Cousin Darcia Delivers Unsavory News | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network

Cousin Darcia Delivers Unsavory News | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network

[MUSIC PLAYING] All these people came
to give honor to my Daddy. That church was packed,
standing room only. What a nice homegoing
for Uncle Senior. I’ll start on the thank
you notes tomorrow. You know, Cuz, there’s
something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about. What’s on your mind? I was waiting until after
the funeral to tell you, but Uncle Senior and Aunt Thelma
borrowed money from my daddy to open this restaurant. This is the first
I have ever heard about something like that. Daddy loaned Uncle Senior
$50,000 that was never repaid. Girl, $50,000, child,
you done got a hold of some real good weed, OK? Get a hold of this,
notary sealed and certified. You know, 50 grand
wasn’t no small chunk of change for black
folks back in the 70s. [CHUCKLES] But Daddy
was a good saver though and he cashed in
some of his GM stock from when he worked in Detroit. I’d like to settle this
within the family if we can. What exactly do you expect
me to do about this, huh? I just want you to pay
me what I’m owed, Cousin. You went through a whole lot
of trouble coming around here with this fake-ass bullshit. Even if Daddy did borrow
that money from Uncle J, how do we know he ain’t
paid it back, huh? Check Uncle
Senior’s bank records if you don’t believe me. How much? With inflation, $50,000
loan would be around about 600 grand in 2019 money. I will gladly settle for
500,000 since y’all family. You got some damn nerve. $5,000? Five– y’all think
I’m bullshitting. Oh, now that you
mention it, you have always been full of shit. You messing with
the wrong Lancaster. Here I was thinking that
my favorite cousin was sticking around here
to lighten my load after the death of my father. You came here looking to
scavenge off my daddy’s bones like the vulture you are. Go on upstairs, pack
your funky bags, and get the hell out
of Thelma’s Place. You think kicking me out is
going to make this go away. You heard her. Go.

Author: Kevin Mason

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