Content creation masterclass How to create 52 blog posts fast

Content creation masterclass   How to create 52 blog posts fast

welcome to this video one of the things
that you will know that if you want to grow your firm and particularly if you
want to niche and narrow down and specialize one of the best ways to
attract new clients is content marketing creating content that you get
out there through for example social media to build up your positioning your
reputation as the expert and win new customers so in this video I thought I’d
share with you the process that I do so that you can copy it you can steal it
because I do pretty much one video on YouTube almost every single week and I
do one blog post almost every single week and you might be thinking well how
on earth do you do that how do you create write a blog post once a week
how do you create a video once a week and the answer is I don’t because like you
I’m too busy I haven’t got the time to sit down once a week and create content
so what I do and this is the key is I batch it and I will typically once or
twice a year do everything in one go I will do six to twelve months – six to
twelve months worth of content and it typically takes me a couple of days to
do six months worth of blog posts and YouTube videos so this is one of my
youtube videos it will become a blog post and I’m doing this today along with
about 26 others so how do I do it well the first thing I do is I spend a day in
preparation just planning and that is just where I I think through okay let me
come up with 26 topics so I just brainstorm what are the things that I
could teach in my case you accountants bookkeeper in your case what could
you teach people that’s your ideal target market so I come up with 26
titles and for each of those twenty six titles I’ll jot down just a few bullet
points of things that I would teach usually three things typically and then
what I do is I spend the next day in the studio filming as I’m doing now and at
the end of today my job’s done my job’s done because what I then do is
I outsource and delegate the rest of the
process because the key thing here when you want to be an expert when you
want to teach people stuff is getting what’s in your head out as fast
as possible so video is the best way of doing it you could do audio you could
write but writing takes too long a video is much easier so this is the key thing
this is what happens next once the videos are done we then take those
videos they’ll go on YouTube but we also take an mp3 audio file of them I don’t
do it somebody else in my team does that they create an mp3 audio and we’ll have
by the end of today probably 20 to 26 of those so what we then do is they then
get sent to a transcription company and it charges just a few
dollars for each video it’s a tiny investment they usually turn them round
inside 24 hours so we get these transcriptions which is the raw text
those transcriptions then get passed to somebody in my team and they create a
blog post they’re my words it’s my transcription what they do is they take
the transcription and they get it down to the best bits the best 500 words is
what we aim for most of my blog posts are 500 words and they are basically the
key points the key summaries from these videos and it may well be that you’re
watching this video because you saw a blog post on this and you now are
watching the video so now you understand the process now the person that then
writes the blog post as part of the system that we have is once the blog
post is then written then they would write five or six tweets little
highlights snippets sound bytes from the blog post they will write a post
slightly longer one for LinkedIn for Facebook and then finally what
happens is once the videos on YouTube we’ve got the URL the link once the blog
post has been published as a link for that those links are attached to those
tweets those social media posts Facebook posts LinkedIn post and then using a
scheduling tool we use MeetEdgar but there
is Buffer there’s HootSuite they are then scheduled to go out on a regular
basis not just once but once we published them they’ll then go into the
system to go out sometime in the next six twelve months later because not
everybody will see those posts so if you ever see me doing lots of social media
content it’s not me doing it I do the videos and then I outsource and
systemize the rest of the process if you want to learn more things from me below
this video there are some links some free stuff please go and grab those things if
you found this video helpful and you don’t need to aim to do 52 videos a day
just do a few do one a month it’s a great place to start so click that like
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Author: Kevin Mason

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