafficking and I warn you upfront this is some pretty sickening stuff. It became a tipping point and that’s why we
knew we had to get out and do something about it. There’s nothing really much more
fulfilling than helping people, That’s, our passion. One person that you helped, turns into
three people, turns into ten, turns into a whole city. That’s why we’re out there fighting
until every single person is freed.

Author: Kevin Mason

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