Creating Blackboard Teacher Webpages

Creating Blackboard Teacher Webpages

Hello everyone, and welcome to another
exciting video on Classroom Digital Tools! For this week’s video, we will be
focusing on…well, not shark cage diving, and not flying over the lava fields of
an active volcano, nor is it about small animals that like to hide in boxes.
Instead we will focus on…. Yes! Blackboard! Now please do not hit the stop or pause button. Even if you are not a teacher who needs to use Blackboard to
create their teacher webpage, you can still learn a lot from watching this
video, and it can be fascinating to learn the steps that teachers go through in
order to create their teacher web pages. Now, normally you would access the
Blackboard website through the public Internet, but since, for my district, the
website is not live yet, there’s a special link that you need to go to. That
link will be this right here. It will be in the description of this particular
video. If you are a teacher in a different school district altogether,
please check with your Webmaster to see what special link you need to go to if
your website is not live yet. Or, if it is live, I’m sure you just go to the live
website to log in. So, after typing this in, go ahead and hit enter, and it takes you
to the district website, and this is what it is going to look like. Next step is
go to “Select a School.” Choose your relevant institution, in this case Smithfield-Selma High School, go up here. click on “sign in”, your login ID will be the
same one that you use to log into desktops at work (in other words, it will
be your Active Directory login), click “Sign In”, then click on the classrooms tab, find
your name, click on it, and then click on “Site Manager” in the top right. Now you
will have access to your teacher web page so that you may edit content, and then click on the “Home” button right here. This right here shows how your homepage will
be organized. In this box, you will be writing about yourself such as your
educational background, who you are; and here would go your teaching schedule. Over here are three apps that are required by the county. This first one is our JCPS
announcements–so basically these are general announcements from the district.
These right here are school announcements that we publish on the
website, and these are upcoming events that will be linked to a Google Calendar.
Again, these three are required for your website as well as these two. Also, even
though these are called apps, don’t think of them as being like smartphone apps.
Think of them more as building blocks for your website. These two boxes over
here are grey because you can make changes to them which is why that little
edit icon is there. So let’s click on “About Teacher”, and here it pulls up the
page where you enter in information about yourself. So I’m going to go ahead
and enter in my name, then for the biography I’m going to use some
information from…that I already have on my current website. So going to my current
website, I’m going to copy all this here, right click, and select copy (you can also
do Control-C, then going back to Blackboard I’m going to make sure
the cursor is active in there. Now, you cannot right click and hit paste. Instead
you can do Control-V to paste all the information in there, and of course you
can also click on this icon to paste. Now I’m going to have to change this link later on but I would like to text be a little bit larger so I’m gonna highlight the text
over here and…here we go…I’m gonna change this over to normal which makes it a little bit bigger. The site offers many features for adjusting the text. Here you
have a cut function, copy, paste, paste as text. Here you can change–again the size
of the text, you can change the color of the text if you so wish–go and change
that back to black though. If you want, you can boldface, italicize,
or underline text–you just highlight it first, then click bold, italicize,
underline–so you just make the needed adjustments. To undo all that…there we go. You can align left, align to the center, align to the right. You can also insert
links. Now just to make sure that my link here is accurate, I’m going to highlight
it, go and click on “insert link”, and I could find a link…I could link it to
something that exists already on my website, but instead I’m going to add in
a web address link. So I’m going to click here, and going to my YouTube channel, going to copy my link here, enter it here,
text display–I’m going keep as here, I want it to open a new window but if I
wanted to, I could change it to open in the same window.
I’ll keep it as new, and I simply click on “insert link”. It should be there after we
save all this. In addition, if you need to add a special character, you can go to
special character and click on it, and you can see a wide variety of special
characters. For example, if you want to enter in an Epsilon symbol, Zeta symbol–
they have a number of Greek letters– Delta, they have accents over letters, the
tilde–so this can be very useful. You can also insert a file and run a
spellcheck. Next thing that you need to do is add a photo.
Now the County [where I work] wants you to add a professional-looking photo. They do not want selfies, they do not want pictures of you on
vacation–and believe me that hurts– I would love to add a picture of myself
on vacation–on horseback or surfing or from Stonehenge–but the county wants us to keep it professional
so maybe add a photo that was taken of you during Yearbook. So I simply clicked
on “Browse” and I’m going to choose an image that’s on my hard drive, but you
can select an image that you’ve already uploaded into the system or an image
that was in a shared library, but I’m going to click on “Upload Image”, “Browse”, and I know already it’s gonna be under “pictures.” And I’m going to double-click
on that. And I’m going to click on “continue” and it will automatically auto
size it to work well with the website. Now you just click on “Insert Image”–success! Your…”you uploaded your image.” Then click on “save.” Alright–very good! Let’s say you
want to take a look at what your website currently looks like after doing all
that. Simply go up here to click on “View Website” and expand it out all the way
and it will show you what your website currently looks like. Here again you see
the image on the left, the biography, the link, and this link I’ll have to change
later, over here are the County Announcements, School Announcements, and Upcoming Events. Very cool! I’m going to X-out of this now. The next thing the county wants you to do is work on the schedule
section, but before we do that, if you would like, you can click on “Details” and
enter in your contact information like your work email address, your work phone, and again type in your degrees and certifications. Alright let’s take a look
at the schedule section. So I’m going to go back to my home page here and I’m
going to click on “Schedule.” And here you just type in what your
different classes will be…like block 1, block 2, block 3, and block 4. Of course,
since you don’t know what your schedule is going to look like for next year [note: this video was made near the end of a traditional school year] you
can just type in your general subject area. For example, “English” if you’re an
English teacher, “Biology” if you’re a biology teacher, etc. You can fill in the
details later on, such as when you’re planning is, what type of biology you’re
teaching–“AP Biology”, “Statistics” if you’re a math teacher, etc. So for now just keep it
general because you have no idea what your schedule is going to look like next
year and you can just make adjustments later on. And again when you
are done, you click on “Save.” Then you just…. “Success! You save your content.” And then you go back to the home page. Now keep in mind the district does want you to keep
the two column format here. You can add other apps to your website and–for
example–you can do a Photo Gallery and add that in there, you can add a file
sharing feature (we’ll go over those details in a future video), but for now,
please dive in and establish your biography under “About Teacher” and get the basics of your schedule in. Thank you for watching this video. If you have
found it useful, please like it, give some positive comments, and
please subscribe to my channel and share it with your friends. Thank you again
very much, and have a great day!

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