Computer Skills & Shortcuts : How to Convert a Microsoft Publisher File to a Web Page

Computer Skills & Shortcuts : How to Convert a Microsoft Publisher File to a Web Page

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews today I’m going
to show you how to convert a Microsoft Publisher file into a web page. Microsoft Publisher
is used to create newsletters, newspapers for small publications and other print items
such as that, so we’re going to take it from Publisher and put it on a web page. To begin,
let’s open up Microsoft Office Publisher. And we’re going to open up a Microsoft Publisher
file. I’m going to go to file open, and I’m going to select publication. Now select open.
This is a Microsoft Publisher file that I’ve created and that I’m going to convert into
a web site, I’ve got a little art clip here that you can stretch and change around and
I’ve got some text, you could also have columns and things like that that would show up in
a magazine or newsletter. So first let’s preview it as a web page before we save it, go to
file select web page preview. Now it’s going to ask you here if you want to convert to
a web publication or if you just want to preview it, all I want to do is preview. My publisher
file just opened up in a web browser, and it’s converted the text into just a normal
text on a web page and it’s converted my word art into a image. So let’s close that and
now we’re going to save it as a web page, so go to file, web page preview, and this
time let’s say convert to web publication. It’s asking if you want to first save your
publication it’s a good idea if you haven’t already saved the publisher file to go ahead
and save it before you make it a web publication, I’m going to say no, say next, here it’s asking
if you want to add a navigation bar so that hyper links within your publisher file will
be created into quick links and that sort of table of contents matter, we don’t want
to do that so say finish. This is now a web publication, to save the web page go to file,
save as, and save as type we’re going to change to web page, give it a name and select save.
Now we can close publisher. Go to where we saved our web page at. I’m going to select
my web page. There it is, it’s that easy to convert a Publisher file to a web page. My
name is Dave Andrews and I’ve just showed you how to convert a Microsoft Publication
into a web page.

Author: Kevin Mason

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