Comprehensive Benefits at Crete Carrier

Comprehensive Benefits at Crete Carrier

Taking care of family with great benefits,
a message from Tonn Ostergard, CEO of Crete Carrier Corporation. The Crete Carrier family
represents not just Crete Carrier, but the Shaffer trucking and Hunt Transportation.
We consider every member of the Crete organization a part of that family and families take care
of each other. We want to have a benefits package that’s there for our employees, there
for their children, there for their spouses, so that they have that insurance. They have
access to the pharmaceutical medicine that they need. They have access to dental insurance,
to life insurance, all that is very important in terms of taking care of their wellness.
It’s there to take care of their family and take care of their needs. It’s just a piece
of mind that we think is very important. Crete Carrier, there are no shortcuts.

Author: Kevin Mason

1 thought on “Comprehensive Benefits at Crete Carrier

  1. Your medical insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska is too expensive. The yearly deductible is way to high. It is not affordable at all. You say their are no shortcuts. For two regular doctors visits I have to pay 185.00 plus co-pay. That is not affordable. Never have I paid in my entire life that amount of money for regular visits. Squeeze the middle class even more why don't you!!.

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