Copywriting Word Association That Forces People to Read, Click, & Buy | Heath Wilcock, AWeurope 2019

Copywriting Word Association That Forces People to Read, Click, & Buy | Heath Wilcock, AWeurope 2019

Hi, my name is Heath. Hello.
Nice to meet you all. Who likes to write copy? Raise your hand. Liars! Just kidding. Maybe you do. I don’t know.
Some people like it. Most people don’t. Well I’m gonna show you how to write something really, really fun in a way — Listen I don’t come from the copywriting background. I fell into it through fiction and performing improv. So let’s just break this down. I call this copytainment. It’s a fun way, I don’t care about this persuasion, use this word not this word, bullsh*t. But I found a different method that works for pre-sale pages, specifically for white hat and being compliant. Especially for Facebook, and Facebook is great for this because Facebook wants people to consume. Consume, consume, consume.
So we also want to have fun with them. You can either make people cry for conversions or make them laugh for conversions. I’ll show you how to do the latter much better because crying, you just get complaints. I’m Heath Wilcock. That’s me like 20 pounds ago. Listen, I’m stressed and Europe has really good food. Really good food. I blame it on you, Europeans. I look to entertain. I look for reactions. I channel reactions. I’m all about reactions. I got started performing
card magic at sad restaurants. I go to Applebee’s. I don’t know how many of you are Americans right now, looking at me but Applebee’s is like the saddest
restaurant like 2:00 in the afternoon. Just the saddest man after work, drinking
a beer, and I’m going up, bright face in my dad’s suit seeing if they want to see a card trick. It was a ridiculous thing, I wanted to
do it. I was grounded a lot. I stayed in my room like a sad Rapunzel, man and I just
performed card magic. So I would do card magic at these restaurants.
Now here’s the crazy thing. When do you show a card magic trick to someone eating food? Before they order? Right after the order? As they eat their food?
Don’t shake your head, you don’t know! You don’t know this! Have you performed
card magic to sad people at restaurants? Give it a go. It’s scary. I was 16. Now
listen, it’s difficult but I had to try to figure this out, and this goes back
into marketing and copy. How to get someone to take action, to be wowed through reactions at just the right time. I found out very quickly, don’t show magic when they’re trying to eat chicken. I don’t want them touching my cards with
their nasty chicken hands. So I’ve been performing and teaching improv comedy.
How many of you, raise your hand, know what improv comedy is?
Not stand up. Did your hands drop after I said that? Improv comedy, where
it’s like a team of people on stage and they all work together. It’s really valuable. It’s very valuable for teams and I’ll show you how I use improv
comedy to write really, really fast, and it’s also going to be badass.
How many of you have like copy teams? Creative teams? Raise your hand. Creative
teams, copywriting teams, a little bit of hand in there. How many of you, raise your
hand, write your own copy? How many of you? That’s a lot. Great, you’re gonna have fun
with this. How many of you like outsource it out? Okay, good. I’m gonna show you how to have fun with this and there’s a certain method I do to generate angles really, really fast that no one else is doing, and I’ll show you why that is. Again, I don’t come from this background, I fell into it because I have a family and I have bills, and copy is great and I love it, but I come
at it from a different angle from most people. So I copywrite. I have my own business.
I do sales funnel optimisations. I bang out sales funnels, yadda, yadda, and
I make ads more entertaining. I’m always looking to see — I’m very confident now, I
could almost take every ad, every product, and there’s a way to make it more
entertaining. There’s a way to do it and that comes from the background of improv
of what I’ve done, and the method that I use to make that product way more
entertaining. These are all the brands that I’ve written for. I worked for a health supplement company back in 2012. I’ve been in the health supplement
space for a long time. I know what you’re thinking. He doesn’t look ripped. He doesn’t look like he excerises. Why would he work at a health supplement company? Shut up. That is not nice for you to think about that. I don’t care how I look, I write good copy.
I was easily the most unhealthy person writing really good
copy. Drinking a coke and then writing out like muscle enhancements is nuts.So I’ve written for a lot of products at different, different backgrounds. So we’re gonna go through them. I don’t need to go through each one, but I’ve written for a lot. amal so i’ve been through all the health
supplement space okay so the biggest a man what I’m seeing right now every time
that I speak I try to I want I don’t try I do bring in what is what I’m currently
doing what I’m seeing the current demand is and what I’m doing to meet that
demand so last time I spoke I talked about email marketing what I do for a
mails and the time before that I talked about sales pages and sales funnels this
time I want to talk about compliant compliance pre-sell pages now how many
of you raised your hand do preso pages for your for your ads about another five
six okay so compliance this is great for
facebook right how many times have you clicked on an ad and it goes right to
like a cells just like a sales page little product without educating or
anything I see this all the time or it goes to like a static homepage just to
confuse the consumer press all pages are great great because one there use just
to entertain and to educate to Facebook loves it facebook wants more people just
to consume it’s a better user experience and what makes it better is you’re
having fun with them you’re entertaining them okay
so it’s a way to sell the person on the product before they even try it
great for educating the consumer yeah it makes the consumer feel safe rather than
forced to buy it’s just a great first impression pre so pages have to go for
them right okay my method okay let’s back up a little bit on talked about
this when it comes to compliance I come from the old days when like a sigh Berry
was just rediscovered and people were like it makes me skinny and it was or
like African Mango and everyone’s Oh Africa mango and then I was just
writing that those days of compliance were really lenient we just basically
couldn’t say it cute can’t cure cancer I could say anything else so it was it’s
changed change so much over the years so it’s gotten harder and I’m gonna show
you the example a case study that I did with kettle and fire how many of you
know kettle fire bone broth I’ve tried killing fire bone broth have
you used it you should it’s amazing okay so what I’ve done is as I’m doing copy
there’s a way to beat compliance what we’re trying to do is get the person to
connect the dots in order to do that we have to kind of say these things that
may get us we have to say like may have may help you with all these things that
kind of be really soft what I’ve done is I just remove the line and I just put
the dots closer together it’s almost like putting food in front of you like a
delicious plate of whatever you find delicious I like burritos so if you put
like a burrito in front of me and then like walk away you’re like you can eat
it you can eat it it’s up to you that’s what I always try to do with my copy
like I put a meal in front of someone I’m like it’s your choice and it’s if
it’s so good they’re gonna eat it so I focus on education rather than selling
look it’ll sell if their offer is great at the products right it’ll sell have
fun with them be entertaining and play with tone and voice tone and voice is
gonna be key for compliance this is how we can get through these little
loopholes and I’ll show you what I mean by that this is kind of like a funnel
that I I’ve used a lot okay top a final middle funnel and a funnel
I tell you top of funnel is listicle why allistic oh it’s like shooting someone
with a shotgun that sounds terrible but bear with me it’s a spray you’re just
like Shh whatever it’s a top a funnel it’s a five things five reasons why bone
broth is amazing it’s simple it’s ridiculous it’s very very easy but it’s
easy to educate and so for the unaware market bone broth it’s a great way to
educate and so I do listicle middle of funnel change a belief did you know that
did you know that milk isn’t the best for your bone
this is wow so you’re taking a belief that people are stuck on and you just
start to slowly change them over to a different point of view
bone broth the end of funnel is that differentiate what makes this bone broth
stand out how it’s made how its how its processed why it’s so important what
makes it so amazing and then followed by proof
I put proof in all of them as much as you can okay so here is an example I’m
gonna walk you through this real quick okay you can I’m gonna walk you through
this and give you an example of what I’m doing the small little parts of
entertainment that catches the attention and then moves them along this is a top
of funnel this holistic ‘el we’re gonna optimize this like if you want to rip it
go right ahead you’re not going to get the percentages you want this is already
working really well on low traffic this is already converting great on low
traffic and they given me the permission to share this with everyone here but
we’re gonna optimize it and put it on a whole new page it’s gonna be completely
different however with that being said this is what I’ve done with the headline
I just took that headline from a testimonial it’s this I people are like
to use the how-tos and all that I don’t I look at I was thinking okay what can
really stand out and that’s a compliant headline oh the reason why I want to
bring up this dude this is insane like these guys were had to be completely
by-the-book compliance and if you’re you can tell when your brand is doing well
when either FTC is kind of keeping an eye on you
with your help supplements FTC wants to keep an eye on health supplements or
your competitor wants to keep an eye on you and if they find something small
they’ll slap your wrists on it it’s just your competitor will come after you too
they want to get you on something that isn’t compliant well I had to be ultra
compliant with this one so this is why I wanted to share this with you guys
it’s like magic every part of me feels better when I drink this that’s just
someone I just took that from a testimonial I was like oh that’s a
perfect headline captures the attention it’s a curiosity what is this okay
did you eat all your bones I start with that question that is a
weird fucked up question right it’s strange it’s a strange question it’s
gonna get you to read to the next line did you eat all your bones did your mom
or dad ever asked you that question at the dinner table when you’re a kid if
your parents were from the Stone Age the maybe
however bones are making a comeback in 2019 so what I’m doing here is I’m
trying to get I’m trying to play around with the word bones the word bones is
weird it’s it’s weird it’s it’s strange and if we’re gonna consume bones I have
to kind of play around with that so I’m playing around with tone and voice and
this is just a page so the next part is right here why because a drinking bone
broth is straight-up health magic that’s compliant and I’m playing around with
tone of voice plus it tastes so good even the kiddos are asking for seconds I
use the word kiddos instead of kids having fun with language now it may
sound weird to say I love drinking bone broth out loud and then in parenthesis
especially when attending a baby shower like that’s ridiculous that’s silly
I’m having fun with them this is a part to just have fun with them having a good
time and that’s why we want to do mystifying to you we’re this ancient
tradition so without further ado here are five reasons why you should start
drinking bone broth right now okay now this next one this is a big one do you
suffer with leaky gut curiosity what it’s leaky gut unfortunately many people
live in the United States may suffer with leaky gut symptoms and not even
know it right just absolute curiosity leaky gut
now this is all compliant I’m not saying oh there’s another thing
too I couldn’t make any claims none any claims with this product even if I want
to make a claim and back it up with a really good source
they don’t even want sources they don’t want claims at all so I had to get
really super creative this was hard right I’m so used to being like Oh back
it up I’ll find some sort of article no so what I had to do here is I just
talked about what it is once is this is be putting the burrito in front of you
and you can eat it if you want it right so I talked about what leaky gut is what
happens many people experience all these things
negative things when leaky gut happens bone broth I don’t say it’s gonna help
them I say bone broth contains gelatin that
absorbs water and helps rebuild the gut lining I test tell me it’s gonna heal
the gut lining almost like reinforcing a wall and patching all the leaks I don’t
say how they’re gonna make him feel I don’t say how it’s going to like improve
their health or anything I just say that’s what that’s what bone broth has
in it that’s what’s gonna do need sustainable energy this is the next one
without the crash bone broth baby so and then right here keep in mind – if this
is an unaware market no one wants to be talked to like in jargon in like
high-end like a doctor no one cares for that so I play around with that if I’m
gonna list ingredients the next line is gonna say oof that’s a mouthful
recognize that yeah that’s who fucking cares no one cares about these
ingredients at all it’s a mouthful but however altogether it’s gonna give you
these it’s gonna get these electrolytes and then right here I wanted to add this
in for keto right how many of you know what keto is like all of Spain is living
in you got great ham great ham so if you’re thinking about trying the keto
diet but I’m afraid about this scary thing called a keto flu okay then but
brought maybe your city sneaky secret weapon and I say bone broth acts like a
slingshot I’m using metaphors and similes all the time acting like a
slingshot that may help launch you over the keto flu and indicate ketosis faster
without feeling woozy and sick to your stomach bringing in the image drinking
bone broth is like getting a massage sound crazy we’ll get this bone broth
contains joint massaging it nutrients that lubricate your muscles now I’m
gonna break down this one this is an important one lubricate muscles joints a
tendon so you’re not lying in bed with aches and pains and feeling older than
your actual age now watch this and I bring in athletes so we got social
proof white athletes are choosing bone broth bone broth is fast-acting blah
blah blah doesn’t matter okay next one here I’m gonna break down that one
paragraph take away this before bone broth this is
what I would have written before bone broth contains joint massaging nutrients
that lubricate your muscles joints and tendons which
may help relieve the tightening feeling in your joints that caused you to lie in
bed with aches and pains feeling older than your actual age what I did is I
just removed that yellow part lubricated boys muscles joints and tendons so
you’re not lying in bed with aches and pains feeling older than your actual age
I’m just putting those two dots together what it is and what you won’t experience
I’m not saying it’s going to help relieve anything I’m just gonna say so
in other words take what people when someone experienced anxiety what happens
so you’re not freaking out at the bank in the line if you’re not cheering up
having a panic attack like in your car like you get them so instead of saying
relieve anxiety relieve the thing that they felt before
due to that anxiety example of it in action so this one I then I like this
headline and this is bringing in a lot of emotion and I’ll get to how I bring
this in with my angle generator bone broth made correctly taste like comfort
food grandma used to make on a rainy Sunday evening this is just like
literature this is just like oh everyone has a grandma ma that made something
beautiful and on a rainy Sunday evening right it brings up that gray it’s
nostalgia it’s beautiful we feel it we smell it we’re bringing in senses we
know what that gram of food tastes like ok so I want to bring in the fact that
bone broth so that’s removing it it’s removing what bone broth is and it’s
getting them to get in that mindset of what it tastes like what it feels like
what it smells like to be around grandma and eating that great meal ok and I just
break it down oh this is all so I took complaints so I take obviously you
probably do this go to Amazon and you look at one-star reviews and then pluck
and see what people are I do it all the time I see what people are complaining
about and I use that to my copy advantage okay so one person mentioned
how bad it tastes it tastes like a dirty sock some people have even complained
their bone broth ends up tasting like a dirty sock no matter how many spices
that they add so I just took it in that complaint and I used the advantage of
how this bone broth is made to overcome see taste this is a huge one now this is
really good when I make a listicle and I do a
heatmap I then would break down that list achill and each one of those points
can be an advertorial own zone eats pre-cell so I can take that first
one about leaky gut that’s a pre-sale run traffic to it see how well it does
the one about massaging nutrients so aches and pains inflammation run it on
its own this one this is gonna be a big one bone broth is better than beauty
creams at least we think so right I’m taking away that claim and I’m just
making it seem like Oh at least we think so
and I talked about this one and I even and I bring in now this one was a little
rough but I brought in this line right here some of our customers said they now
save more money drinking bone broth rather than spending it on expensive
beauty products and creams and I realized that Ezra just did his whole
thing over there with beauty products and creams and now I’m like oh drink
foam bra this is gonna be a really big one this is gonna be great for that
market for that because the main demographic are older women no no no
about like 30 so not older woman’s like 30 to 45 I’m
around that range and this is really really big for Beauty creams and how
their skin looks more luxurious and rejuvenated and so on so that’s what I
would do that’s just a breakdown of that and you can have that I’m gonna send it
to you and you can look at it and you can look at just it’s an easy pattern to
follow now having fun with them now the next part is talking about angles now
this is the weirdest way that I generate angles but it’s fun so this is something
coming from it’s called an improv invocation and what you’re doing now
stay with me what you’re doing is you’re trying to bring out the God of that
product stay with me that sounds so weird and I get it but
what you’re doing is you’re getting down to the nitty-gritty you’re doing it fast
the reason why fast is you’re getting everything off the top of your head how
many a raise your hand stare at the blank screen for way
too long when trying to write copy raise your hand nice and high don’t be
embarrassed higher okay how many of you take do you feel too long to write your
copy raise your hand okay how many of you like get frustrated
writing copy rake raise your hand okay very good this will help you up copy
should be fun I always say this sit down and write shitty write really shitty the
reason why is because you’re having fun if you want to try to prove something
and be perfect you’re gonna keep erasing get out there and just prove that you’re
shitting just have a good time go big and then cut back easier to do so this
is what I do I take a product and I start with this I say it is and I just
describe the product I describe it you know I’ll look at this clicker it is a
small rectangular item with one red button and one green button it is
something that can fit in your palm it has five screws on the back okay it
sounds like it’s it’s really strange but you’re starting the foundation you’re
just describing that item so it’s supplement or anything describe what’s
in in it the ingredients describe it just only in the very front facing
surface next part you are you dress it so you say you are the clicker that I
press next or back you are the way that I’m able to control the audience’s
attention you are something that needs batteries
and if a battery dies the presentation dies you are made from inner space
industries you are serial number like you start to address it what does it
mean what does this product mean to the audience to me you start to address it
then you say thou art you heighten it thou art the end and B all of slide
projectors for conferences thou art the reason people pay attention to slides
and put up their phone cameras to take pictures
thou art like you start to raise it up and so you’re giving it more meaning and
the last part is you become I am you become the product I know this sounds so
weird but it’s really really fun to do you say like I am what are you so if I
was a supplement I’m like I am the supplement that goes in your belly and
gets you to raise your melatonin levels and makes your circadian rhythm balance
out to make you fall asleep I am you start to just become it and what this
does first off it’s really fucking fun it’s fun to do especially with your
copywriting team next off you start to just write this stuff down it’s way
easier to do and it’s more fun pretty soon the things on the top of your head
without any research at all the things on the top of your head start to come
out and pour out onto the page I’m a really big believer of autonomous quick
writing write as fast as you can because you’re gonna get a lot of those juices
coming out there’s a saying if you want to get really creative
it’s like deep-sea diving turn off all distractions and you’re going down deep
you’re gonna see the really good shit down below as soon as you go on Facebook
or anything else it’s like coming back up to the surface so it shut off all
distractions and you just write you just write write write get everything out on
the page this is what I do so I just write it all down and then I pick out
the emotions I pick out what does it mean what is it and then I just branch
it off and then I start researching from there pretty soon you got you got like
10 angles instantly to play around with instantly without even having the
biggest thing that I do all the time is test
angles testing angles testing out these things to make sure that they work
here’s my final thoughts to writing fast and doing all this stop reading just
copywriting books stop it read the copywriting books and then put them down
and put them away read everything read fiction read fiction read good fiction
read thrillers read Stephen King read fiction of people that have that make
you turn the page because if they’re making you turn the page we’re making
them scroll down and buy a product okay think of it that way read the people
that have already come before us as marketers and have really persuaded
people to buy more of the books read fiction and then I talk about
this be new problem-solve think stop ripping and running stop copying I see
you know I’ve done this before too because I had to an old econ day’s
taking a headline and then play sitting on your product and like strangling it
to make it work never works it never never works at the level that you want
it to be it’ll work but you’re capped problem solve problem solve understand
your audience that kettle and fire I’ve never had a client never had a client
that knew their audience better than kettle and fire I usually have to really
reach out and like okay you know get some information fill out this form
help me understand your audience dude they gave me so much stuff I had like
put a pause I was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff they gave over to me it
was insane they really knew their audience examines the bones of the
headlines don’t steal so I always look at what is the headline doing
I always examine the bones the bones is what baek’s is like every film every
film has the bones it’s just different skin different organs whatever that they
put in to make it a different movie but the bones have always been the same read
fiction and also read short story collections short story collections are
trying to get you to be involved and get you excited within 20 pages that’s huge
and this is my little secret tip if you want to catch someone’s attention read
the first sentence of a really good short fiction story first sentence is
the biggest hook for any short fiction absolutely and remember safe is boring
stop being safe I’m tired of I’m working with companies
I partner up with companies that want to take big risks go big have fun be wild
try something new safe is boring listen we’re all making
money either die making a lot of money or you die a legend go for the ladder
it’s way better okay more boring is just absolutely marketing death and that’s
you know thank you thank you I’m gonna take questions that’s my email you can
sign up at Keith’s we’ll calm it’s not a great page it’s very very simple here’s
the thing don’t sign up for my emails if you are easily offended
if you are bothered by offensive things here’s what I could promise you though
you won’t be bored you’ll open them under read them I promise you that
but don’t sign up for them if you’re gonna like just a branch out it’s not
gonna be whatever else lands in your inbox and I know what lands in your
inbox with everyone else in here so now with that being said how much time do I
have give me a hand sign someone know we’re
gonna keep going then who has questions raise your hand if you have any
questions or what I can help out with I’m here you can find me I’m either
outside or running around sweaty you can find me so who has questions raise your
hand yes hold on let’s go the microphone up to this guy I want to ask have you
tried this strategy with native platforms I haven’t tried it it is so I
work with someone with names do you know drink James van Alec of purple ad labs
purple knowledge he does a lot of he does a lot of Native I have done it for
other Avot Orioles I don’t think they ran on native is yet it’s worth a try
absolutely absolutely that’s a good question I’ll let you know sign up for
my email list and I’ll let you know who else has a question yes it’s the
traditional like Marcus sophistication and customer awareness still matter in
the approach of copywriting is the traditional copywriting like awareness
levels and sophistication of your target audience still something that you
consider when you write oranges absolutely absolutely
so I definitely still do a lot of the copywriting research of like
understanding this audience level of sophistication kettle and fire
particularly they wanted to have fun they were willing to go outside the
bounds of what they were used to or accustomed to especially for that market
but I’m not gonna have that same tone of voice for like the financial field right
I’m gonna I still have to be aware of the level of sophistication and what
we’re so offering that’s still there however
with that being said there’s still level of fun there’s still a way to have fun
with an older demographic as there is with a newer Oh with a younger
demographic there’s always a there’s always a possibility with that well
that’s us a question question yeah you got one what just asked me the
microphone you’re okay you’re shy okay well okay go ahead it’s between yeah so
it would go add to that and go click on add to pre-sell and at the bottom at the
bottom it has a little button where it’s like we’ll get your bundle for 20%
discount it’s a very soft CTA for these pre-sales very soft it’s mainly
educating and then I would do a harder one or it might be different also for
like to pull over look I got yeah but the link of the page but definitely
worth testing I go long and then try it short it’s
easier to go long and then cut back rather than good go short and be like
what’s wrong and then I have to lengthen it or whatever right absolutely that’s a
great question yeah you got one yes if you would have to suggest like one
source of information on copywriting of apart from your website and your email
list of course be the book what not what would it be
yeah oh what serene one source of information get breakthrough advertising
by Eugene Schwartz it’s more high-level it’s it takes some consumption it’ll be
your Bible it’s the most it’s the most pricey one it’s the only one in my
honest opinion you need other than that I read a lot of comic books well I read
a lot of comic books I really do I read a lot of comic books the reason why you
should read comic books too is because they’re perfect with continuity also
they have to get you engaged in 20 pages with images it’s genius comic books have
destroyed marketing I mean it has been killing it for so long
so I read I watch a lot of movies too I look at what movies do I look at what
shows how the shows are structured what does
the show start off with that gets you hooked watch a movie and watch a show
and just notice the hook in the beginning everyone’s done this before
what made you all of a sudden go oh shit I’m gonna keep watching this or like you
watch a trailer you’re like I’m gonna go fuckin signa that looks amazing
we do it all the time why do we rush to the theater to see a trailer we want to
see the trailers when we see a good trailer we get goosebumps we get excited
think of it that way right like movie trailers it’s really really fun and it’s
super engaging anyone else to the question we’re good what you got on oh
here we go so what’s your working process when creating landing page with
designers copy confers designs what’s the I’m kind of nitpicky with design I
do it at the same time I’m a little different I like to write the copy and
design at the same time so I’m looking at the headlines I’m looking at the top
the the tech copy I’m looking at the you know above the fold everything and I’m
looking at what this company is trying to do so and I’m really picky so I
actually worked closely with designers with different companies so I make a
good friendship with every designer and we just go back and forth we look at our
strengths and what we can do that’s what I like to do I never like turning over
my copy I never like turning over my copy and just having the designer go to
town even if I love them you know like sometimes designers can get a little
iffy and then it’s a back-and-forth process I like working it back and forth
it really works it out really well so I believe yep that’s it thank you so much
thank you for coming out

Author: Kevin Mason

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