Cleaning Implants Tutorial and Info

Cleaning Implants Tutorial and Info

Thankfully there were no calls! My editing skills need help. Link is at the end of the video haha sorry! Also known as the “All on four” My surgeons will place as many as they need to keep that bridge secure usually 4-6 implants I was trying to say Tooth Decay Your first set are acrylic the final are zirconia. Watch my video “what are dental implants” at the end 🙂 You can find “proxy brushes” at your local Walmart/most convenience stores Also remember cleanings with your dentist to remove any plaque from the surface is also recommended every 6 months! Just like natural teeth! Waterpicks are also store bought A lot of other companies “upcharge” for zirconia We have the lab onsite so it is all inclusive! In your mouth they will eventually build plaque so see a dentist who knows how to clean zirconia/whatever material you have We also do a similar version (overdenture/snap in/out) but it’s not completed in a day

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  1. How long do these usually last for? for example, if someone was getting them at age 30 or 35, would they last for that person's life most likely? or just 10-15 years or some shorter time?

  2. I had 3 surgeries to implant bone and I have an overdenture and a hybrid on my lower.I have worn dentures since I was 24 yrs old.I am now 68yrs old.My prostodonist did not show me any samples of teeth and I didnt think to ask since I had never had any of this type of dental care.My total cost was $73,000 surgeryband implants.I have the most generic looking teeth and was expecting a beautiful smile.I am saving up to have new overdenture and a new hybrid.Could you advise me what brand of dentures and hybrid I should ask for.I dont want to go through this again.Thank you. Joan Kirkland

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