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  1. These google people are just retarded. What kind of a stupid intro is that. Go to a village in eatern europe youll find 10 times smarter kids than this. wtf google. are your geniouses all foreigners? is that it?

  2. 'That's a great question' is SO overused and sounds pandering to me. Because they aren't ALL great…

  3. The interviewer should be listening to what he's saying instead of simply waiting to ask the next question….

  4. My 39yr old daughter says I'm a natural negotiator with people. I felt that was the nicest compliment ive ever recd from my kids! Love it!

  5. I'm a psychopathic assertive. I stay quiet to simply observe what you will do. If I can make it awkward, I will make it more than awkward.

  6. Does anyone know why there is what sounds like flatware being clanked on dishes throughout this video? This doesn't look like dinner theater.

  7. Chris Thank You, I read 3 chapters from his book that i got at the library and i had to buy it on amazon a hardcover. It took away so much stress from my job. I have gotten better and calmer and i do not know anyone with a more stressful job than a debt collector

  8. What if you're dealing with a Narcissist, or Psychopath? These people are NOT reasonable. They won't share (50/50) the pie, they want ALL the pie. And they don't stop till they get it all.

  9. Lots of tips to practice on the people in our lives! The interviewer was excellent, no fumbling for words. Great stories and a joke or two! Was it just the lighting, or is Chris Voss sporting a little Hitler stash?

  10. So what are we selling here? "Former FBI negotiator " (" Authority ")…. and a Version of "How To Make Friends And Influence People". Yawn

  11. 10:35. Assert your best position, your need to get along with ppl, and you need to be analytical

  12. id like to know what about when you talk to someone that has split personality disorder or bipolar? cuz their intensity wont actually correlate to how they truly feel. only how they feel while in that passionate mood.

  13. Ahh great another 1%er with useless tidbits about what… how to stumble on a random rock and be a lucky cunt like him. Fuck off.

  14. Oh my goodness, you should travel across America and train everyone in Law Enforcement not to lie!! Their lies to secure a admission of the crime they already think they know from the person they detain.

    I know there are good Officers but I do not trust them enough to talk to them anymore.

  15. Her outfit is completely disrespectful. I know this just an androgynous in the hood/sitting in the livingroom/comfy/cozy/hanging with buds look is popular among liberals today, but just the opposite of what the left pretends, it is not powerful. In fact, it is belittling to women. It's demeaning inasmuch as women have been indoctrinated to believe beauty is a thing they must hide in order not to offend as though the only ones entitled to be women at this point in time are those who are not. So wrong to give into the notion that we must downplay ourselves and all look alike, as opposed to flaunting our individuality. It is truly an attack upon women. It is the oppression of women. Moreover and especially, its demeaning, a slap in the face, to her guest! She looks like a prepubescent little girl. Ladies, curl you hair, put on your make up. There may be a time just around the corner where thanks to the cultures the left is importing, you will no longer be allowed to. I guess for now, I'll have to be happy with the fact that at least, she hasn't darkened her hair to further fit in.

  16. Humble. Respecting another's dignity, empathy are super strengths not born if the ego. Mr. Boss is excellent.

  17. how would you save hostages in mexico, the ones that get kidnapped for money and they almost always end up killing the hostage after receiving a portion of the money.

  18. It should be "What's the difference between a mother and a terrorist? You can negotiate with a terrorist". Take location out of the equation, and it's universal correct. lol.

  19. So when fbi surround my house and they begin talking me out, I can break the ice and say "Ah, so you have been coached by Chris Voss! "I'm coming out unarmed!"
    Just kidding, but it would be pretty funny

  20. Overtalking = you lost
    Shmoozy salesman = I know you lean toward sociopathic tendencies so I’m going to feign interest so that you expend all your talking energy then when you feel you got me, you’ll get an irrevocable rejection. That’s your punishment for attempting to manipulate me.

  21. Bought your book sir after listening to two of your talks. Very intelligent and definitely someone with much for me to learn from.

  22. He's great. The one thing that annoys me (which may or may not have any merit) is when the interviewer jumps to the next question without skipping a beat after the interviewee just got done telling a great story. Not one nod or "wow" or "that's crazy!" or anything. The immediate bland dive into the next question is awkward and seems scripted instead of a conversation. I like her though, she is still young, so I hope this helps. If not, you can just be amused by my critique.

  23. So this is the art of how to be persuasive…..ok so this is how we can make a deal…how to manipulate people …how to use people …like a weapon it has a function and this is the art in how to use it, …how to get the bullet to go where one requires it go…and the art of aiming is to use the emotions of the other who holds the target so they change their perspective and co-operate and the bullet of our interest hits bullseye….

  24. Speaking about empathy with high IQ nerd interviewer, that doesn't realize you could really need a bottle of water. Academic theory meets practice.

  25. I am LITERALLY sitting here commenting about parenting and I have to erase and start over because you’re talking about parenting lol!

    Love this. Okay. So growing up both of my parents were very tough. But I always tell people my mother taught me everything I need to NOT do as a parent myself. She was very abusive and I won’t go into detail. My father, however, never laid a hand on me. He was tough, consistent, and I respected him very much. The difference was, my mother raised on the premise of fear. My father raised me to respect him. Both were effective until I was older, stronger, and no longer scared of my mother. I was 15.

    This seems to be the underlying method of your approach. You said your Harvard colleagues all brought the same ideas to the table, but different circumstances essentially. So, I share this hoping to offer another perspective for those viewing. Thank you very much for your time. 💋❤️🌹

  26. Brilliant! What a genuine man. Also, at 37:58 notice how he tilts his head sideways. This is a somewhat submissive posture which gives the power to the other person. I can’t help but wonder if he did that deliberately as she prepared to ask him the question.

  27. I think it would be interesting to meet Chris Voss, I love a lot of your logic, I'd like to bounce some of my logic off him see what comes back

  28. I think that the underlying point in all of this is that the people who can help you are often the very same people who can hurt you. From that perspective, empathy is fundamental to giving you the roadmap to understanding how you can reach a mutually helpful position in any negotiation or even average conversations. Mirroring is a brilliant way of overtly showing your counterpart empathy. I love it.

    Chris's book and his speaking engagements have totally changed my life.

  29. . Inspiring quote from Chris Voss for you, "Well, the problem with that kind of an approach is if you hammer somebody in a negotiation, they're going to wait for the rest of their life to pay you back. And you don't hammer people that you never see again. There's no such thing as a one-off. They're going to be people that stay in your world one way or another, either your day to day life or they will see you again. So you want to negotiate successfully with people where afterwards they call you up on the phone and they say, nice job. Nice job."


  30. Wow, Mairin Chesney, you are gorgeous! I am having trouble keeping focused on the subject of the talk. Mairin, is it a completely crazy idea that we get together to compare note soon to insure i have not missed something critical?

  31. It pains me to say this about a google employee, but this interviewer was outstanding, especially for her relative age.

  32. Has anyone ever linked him to comedian Rich Vos? Yes, one s, but there is also a purty strong resemblance and the age window is correct. i haven't been able to find a cross reference on google. Could be coinkidink, but it struck me immediately upon seeing him.

  33. When speaking at a "Google safe space " no one can laugh or interact . And it really makes this great speech witch is funny/ down to earth. Seem lame

  34. Book changed my life. Best quote as I remember, "if someone seems 'crazy', this is a sure sign that something you don't know that you don't know is making all the difference in the world".

  35. Great interview!
    I have read Chris's book a few times already n have been employing his techniques. The trick is to remember to use his teqnique once u have been triggered to respond, which is not always easy. For me when my gf is being difficult with me. I get triggered n upset n forget to use Chiss's tecniques, but then after the argument is done n im sitting there thinking; where did i go wrong? Thats when it hits me! I should have asked "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT?" Or used some other technique condusive to my desired results.
    I finally rememered to use his teqnique in a time of contention. She was being difficult and unreasonable with her demands. So with a calm FM DJ voice I asked "How am I supposed to do that?". Then used an effective pause. Her face softened n it was as if she had jumped in my shoes n walked me through the problem. Upon verbalizing n realizing that it was an unreasonable request I was immediately released from the hook n told not to worry about it. Yay! I was so happy I was able to avoid an argument n even come out on top.
    Nowadays I like to ask no orientated questions to get what I want cause she is very sensitive to reverse pychology. If I say "we should do this", she automatically wants to do the opposite. But if i say "Is it a bad idea to do this" because there is a chance she may already want to, she will probably give me a reason why it may be bad so i understand her situation but will eventually succumb to the idea upon her "own" percieved terms. hehehe! 😉
    She is my rock which I Sharpen my skills on n she doesnt even know it 🙂
    Now I have started to employ these techniques with my boss, my teenage son n life in general n I am gettjng tremendous results. Its like I have a super power. I can talk people through a situation or problem guiding them to the solution or results that im looking for n it is becoming easier n easier everyday!
    Thank you Chris! Your a genius and a life saver. Once understood, your techniques are simple and effective to employ.
    The most powerful technique that Chris has reminded me of is that.
    Thank you!

  36. Men have been working the space between No and Yes with women throughout modern history! No usually means I didn't like your initial approach…

  37. I cant concentrate because she looks like many adult website, film, and webcam girls 😐

    This guy is hilarious, what a tough crowd at Google, jeez 😬

  38. I find this girl so attractive 😍 Brains, beauty and you can tell would have a great personality. Keep doing you!

  39. OKAY LADY how much talking do YOU need to be doing as opposed to the guy we all came to fucking see?
    Google. You are a disgusting cesspool of leftist filth.

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