Dental Crowns & Veneers According to the ADA, veneers are “thin, custom-made
shells of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front side of teeth. They are
an option for correcting stained, chipped, decayed or crooked teeth.” Veneers are processed
by the dental laboratory, after the teeth are minimally prepared by a dentist. Removing
a small amount of enamel will allow for an adequate bulk of porcelain to be directly
bonded to your teeth.A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that is placed over the entire tooth
— to restore its shape, strength, and improve your smile. Crowns & veneers
can both make your smile beautiful; however,
the differences between these two products is vast. A variety of dental issues help guide
the dentist in their decision to choose veneers or crowns. #1 Bruxers- Those that are caught clenching
or grinding their teeth throughout the day and at night are typically not indicated for
veneers. Recall that veneers involve a thin layer of porcelain & a patient who grinds
is more likely to fracture veneer then a crown. #2 High Carious Activity-Those that have a
lot of decay & cavities that are typically indicated for crowns over veneers. Veneers
often require minimal preparation. If the preparation becomes larger, a crown is better
indicated. #3 Occlusion- If the dentist needs to correct
how your teeth come together, crowns provide more adequate treatment then veneers. Occlusion
should be stable for if placing a veneer. #4 Eroded Teeth- Veneers require a layer of
enamel in order to properly bond to your teeth. If there is a lack of adequate enamel a veneer
will be unable to achieve a strong bond to the tooth. Some teeth have more enamel then
others which will determine whether a crown or veneer is placed. #5 Malpositioned Teeth- If the teeth are rotated
in an unfavorable manner, the placement of crowns is typically better indicated then
veneers. Placement of veneers can be done when minimal tooth repositioning needs to
be accomplished. Of course, a consultation will give you a
better idea about whether a particular case requires a veneer or a crown. I hope this
video was educational. 

Author: Kevin Mason

10 thoughts on “CROWNS & VENEERS

  1. hello, I have teeth decay on my upper and lower teeth line and the color is yellow,
    do you recommend me to have veneers or crowns? note: i'm 21 and often have acid reflux

  2. They will file down your original tooth to put on a crown….so once u have a crown u will always need a crown for that area….crowns don't last

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