Daddy & Me with DJ Khaled | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Episode 15 | Laugh Out Loud Network

Daddy & Me with DJ Khaled | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Episode 15 | Laugh Out Loud Network

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Daddy & Me with DJ Khaled | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Episode 15 | Laugh Out Loud Network

  1. Such a heartwarming clip to see dads with there babies having such fun 🤩 even if it's a borrowed baby 😂😂 . Salute to all dads who love their children ❤ . DJ KHALED you are a daddy cool 😍 your baby is the most adorable baby ever ❤❤

  2. "Kevin Hart and borrowed baby"😂😂😂 why doesn't he say the name of the child like he did with the other kids?

  3. When the adorable blonde girl doesn't realize she just left a celebrity hanging with a high 5 like what ….😁 ( hoping her parents show her the video when she is 16 )

  4. Does anyone realize this guy is basically telling all bench sitting parents at the park to STOP BEING LAZY !! & start playing with your kids !!

  5. That truly is the best workout …have a bunch of little kids chase you 😁 You will suddenly be like damn they stole all my energy !!!

  6. I feel like every time DJ Khaled works out and lifts weights, I’m pretty sure that every time he does each rep he says “Anotha One”

  7. @LOL Network, that bit at the end with the thought cloud was a little weird 😬 maybe do something different in more recent videos?..

  8. You hear 6:28



    Then you see…..


    I’ve replayed this thousands of times. Does that make me a horrible person 😂😭

  9. Love how he says "you can do whatever you want" yet not one of his albums and music has he said a relevant line other that "DJ KHALED"

  10. No offense but, I feel like Khaled loves his son more, than he does his wife. Because he Embraces him, and talks about him, more than he does his wife. I feel like she's just there, and that's it. And nothing more but, his son is everything to him. No offense, that's just my opinion.

  11. LOL! I work in a preschool Kevin, I know how that feels… although, I've never been taken down… and trust me, there are over fifty children coming at you from allllllllllllllllllll over…. until the other forty decide the chase game looks more fun than the playground toys… my scream…. its real lol!

  12. DJ Khaled musta somehow made a deal with Lucifer in order to not be the dude working at and hanging out in front of 711 anymore. And I have no idea what he offered cause I know just his soul isn’t worth what he got in exchange. Betting he’s got at least a couple murders under his belt.

  13. Babies are sometimes a ticking time bomb, once one of them explodes If another baby is in the crying radius, they also cry and so on

  14. 8:38 The dad that has green shorts and the kid has red shorts watch just wait for it🤣 WATCH THE BACKGROUND 8:44🤣🤣

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