Cost of Living in Houston

Cost of Living in Houston

So what is the cost of living in Houston
like? Perhaps you’re considering a move to Houston to work in the Texas Medical
Center here or the oil and gas industry and you’re wondering how life here
compares with the city where you are right now, how will your quality of life
change, is it going to be more or less expensive to live here? Well that’s what
we’re talking about today, so let’s get started! I’m Alfredo a realtor here in
the Greater Houston area with Houston Katy Homes Group AmeriChoice Realty,
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bell so you don’t miss out on any of our weekly videos. So when compared with
other big cities like for example, New York’s Jersey City, Houston ranks as 29.14% cheaper to live in. It is significantly lower cost of living,
but if you’re moving from Boise, Idaho for example it will be 0.44 percent
higher cost of living here in Houston. So to compare your city with Houston in
terms of cost of living, I recently discovered a really good website, where
you can just type in your current salary, say you’re currently making seventy
thousand a year in New York, it will tell you what you need to make in Houston to
have the same quality of life as you currently have. So maybe you need to make less to have the same quality of life, in which case it’s a very positive move, or
maybe you need to make more in which case you know what the numbers are
before you make the move. This website also gives you a detailed breakdown of
living expenses, the link is in the description below. When it comes to
comparing salaries go to and you can type in job titles in the city
you are moving to and compare your expected salary with your current one.
I’ll also put this link in the description section below. The cost of
buying a home in a Houston suburb is variable depending on where you want to
move. I have compiled a list of seven
popular suburbs so you can get an idea of home costs here. These are the median home prices in these seven popular suburbs: Katy and West Houston $242,000, Fulshear in West Houston $367,000, Cypress in North Houston $276,000, The Woodlands in North Houston $356,000 Sugarland in southwest
Houston $308,000, Richmond in southwest Houston
it’s $265,000, Pearland in South Houston it’s $265,000. If you are considering a move here, please
download my ‘Moving to Houston’ guide and check out my playlist at the end of this
video. There’s some other videos like ‘Moving to Houston’ and ‘Living in Katy’
which have lots of helpful information to help you get familiar with this area. Also do check out my free mobile app from the Houston Association of Realtors. This app lists every home for sale in Houston and neighboring cities. You can
search for homes here, save your searches on your phone, and share them with a
friend. The link for this app is in the description section below. I hope you
found this video helpful, please ask any questions you may have in the comment
section and we can respond to you individually there. We’ll be doing lots
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happening here. Thanks again for watching, I’m Alfredo with Houston Katy Homes
group, till next time, all the best!

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Check out the Cost of Living in Houston including home prices in 6 popular suburbs! Ask your questions here in the comments and I'll get back to you here!

  2. I didn't know that Bankrate had that tool you shared. Alfredo, you almost made me forget that Houston has crazy humidity. If I was going to move to your city I'd call ya

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